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Research Topics Fire Science

Fire and society

Research on social, cultural and economic values pertaining to wildland fire management strive to help prevent loss of life, property, infrastructure and degradation of valued natural and cultural resources from uncharacteristic wildfires.

Fire has been and is an integral part of Native American tribal cultures who used fire to improved valued resources such as foods, medicines and materials necessary to sustain their traditions and livelihoods. Similarly today, society seeks to live with wildfires, and many Federal, Tribal, and State programs are working with communities to increase the public's knowledge about fires, how to be fire wise, and adjust and adapt our lifestyles so wildfires are less threating and can be more beneficial for our social, economic, and cultural needs.

Our society is learning to be fire adapted, like the ecosystems we live in and depend upon. Managers and the public face many challenges regarding wildland fires, and research support of these efforts is essential in learning about and adapting to the current situations.

Follow the links below for past, current and proposed research activities addressing these issues:

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