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Title: Assessing canopy cover over streets and sidewalks in street tree populations

Authors: Maco, S.E.; McPherson, E.G.

Date: 2002

Source Journal of Arboriculture. 28(6): 270-276

Abstract: Total canopy cover and canopy cover over street and sidewalk surfaces were estimated for street trees in Davis, California, U.S. Calculations were made using simple trigonometric equations based on the results of a sample inventory. Canopy cover from public trees over streets and sidewalks varied between 4% and 46% by city zone, averaging 14% citywide. Consideration of land use, planting locations, and age distribution suggests that 25% coverage of streets and sidewalks is an attainable goal for typical city zones.

Keywords: street tree management, canopy cover, urban forest analysis

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    Maco, S.E.; McPherson, E.G. 2002. Assessing canopy cover over streets and sidewalks in street tree populations. Journal of Arboriculture. 28(6): 270-276.
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