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The publications below were posted from Pacific Southwest Research Station researchers between February 2021 and April 2021. There are many more publications produced by our scientists available through Treesearch.

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Featured publications:

This open access book describes the serious threat of invasive species to native ecosystems. Invasive species have caused and will continue to cause enormous ecological and economic damage with ever increasing world trade. This multi-disciplinary book, written by over 100 national experts, presents the latest research on a wide range of natural science and social science fields that explore the ecology, impacts, and practical tools for management of invasive species. This scientific synthesis provides the cultural, economic, scientific and social context for addressing environmental challenges posed by invasive species and will be a valuable resource for scholars, policy makers, natural resource managers and practitioners.

Regional Summaries:

Hawaii and US-Affiliated Pacific Islands

Southwest Region

Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the United States Forest Sector. Poland, Therese M.; Patel-Weynand, Toral; Finch, Deborah M.; Ford Miniat, Chelcy; Hayes, Deborah C.; Lopez, Vanessa M., eds. 2021. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer International Publishing. 455p.

In contemporary red fir forests, the absence of fire for much of the 20th century has lengthened the fire return interval and fire rotation. Future climate and wildfire projections also indicate an extension of the fire season and an increase in fire size and severity in these forest types. Recent increases in insect- and disease-related tree mortality in red fir forests suggest that the scale and intensity of native insect and pathogen infestations may be increasing to levels outside of the natural range of variation.

Natural range of variation for red fir and subalpine forests in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon. Coppoletta, Michelle; Meyer, Marc D.; North, Malcolm P. 2021. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-269. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 175 p.

Publications by research area:

Inventory and Monitoring

Lichen bioindicators of nitrogen and sulfur deposition in dry forests of Utah and New Mexico, USA. Root, Heather T.; Jovan, Sarah; Fenn, Mark; Amacher, Michael; Hall, Josh; Shaw, John D. 2021. Ecological Indicators. 127: 107727.

Macroecological patterns of forest structure and allometric scaling in mangrove forests. Rovai, Andre S.; Twilley, Robert R.; Castañeda‐Moya, Edward; Midway, Stephen R.; Friess, Daniel A.; Trettin, Carl C.; Bukoski, Jacob J.; Stovall, Atticus E.L.; Pagliosa, Paulo R.; Fonseca, Alessandra L.; Mackenzie, Richard A.; Aslan, Aslan; Sasmito, Sigit D.; Sillanpää, Mériadec; Cole, Thomas G.; Purbopuspito, Joko; Warren, Matthew W.; Murdiyarso, Daniel; Mofu, Wolfram; Sharma, Sahadev; Tinh, Pham Hong; Riul, Pablo. 2021. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 30(5): 1000-1013.

Pests and Pathogens

Citizen science uncovers Phytophthora ramorum as a threat to several rare or endangered California manzanita species. Garbelotto, Matteo; Popenuck, Tina; Hall, Brett; Schweigkofler, Wolfgang; Dovana, Francesco; Goldstein de Salazar, Ruby; Schmidt, Doug; Sims, Laura Lee. 2020. Plant Disease. 104(12): 3173-3182.

Forest landscape patterns shaped by interactions between wildfire and sudden oak death disease. He, Yinan; Chen, Gang; Cobb, Richard C.; Zhao, Kaiguang; Meentemeyer, Ross K. 2021. Forest Ecology and Management. 486(8): 118987.

Innate resistance and phosphite treatment affect both the pathogen’s and host’s transcriptomes in the tanoak-Phytophthora ramorum pathosystem. Kasuga, Takao; Hayden, Katherine J.; Eyre, Catherine A.; Croucher, Peter J. P.; Schechter, Shannon; Wright, Jessica W.; Garbelotto, Matteo. 2021. Journal of Fungi. 7(3): 198.

