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The publications below were posted from Pacific Southwest Research Station researchers between November 2020 and January 2021. There are many more publications produced by our scientists available through Treesearch.

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In memory of Dr. Steven J. Seybold:

This issue commemorates the life and career of Dr. Steven J. Seybold who passed suddenly and tragically on November 15, 2019. Steve was a prolific research entomologist, a kind and genuinely considerate colleague, and a dear friend to many at PSW.

Susan Frankel recently coordinated a donation to the Western Forest Insect Work Conference's (WFIWC) Memorial Scholarship in Steve’s name on behalf of PSW. This donation will serve to support a student award that several of Steve’s former graduate students have won.

In addition, two recent publications have been dedicated to Steve's memory, including a special issue in The Canadian Entomologist and Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the United States Forest Sector.

Steve's passion for science and his work are well known by all who knew him. His contributions to the fields of forest entomology and chemical ecology will remain influential for years, and his legacy lives on through the many graduate students and colleagues he mentored and/or collaborated with during his career.

Steve's passing has left a sizeable hole in PSW and the forest entomology community. He is sorely missed.

Special issue on managing bark and ambrosia beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) with semiochemicals: honouring the remarkable career of Dr. Steven J. Seybold. Fettig, Christopher J.; Graves, Andrew D.; Huber, Dezene P.W. The Canadian Entomologist. 153: 1-3.

Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the United States Forest Sector. Poland, Therese M.; Patel-Weynand, Toral; Finch, Deborah M.; Ford Miniat, Chelcy; Hayes, Deborah C.; Lopez, Vanessa M., eds. Heidelberg, Germany: Springer International Publishing. 455 p.

Featured publication:

Increasing frequency and extent of high-severity wildfires pose a significant threat to California’s ecosystems. This is evident in both tree- and shrub-dominated landscapes, where novel, human-driven fire regimes may result in large-scale alteration of terrestrial ecosystems and decline in the services they provide. Based on these trends and a broader consideration of sustainability, there is a growing need for a well-supported, science-based approach to postfire management.

This report presents a framework to guide the development of postfire restoration on national forests in California. The framework is founded on a set of guiding principles and a five-step process that leads to the development of a restoration portfolio that can inform project planning and monitoring. We discuss the application of this approach to California’s forest, chaparral, and sagebrush-steppe ecosystems. The restoration framework can inform future postfire management, monitoring, and research in California’s diverse ecosystems.

Postfire restoration framework for national forests in California. Meyer, M.D.; Long, J.W.; Safford, H.D. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-270. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 204 p.

Publications by research area:

Inventory and Monitoring

ForestGEO: Understanding forest diversity and dynamics through a global observatory network. Davies, S.J.; Abiem, I.; Abu Salim, K.; Aguilar, S.; Allen, D.; Alonso, A.; Anderson-Teixeira, K.; Andrade, A.; Arellano, G.; Ashton, P.S.; Baker, P.J.; Baker, M.E.; Baltzer, J.L.; Basset, Y.; Bissiengou, P.; Bohlman, S.; Bourg, N.A.; Brockelman, W.Y.; Bunyavejchewin, S.; Burslem, D.F.R.P.; Cao, M.; Cárdenas, D.; Chang, L.; Chang-Yang, C.; Chao, K.; Chao, W.; Chapman, H.; Chen, Y.; Chisholm, R.A.; Chu, C.; Chuyong, G.; Clay, K.; Comita, L.S.; Condit, R.; Cordell, S.; Dattaraja, H.S.; de Oliveira, A.A.; den Ouden, J.; Detto, M.; Dick, C.; Du, X.; Duque, Á.; Ediriweera, S.; Ellis, E.C.; Obiang, N.L.E.; Esufali, S.; Ewango, C.E.N.; Fernando, E.S.; Filip, J.; Fischer, G.A.; Foster, R.; Giambelluca, T.; Giardina, C.; Gilbert, G.S.; Gonzalez-Akre, E.; Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N.; Gunatilleke, C.V.S.; Hao, Z.; Hau, B.C.H.; He, F.; Ni, H.; Howe, R.W.; Hubbell, S.P.; Huth, A.; Inman-Narahari, F.; Itoh, A.; Janík, D.; Jansen, P.A.; Jiang, M.; Johnson, D.J.; Jones, F.A.; Kanzaki, M.; Kenfack, D.; Kiratiprayoon, S.; Král, K.; Krizel, L.; Lao, S.; Larson, A.J.; Li, Y.; Li, X.; Litton, C.M.; Liu, Yu; Liu, S.; Lum, S.K.Y.; Luskin, M.S.; Lutz, J.A.; Luu, H.T.; Ma, K.; Makana, J.; Malhi, Y.; Martin, A.; McCarthy, C.; McMahon, S.M.; McShea, W.J.; Memiaghe, H.; Mi, X.; Mitre, D.; Mohamad, M.; Monks, L.; Muller-Landau, H.C.; Musili, P.M.; Myers, J.A.; Nathalang, A.; Ngo, K.M.; Norden, N.; Novotny, V.; O'Brien, M.J.; Orwig, D.; Ostertag, R.; Papathanassiou, K.; Parker, G.G.; Pérez, R.; Perfecto, I.; Phillips, R.P.; Pongpattananurak, N.; Pretzsch, H.; Ren, H.; Reynolds, G.; Rodriguez, L.J.; Russo, S.E.; Sack, L.; Sang, W.; Shue, J.; Singh, A.; Song, G.M.; Sukumar, R.; Sun, I.; Suresh, H.S.; Swenson, N.G.; Tan, S.; Thomas, S.C.; Thomas, D.; Thompson, J.; Turner, B.L.; Uowolo, A.; Uriarte, M.; Valencia, R.; Vandermeer, J.; Vicentini, A.; Visser, M.; Vrska, T.; Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Weiblen, G.D.; Whitfeld, T.J.S.; Wolf, A.; Wright, S.J. Biological Conservation. 253: 108907.

Stem and root assessment in mangrove forests using a low-cost, rapid-scan terrestrial laser scanner. Rouzbeh Kargar, Ali; MacKenzie, Richard A.; Apwong, Maybeleen; Hughes, Ethan; van Aardt, Jan. Wetlands Ecology and Management. 33(4): 285.

Surface elevation change evaluation in mangrove forests using a low-cost, rapid-scan terrestrial laser scanner. Rouzbeh Kargar, Ali; MacKenzie, Richard A.; Fafard, Alexander; Krauss, Ken W.; Aardt, Jan. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods. 5: 369.

Variations in tree growth provide limited evidence of species mixture effects in Interior West USA mixed-conifer forests. Looney, Christopher E.; Previant, Wilfred J.; Nagel, Linda M. Journal of Ecology. 75(3): 65.

Pests and Pathogens

Changes in understory vegetation including invasive weeds following mountain pine beetle outbreaks. Runyon, Justin B.; Fettig, Christopher J.; Trilling, Jared A.; Munson, A. Steven; Mortenson, Leif A.; Steed, Brytten E.; Gibson, Kenneth E.; Jørgensen, Carl L.; McKelvey, Stephen R.; McMillin, Joel D.; Audley, Jackson P.; Negron, Jose F. Trees, Forests and People. 2: 100038.

Comparisons of Efficiency of Two Formulations of Verbenone (4, 6, 6-trimethylbicyclo [3.1.1] hept-3-en-2-one) for Protecting Whitebark Pine, Pinus albicaulis (Pinales: Pinaceae) From Mountain Pine Beetle (Colopetera: Curculionidae) . Progar, Robert; Fettig, Christopher; Munson, A Steven; Mortenson, Leif; Snyder, Cynthia; Kegley, Sandra; Cluck, Daniel; Steed, Brytten; Mafra-Neto, Agenor; Rinella, Matthew J. Journal of Economic Entomology. 14(1): 209-214.

Linking plant and animal functional diversity with an experimental community restoration in a Hawaiian lowland wet forest. Ostertag, Rebecca; Sebastián-González, Esther; Peck, Robert; Hall, Trebor; Kim, Jihoo; DiManno, Nicole; Rayome, Donald; Cordell, Susan; Banko, Paul; Uowolo, Amanda. Food Webs. 25: e00171.

