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The publications below were posted from Pacific Southwest Research Station researchers between February 2022 and May 2022. There are many more publications produced by our scientists available through Treesearch.

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Featured publications:

Family-owned forest lands make up about 7 million acres, around 20 percent, of California's forests. Most of these acres are owned and managed as small parcels (10 to 100 acres) by nonindustrial private landowners. The USDA Pacific Southwest Research Station, in partnership with CAL FIRE and the USDA California Climate Hub, created the Forest Management Handbook for Small-Parcel Landowners in the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade Range to provide concise and thorough information to help these landowners develop a sound forest management strategy for their property.

Forest management handbook for small-parcel landowners in the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascade Range. Stine, Peter A.; Ostoja, Steven M.; McMorrow, Stewart. 2021. Info. Fore. PSW-INF-1. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 85 p.

In excessive amounts, nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus can disrupt water chemistry and, ultimately, negatively affect water quality in forest streams. Nutrient pollution can degrade water for drinking, recreation, and wildlife and fish habitat. A new report published by the USDA Forest Service's Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station synthesizes studies of the biological responses to stream nutrients from 17 long-term research sites across the country, including these four in California and Hawaii:

Hawai‘i Experimental Tropical Forest, Hawai‘i.

California Coastal Sage, Chaparral, and Oak Woodlands: San Dimas Experimental Forest, California.

Coast Range: Caspar Creek Experimental Watersheds, California

Sierra Nevada: Kings River Experimental Watersheds and Teakettle Experimental Forest, California.

Biological responses to stream nutrients: a synthesis of science from experimental forests and ranges. Ryan, Douglas F., ed. 2021. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-981. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 522 p.

Publications by research area:

Inventory and Monitoring

Selecting the optimal fine-scale historical climate data for assessing current and future hydrological conditions. Stern, M.A.; Flint, L.E.; Flint, A.L.; Boynton, R.M.; Stewart, J.A.E.; Wright, J.W.; Thorne, J.H. 2022. Journal of Hydrometeorology. 23: 293-308.

Outdoor Recreation

A review of trends and knowledge gaps in Latinx outdoor recreation on federal and state public lands. Thomas, Alyssa; Sánchez, José; Flores, David. 2022. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. 40(1): 24-43.

Pests and Pathogens

Resource Management and Use

A comprehensive distribution map and habitat suitability model for Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva D.K. Bailey). Burchfield, David R.; De Groff, Otto W.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; Charlet, David A.; Page, Douglas H.; Millar, Constance I; Merkler, Douglas J.; Taylor, Gregory W.; Ortiz, Héctor G.; Petersen, Steven L. 2021. In: Burchfield, David. Assessment of Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva D.K. Bailey) forest communities using geospatial technologies. Provo, UT: Brigham Young University: 57-99. Chapter 3. Ph.D. dissertation.

Climate Adaptation for Tropical Island Land Stewardship: Adapting a Workshop Planning Process to Hawai‘i. Longman, Ryan J.; Peterson, Courtney L.; Baroli, Madeline; Frazier, Abby G.; Cook, Zachary; Parsons, Elliott W.; Dinan, Maude; Kamelamela, Katie L.; Steele, Caitriana; Burnett, Reanna; Swanston, Chris; Giardina, Christian P. 2022. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

Forest restoration limits megafires and supports species conservation under climate change. Jones, Gavin M.; Keyser, Alisa R.; Westerling, A. Leroy; Baldwin, W. Jonathan; Keane, John J.; Sawyer, Sarah C.; Clare, John D. J.; Gutierrez, R. J.; Peery, M. Zachariah. 2021. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Great Basin bristlecone pine mortality: Causal factors and management implications. Bentz, Barbara J.; Millar, Constance I; Vandygriff, James C.; Hansen, Earl M. 2022. Forest Ecology and Management. 509(8): 120099.

Integrating ecosystem services modeling and efficiencies in decision-support models conceptualization for watershed management. Pascual, Adrián; Giardina, Christian P.; Povak, Nicholas A.; Hessburg, Paul F.; Asner, Gregory P. 2022. Ecological Modelling. 466: 109879.

