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Gene and Enhancer Trap Collections


The Groover lab has developed a collection of poplar gene and enhancer trap lines that allow researchers to identify genes based on their expression pattern. Genes are initially identified through the expression of the GUS reporter gene, and the actual gene sequence is determined through sequencing of chromosomal DNA flanking the insertion site. Details can be found in Groover et al., Plant Physiology 2004 134: 1742-1751. The current collection has been screened for genes expressed during vascular development and wood formation, and for genes expressed early during adventitious rooting. The same collection can be used to screen for genes specifically expressed in any process for which a differential screen can be devised.

A Community Resource

The gene and enhancer trap lines are available for screening by other researchers. A new collection is currently being established and will be available for screening in the spring of 2006. In addition, clone and screening data are available upon request as a Microsoft Access database (sorry, Forest Service policy prevents us from putting it on this website.) Please contact Andrew Groover about working with the gene and enhancer trap lines. This work is supported by funding from a USDA NRI competitive grant.