Resource Management and Use

76-year decline and recovery of aspen mediated by contrasting fire regimes: Long-unburned, infrequent and frequent mixed-severity wildfire. Brewen, Cerena J.; Berrill, John-Pascal; Ritchie, Martin W.; Boston, Kevin; Dagley, Christa M.; Jones, Bobette; Coppoletta, Michelle; Burnett, Coye L. 2021. PLOS ONE. 16(2): e0232995.

Alpine treeline ecotones are potential refugia for a montane pine species threatened by bark beetle outbreaks. Maher, Colin T.; Millar, Constance I; Affleck, David L. R.; Keane, Robert E.; Sala, Anna; Tobalske, Claudine; Larson, Andrew J.; Nelson, Cara R. 2021. Ecological Applications. 31(3): e2274.

Effects of forest harvesting and biomass removal on soil carbon and nitrogen: Two complementary meta-analyses. James, Jason; Page-Dumroese, Deborah; Busse, Matt; Palik, Brian; Zhang, Jianwei; Eaton, Bob; Slesak, Robert; Tirocke, Joanne; Kwon, Hoyoung. 2021. Forest Ecology and Management. 485(28): 118935.

Eighth-year survival and growth of planted replacement tree species in black ash (Fraxinus nigra) wetlands threatened by emerald ash borer in Minnesota, USA. Palik, Brian J.; D'Amato, Anthony W.; Slesak, Robert A.; Kastendick, Doug; Looney, Chris; Kragthorpe, Josh. 2021. Forest Ecology and Management. 484(15): 118958. 12 p.

Improved equations for the density management diagram isolines of ponderosa pine stands. Jang, Woongsoon; Ritchie, Martin; Zhang, Jianwei. 2020. Forest Science. 67(1): 93-102.

Local testing and calibration of species-specific competition indices in Sierran mixed-conifer forests: application transfer to evolving objectives. Premer, Michael I; Chhin, Sophan; Zhang, Jianwei. 2021. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 51(4): 524-532.

Recognizing the insurance value of resilience: Evidence from a forest restoration policy in the southeastern U.S. Tanner, Sophia J.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Soto, José R. 2021. Journal of Environmental Management. 289(7): 112442.

Rock glaciers and related cold rocky landforms: Overlooked climate refugia for mountain biodiversity. Brighenti, Stefano; Hotaling, Scott; Finn, Debra S.; Fountain, Andrew G.; Hayashi, Masaki; Herbst, David; Saros, Jasmine E.; Tronstad, Lusha M.; Millar, Constance I. 2021. Global Change Biology. 24(2): 563.

Semiochemicals for bark beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) management in western North America: where do we go from here? Gillette, Nancy E.; Fettig, Christopher J. 2021. The Canadian Entomologist. 153(1): 121-135.

Specific heat capacity of wildland foliar fuels to 434 °C. Boardman, Charles R.; Dietenberger, Mark A.; Weise, David R. 2021. Fuel. 292(10): 120396.

Using phylogenetic diversity to explore the socioeconomic and ecological drivers of a tropical, coastal urban forest. Zhu, Zhi-Xin; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Revell, Liam J.; Brandeis, Thomas; Xie, Jun; Wang, Hua-Feng. 2021. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. 61(22): 127111.

Water, Air and Soil

Assessing the effects of forest biomass reductions on forest health and streamflow. Bart, Ryan R.; Ray, Ram L.; Conklin, Martha H.; Safeeq, Mohammad; Saksa, Philip C.; Tague, Christina L.; Bales, Roger C. 2021. Hydrological Processes. 35(3): e14114.

Compaction and cover effects on runoff and erosion in post-fire salvage logged areas in the Valley Fire, California. Prats, Sergio A.; Malvar, Maruxa C.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W. 2021. Hydrological Processes. 35(1): e13997.

Plant genetic variation drives geographic differences in atmosphere–plant–ecosystem feedbacks. Bayliss, Shannon L. J.; Mueller, Liam O.; Ware, Ian M.; Schweitzer, Jennifer A.; Bailey, Joseph K. 2020. Plant-Environment Interactions. 1(3): 166-180.

