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Title: Integration of Traditional and Western knowledge in forest landscape restoration

Authors: Lake, Frank; Parrotta, John; Giardina, Christian; Hunt-Davidson, Iain; Uprety, Yadav

Date: 2018

Publication Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrated approaches to support effective implementation

Abstract: Given the diversity of environmental, historical, social, economic and cultural contexts in which forest landscapes (and their degradation) occur, restoration efforts require the effective engagement and mobilization of the social and human capital that exists within these socio-ecological systems. This involves the utilization of diverse knowledge systems (von der Porten and de Loe, 2014), which in some cases, includes a significant body of Traditional knowledge and expertise that was marginalized during colonial periods (Stewart, 2002). Importantly, these knowledge systems remain largely misunderstood and underappreciated by contemporary, Westerntrained managers, planners, resource specialists, foresters, scientists and other professionals (Trosper et al., 20126). It can be argued, however, that there is a growing recognition of the importance of incorporating information from Traditional knowledge systems, alongside Western knowledge, into land management decision-making, especially where there is the goal of better aligning management with the varied and growing needs and place-based objectives of diverse stakeholders (Klooster, 2002; Charnley et al., 2007; Uprety et al., 2012; Chazdon et al., 2017; Sterling et al., 2017; Diaz et al., 2018) and the historical ecological realities of forest landscapes.

Keywords: Traditional Knowledge, Forests, Landscapes, Restoration

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    Lake, Frank K.; Parrotta, John; Giardina, Christian P.; Davidson-Hunt, Iain; Uprety, Yadav. 2018. Integration of Traditional and Western knowledge in forest landscape restoration. In: Mansourian, S., Parrotta, J., eds. Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrated approaches to support effective implementation. New York: Routledge: 198-226. Chapter 12.
Last Modified: October 19, 2018