Managing forests for water [Chapter 3]. McNulty, Steve; Steel, Ashley; Springgay, Elaine; Caldwell, Ben; Shono, Kenichi; Pess, George; Funge-Smith, Simon; Richards, William; Ferraz, Silvio; Neary, Dan; Long, Jonathan; Verbist, Bruno; Leonard, Jackson; Sun, Ge; Beechie, Timothy; Lo, Michaela; McGill, Lillian; Fullerton, Aimee; Borelli, Simone. 2021. In: FAO, IUFRO and USDA. A guide to forest-water management. FAO Forestry Paper No. 185. Rome, Italy. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. p. 31-74.

Mixed-severity wildfire and salvage logging affect the populations of a forest-dependent carnivoran and a competitor. Green, David S.; Martin, Marie E.; Powell, Roger A.; McGregor, Eric L.; Gabriel, Mourad W.; Pilgrim, Kristine L.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Matthews, Sean M. 2022. Ecosphere. 13(1): e03877.

Restoring mexican tropical dry forests: A national review. Mesa-Sierra, Natalia; de la Peña-Domene, Marinés; Campo, Julio; Giardina, Christian P. 2022. Sustainability. 14(7): 3937.

Water, Air and Soil

Dynamic hillslope soil moisture in a Mediterranean montane watershed. Dymond, Salli F.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Keppeler, Elizabeth T.; Bladon, Kevin D. 2021. Water Resources Research. 57(11): e2020WR029170.

Multicriteria analysis on rock moisture and streamflow in a rainfall-runoff model improves accuracy of model results. La Follette, Peter T.; Hahm, W. Jesse; Rempe, Daniella M.; Dietrich, William E.; Brauer, Claudia C.; Weerts, Albrecht H.; Dralle, David N. 2022. Hydrological Processes. 36(3): e14536.

Understory evapotranspiration rates in a coast redwood forest. Kassuelke, Shelby R.; Dymond, Salli F.; Feng, Xue; Savage, Jessica A.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W. 2022. Ecohydrology. 15(3): e2404.

Wildland Fire and Fuels

Comparison of fire-produced gases from wind tunnel and small field experimental burns. Weise, David R.; Hao, Wei Min; Baker, Stephen; Princevac, Marko; Aminfar, Amir-Hessam; Palarea-Albaladejo, Javier; Ottmar, Roger D.; Hudak, Andrew T.; Restaino, Joseph; O’Brien, Joseph J. 2022. Journal of Wildland Fire. 31(4): 409-434.

Dynamics of anthropogenic wildfire on Babeldaob Island (Palau) as revealed by fire history. Dendy, Julian; Mesubed, Dino; Colin, Patrick L.; Giardina, Christian P.; Cordell, Susan; Holm, Tarita; Uowolo, Amanda. 2022. Fire. 5(2): 45.

Fire Ecology of the North American Mediterranean-Climate Zone. Safford, Hugh D.; Butz, Ramona J.; Bohlman, Gabrielle N.; Coppoletta, Michelle; Estes, Becky L.; Gross, Shana E.; Merriam, Kyle E.; Meyer, Marc D.; Molinari, Nicole A.; Wuenschel, Amarina. 2021. Fire Ecology and Management: Past, Present, and Future of US Forested Ecosystems.

Frequency of disturbance mitigates high-severity fire in the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada. Maxwell, Charles; Scheller, Robert M.; Long, Jonathan W.; Manley, Patricia. 2022. Ecology and Society. 27(1): 21.

Homeowners willingness to pay to reduce wildfire risk in wildland urban interface areas: Implications for targeting financial incentives. Sánchez, José J.; Holmes, Thomas P.; Loomis, John; González-Cabán, Armando. 2022. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 68(6): 102696.

Land management explains major trends in forest structure and composition over the last millennium in California’s Klamath Mountains. Knight, Clarke A.; Anderson, Lysanna; Bunting, M. Jane; Champagne, Marie; Clayburn, Rosie M.; Crawford, Jeffrey N.; Klimaszewski-Patterson, Anna; Knapp, Eric E.; Lake, Frank K.; Mensing, Scott A.; Wahl, David; Wanket, James; Watts-Tobin, Alex; Potts, Matthew D.; Battles, John J. 2022. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 119(12): e2116264119.

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