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Pacific Southwest
Research Station

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Biodiversity and Conservation Genetics

[Photograph]: pine coneDescribing the genetic diversity and composition of forest tree populations is crucial for understanding the evolution and biogeography of tree species, and for guiding strategies that identify and protect endangered populations. Researchers are identifying unique and endangered populations, and using population genetic tools to understand the effects of environmental change, habitat fragmentation, and invasive species on the long-term survival of tree populations. Genetic resources curated by the Station's Institute of Forest Genetics include the Eddy Arboretum, and the Critchfield Herbarium. The Station also contributes to Dendrome, a forest tree genome database. Learn more ...

Disease Resistance

[Photograph]: seedling test Introduced diseases currently threaten many tree species in the US. Understanding the genes that make some individuals resistant to disease serves as a basis for control. Researchers are investigating the genetic basis of resistance to diseases, including white pine blister rust and pitch canker.

Molecular Genetics and Genomics

Poplar stem New technologies are being developed and used to identify individual genes influencing forest health and productivity. Researchers are identifying and characterizing genes regulating wood formation, crown form, adaptive traits, and disease resistance. Understanding the biological basis of these traits enables new research and applications with applicability to a wide range of problems including bioenergy, forest products, and forest of forest health and productivity.