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Title: Tools for valuing tree and park services

Authors: McPherson, E.G.

Date: 2010

Publication Western Arborist. 36(4): 58-63

Abstract: Arborists and urban foresters plan, design, construct, and manage trees and parks in cities throughout the world. These civic improvements create walkable, cool environments, save energy, reduce stormwater runoff, sequester carbon dioxide, and absorb air pollutants. The presence of trees and green spaces in cities is associated with increases in property values, perceived consumer friendliness, and a sense of well-being. They can create a distinct, memorable place identity and offer animal habitat. The value of these services is not lost on most arborists, because creating and managing multifunctional spaces that make cities more livable is at the core of what they do. But quantifying the value of these services is not the profession’s lingua franca. Fortunately, several new tools have been developed that arborists can use to more effectively communicate the ecosystem services and other benefits trees and parks produce.


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    McPherson, E.G. 2010. Tools for valuing tree and park services. Western Arborist. 36(4): 58-63
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