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Conifers - A young stand model for Northern California and Southern Oregon[image:] Conifers Title


Conifers is an individual-plant growth and yield simulator with two variants. The SWO variant is for young mixed-conifer stands in southern Oregon and northern California (see map) and the SMC variant variant is for northwestern Oregon and western Washington (see map). Conifers provides forecasts for young plantations of single species or mixed-species growing with or without competition from shrubs (data requirements/overview).

Current Version Number: Version 4.13
This version of CONIFERS was compiled in November 2010.

Requirements & Downloads: Microsoft Windows 95 or later operating system. Internet Explorer 5 or later version required for the help system.

User's Guide/Help System Version 4.13 - File must be saved first and then opened to work properly.

The User's Guide is provided when you download the most recent version of the simulator. It is only necessary to download this file when updates have been made to the help system, or if your version has been somehow lost or corrupted. If the version number for help equals the current version number for conifers then it should not be necessary to download this file.

CONIFERS Notes: Updates, bug fixes, answers to questions and other bits and pieces of information on the simulator are here in CONIFERS Notes.

We are not currently modifying the Graphical User Interface issue of CONIFERS. We recommend users employ the DLL or run conifers in R. The existing rconifers packages will not compile under R Version 3.x.
We are currently modifying the rconifers code to bring the simulator into compliance with R Version 3.x. Until such time as the modifications are made, user's who need rconifers may locate the list of archived versions of rconifers at:
Any of these versions of rconifers should load with R versions 2.x.


Ritchie, M.W.; Hamann, J.D. 2013. CONIFERS package in R: rconifers.

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