Signatures of hydrologic function across the Critical Zone Observatory network. Wlostowski, Adam N.; Molotch, Noah; Anderson, Suzanne P.; Brantley, Susan L.; Chorover, Jon; Dralle, David; Kumar, Praveen; Li, Li; Lohse, Kathleen A.; Mallard, John M.; McIntosh, Jennifer C.; Murphy, Sheila F.; Parrish, Eric; Safeeq, Mohammad; Seyfried, Mark; Shi, Yuning; Harman, Ciaran. 2021. Water Resources Research. 57(3): e2019WR026635.

Variability of stream extents controlled by flow regime and network hydraulic scaling. Lapides, Dana A.; Leclerc, Christine D.; Moidu, Hana; Dralle, David N.; Hahm, W. Jesse. 2021. Hydrological Processes. 35(3): e14079.

Wildland Fire and Fuels

Bark beetle and fire interactions in western coniferous forests: Research findings. Fettig, Chris; Hood, Sharon; Runyon, Justin; Stalling, Chris. 2021. Fire Management Today. 79(1): 14-23.

Dynamic infrared gas analysis from longleaf pine fuel beds burned in a wind tunnel: observation of phenol in pyrolysis and combustion phases. Banach, Catherine A.; Bradley, Ashley M.; Tonkyn, Russell G.; Williams, Olivia N.; Chong, Joey; Weise, David R.; Myers, Tanya L.; Johnson, Timothy J. 2021. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 14(3): 2359-2376.

Examining landscape-scale fuel and terrain controls of wildfire spread rates using repetitive airborne thermal infrared (ATIR) imagery. Schag, Gavin M.; Stow, Douglas A.; Riggan, Philip J.; Tissell, Robert G.; Coen, Janice L. 2021. Fire. 4(1): 6.

Revitalized Karuk and Yurok cultural burning to enhance California hazelnut for basketweaving in northwestern California, USA. Marks-Block, Tony; Lake, Frank K.; Bliege Bird, Rebecca; Curran, Lisa M. 2021. Fire Ecology. 17(1): 6.

Wildlife and Fish

All fish, all the time: A good general objective for fish passage projects? Harvey, Bret C.; Railsback, Steven F. 2021. Fisheries. 46(3): 119-124.

Environmental drivers of blue carbon burial and soil carbon stocks in mangrove forests. MacKenzie, Richard; Sharma, Sahadev; Rovai, Andre R. 2021. Dynamic Sedimentary Environments of Mangrove Coasts. United States: Elsevier Science. 275-294. Chapter 12.

Estimating the survival of unobservable life stages for a declining frog with a complex life history. Rose, Jonathan P.; Kupferberg, Sarah J.; Wheeler, Clara A.; Kleeman, Patrick M.; Halstead, Brian J. 2021. Ecosphere. 12(2): e03381.

Illuminating the nocturnal habits of owls with emerging tagging technologies. Wood, Connor M.; Zulla, Ceeanna; Whitmore, Sheila; Reid, Dana; Kramer, H. Anu; Keane, John J.; Sawyer, Sarah C.; Roberts, Kevin N.; Dotters, Brian P.; Klinck, Holger; Berigan, William; Gutiérrez, R. J.; Peery, M. Zachariah. 2021. Wildlife Society Bulletin. 45(1): 138-143.

NABat: A top-down, bottom-up solution to collaborative continental-scale monitoring. Reichert, Brian E.; Bayless, Mylea; Cheng, Tina L.; Coleman, Jeremy T. H.; Francis, Charles M.; Frick, Winifred F.; Gotthold, Benjamin S.; Irvine, Kathryn M.; Lausen, Cori; Li, Han; Loeb, Susan C.; Reichard, Jonathan D.; Rodhouse, Thomas J.; Segers, Jordi L.; Siemers, Jeremy L.; Thogmartin, Wayne E.; Weller, Theodore J. 2021. Ambio.

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