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Research Natural Areas

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RNA List
Map # RNA Name National Forest Target vegetation and other significant features
01 Adorni Six Rivers Port Orford-cedar, tanoak
02 Agua Tibia Cleveland bigcone Douglas-fir, canyon live oak, madrone
03 American Canyon Los Padres Coulter pine – chaparral, riparian corridors
04 Antelope Creek Lakes Klamath subalpine wet meadows, mountain hemlock/red fir
05 Babbitt Peak Tahoe/Toiyabe Washoe pine, mountain mahogany
06 Backbone Creek Sierra Carpenteria californica, unique ecosystem
07 Bell Meadow Stanislaus aspen, montane meadows
08 Big Pine Mountain Los Padres mixed conifer forest, condor habitat
09 Bishop Creek Ponderosa Pine Sierra Pacific ponderosa pine
10 Black Butte Los Padres knobcone pine, chaparral
11 Blacks Mountain Lassen interior ponderosa pine, sagebrush
12 Bridge Creek Klamath Pacific Douglas-fir, giant chinquapin, Pacific yew
13 Broom Flat San Bernardino pinyon pine, pinyon-juniper woodland
14 Cahuilla Mountain San Bernardino Coulter pine, California black oak
15 Cedar Basin Shasta Trinity Port Orford-cedar, mixed conifer, Darlingtonia bog
16 Church Dome Sequoia Jeffrey pine
17 Clark Fork Stanislaus white fir, red fir
18 Cleghorn Canyon San Bernardino southern sycamore-alder riparian forest, white alder riparian forest, bigcone Douglas-fir – canyon live oak forest
19 Cone Peak Gradient Los Padres unique ecosystem (Santa Lucia fir, sugar pine, mixed evergreen forest)
20 Craig’s Creek Six Rivers knobcone pine, coast redwood
21 Crater Creek Klamath subalpine forest (foxtail pine/mountain hemlock), mountain mahogany
22 Cub Creek Lassen mixed conifer forest
23 Devil’s Basin Mendocino California black oak, Douglas-fir
24 Devil’s Garden Modoc western juniper, Artemisia shrub-steppe
25 Devil’s Rock Hosselkus Shasta Trinity limestone ecosystem, California black oak, canyon live oak
26 Doll Basin Mendocino mixed conifer forest, archeology
27 Falls Canyon Angeles bigcone Douglas-fir, canyon live oak
28 Fern Canyon Angeles chamise chaparral, canyon live oak
29 Fisherman’s Camp San Bernardino Coulter pine, mixed conifer forest
30 Frenzel Creek Mendocino Macnab cypress, Sargent cypress, serpentine chaparral
31 Grass Lake Eldorado moss bog, montane meadows
32 Green Island Lake Lassen moss bog, montane coniferous forest
33 Grizzly Mountain Stanislaus California black oak
34 Guatay Mountain Cleveland Tecate cypress, gabbro endemics
35 Hale Ridge Mendocino knobcone pine, serpentine species
36 Hall Canyon San Bernardino mixed conifer forest
37 Harvey Monroe Hall Inyo alpine meadows, subalpine forest
38 Haypress Meadows Klamath red fir, wet meadows/riparian complex
39 Hennessy Ridge Six Rivers Pacific Douglas-fir, succession and forest structure
40 Highland Lakes Stanislaus mountain hemlock forest
41 Home Camp Creek Sierra white fir, red fir
42 Horse Meadow San Bernardino white fir, subalpine forest
43 Indian Creek Lassen blue oak – foothill pine
44 Indian Creek Brewer Spruce Klamath Brewer spruce
45 Indiana Summit Inyo Jeffrey pine, archeology
46 Iron Mountain Lassen Pacific ponderosa pine, California black oak
47 Jawbone Ridge Stanislaus chamise chaparral
48 Junipero Serra Peak Los Padres sugar pine
49 King Creek Cleveland Cuyamaca cypress, gabbro endemics
50 L. E. Horton Six Rivers Darlingtonia bog, serpentine endemics
51 Last Chance Meadow Inyo Sierran foxtail pine, meadow/stream
52 Long Canyon Sequoia Piute cypress, California juniper, pinyon pine
53 Lyon Peak/Needle Lake Tahoe mountain hemlock, subalpine meadows
54 Manzanita Creek Shasta Trinity ponderosa pine-Douglas-fir, alder-dogwood, watershed
55 Mayfield Lassen knobcone pine, geology
56 McAfee Inyo alpine fell-field
57 Millard Canyon San Bernardino interior live oak, bigcone Douglas-fir
58 Moses Mountain Sequoia giant sequoia, riparian/meadows
59 Mount Eddy Shasta Trinity Cascadian foxtail pine
60 Mount Pleasant Plumas red fir, bog fen
61 Mud Lake Plumas Baker cypress, biogeography
62 North Trinity Mountain Six Rivers white fir, noble fir
63 Onion Creek Tahoe white fir, red fir
64 Organ Valley Cleveland Engelmann oak, gabbro endemics
65 Pearch Creek Six Rivers mixed evergreen forest (Douglas-fir, tanoak, Pacific madrone)
66 Peavine Point Eldorado Pacific ponderosa pine, California black oak
67 Preacher Meadows Shasta Trinity mixed conifer, Darlingtonia-Cypripedium bog
68 Raider Basin Modoc white fir, northern juniper woodland
69 Red Butte-Red Fir Ridge Shasta Trinity red fir, wet meadows
70 Rock Creek Butte Klamath Brewer spruce, montane chaparral
71 Rough Gulch Shasta Trinity Douglas-fir, giant chinquapin
72 Ruth Six Rivers ponderosa pine – Douglas-fir, oak-conifer woodland
73 San Emigdio Mesa Los Padres pinyon pine-juniper woodland, Quercus turbinella ssp. californica
74 San Joaquin
Experimental Range

Sierra blue oak – foothill pine
75 Sawmill Mountain Los Padres Jeffrey pine, white fir
76 Sentinel Meadow Inyo lodgepole pine, limber pine
77 Shasta Mudflow Shasta Trinity Pacific ponderosa pine, unique ecosystem
78 Smoky Creek Shasta Trinity ponderosa pine – Douglas-fir, Jeffrey pine on serpentine
79 Snow Canyon Eldorado western white pine, subalpine meadows
80 Soda Ridge Lassen white fir, mixed conifer forest
81 Soldier Six Rivers Oregon white oak, foothill pine
82 South Fork Mountain (see Rough Gulch RNA) Shasta Trinity Douglas-fir
83 South Mountaineer Creek Sequoia red fir, montane wet meadows
84 Specimen Creek Klamath Pacific Douglas-fir
85 Station Creek Eldorado transitional forest (sugar pine – white fir – rattlesnake orchid)
86 Sugar Creek Klamath enriched mixed conifer forest
87 Sugar Pine Point Tahoe mixed conifer forest, montane chaparral
88 Teakettle Creek Sierra red fir
89 Timbered Crater Lassen Baker cypress, vernal pool
90 Twin Rocks Mendocino foothill woodland
91 Upper Goose Creek Six Rivers Douglas-fir – western hemlock, Port Orford-cedar
92 Wagon Caves Los Padres valley oak woodland, alder – sycamore riparian
93 Whippoorwill Flat Inyo pinyon pine– juniper woodland, limber pine
94 White Mountain Inyo bristlecone pine, limber pine
95 Wilder Ridge Mendocino chamise chaparral, foothill pine – blue oak woodland
96 William B. Critchfield Stanislaus red fir, montane meadows
97 William’s Point Klamath Douglas-fir
98 Yurok Six Rivers coast redwood, red alder