Phytophthora introductions in restoration areas: Responding to protect California native flora from human-assisted pathogen spread. Frankel, Susan J.; Conforti, Christa; Hillman, Janell; Ingolia, Mia; Shor, Alisa; Benner, Diana; Alexander, Janice M.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth; Swiecki, Tedmund J. Forests. 11(12): 1291.

Trapping failure leads to discovery of potent semiochemical repellent for the walnut twig beetle. Audley, Jackson; Dallara, Paul; Nelson, Lori; Hamud, Shakeeb; Bostock, Richard; Seybold, Steven J. Journal of Economic Entomology. 113(6): 2772-2784.

Resource Management and Use

A dual-method approach toward measuring the built environment - sampling optimization, validity, and efficiency of using GIS and virtual auditing. Li, Weimin; Winter, Patricia L.; Milburn, Lee-Anne; Padgett, Pamela E. Health & Place. 67: 102482.

A framework to evaluate climate effects on forest tree diseases. Hennon, Paul E.; Frankel, Susan J.; Woods, Alex J.; Worrall, James J.; Norlander, Daniel; Zambino, Paul J.; Warwell, Marcus V; Shaw, Charles G. Forest Pathology. 50(6): e12649.

Analyzing socio-ecological interactions through qualitative modeling: Forest conservation and implications for sustainability in the peri-urban bogota (Colombia) . Rodriguez, Maykol; Bodini, Antonio; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Clerici, Nicola. Ecological Modelling. 439: 109344.

Climate change: Updates on recent global and United States temperature anomalies and impacts to water, forests, and environmental health. Levinson, David.H; Fettig, Chris.J. Climate Change and Global Public Health. New York: Springer. 51-74. Chapter 3.

Dynamics of beetle-killed snags following mountain pine beetle outbreaks in lodgepole pine forests. Audley, Jackson P.; Fettig, Christopher J.; Steven Munson, A.; Runyon, Justin B.; Mortenson, Leif A.; Steed, Brytten E.; Gibson, Kenneth E.; Jørgensen, Carl L.; McKelvey, Stephen R.; McMillin, Joel D.; Negrón, Jose F. Forest Ecology and Management. 482: 118870.

Exploring the dynamics of migration, armed conflict, urbanization, and anthropogenic change in Colombia. Camargo, Guibor; Sampayo, Andrés Miguel; Peña Galindo, Andrés; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Carriazo, Fernando; Feged-Rivadeneira, Alejandro. PLOS ONE. 15(11): e0242266.

Governance, nature's contributions to people, and investing in conservation influence the valuation of urban green areas. Pineda-Guerrero, Alexandra; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Carriazo, Fernando. Land. 10(1): 14.

Landscape genomics of Quercus lobata reveals genes involved in local climate adaptation at multiple spatial scales. Gugger, Paul F.; Fitz-Gibbon, Sorel T.; Albarrán-Lara, Ana; Wright, Jessica W.; Sork, Victoria L. Molecular Ecology. 30(2): 406-423.

Public preferences and willingness to pay for invasive forest pest prevention programs in urban areas. Adams, Damian C.; Soto, José R.; Lai, John; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Alvarez, Sergio; Kibria, Abu S.M.G. Forests. 11(10): 1056.

Recentering ecological restoration with tribal perspectives. Long, Jonathan W.; Goode, Ron W.; Lake, Frank K. Fremontia. 48(1): 14-19.

The Development of a Resistance Screening Program of Ohia to Ceratocystis Pathogens Causing Widespread Mortality on Hawaii Island. Hughes, Marc; Luiz, Blaine; Keith, Lisa; Giardina, Christian. Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS–252. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station.

Water, Air and Soil

Compaction and organic matter retention in mixed-conifer forests of California: 20-year effects on soil physical and chemical health. Busse, Matt; Zhang, Jianwei; Fiddler, Gary; Young, Dave. Forest Ecology and Management 482: 118851.

Determining the impact of wildland fires on ground level ambient ozone levels in California. Cisneros, Ricardo; K. Preisler, Haiganoush; Schweizer, Donald; Gharibi, Hamed. Atmosphere. 11(10): 1131.

Do fuel treatments decrease forest mortality or increase streamflow? A case study from the Sierra Nevada (USA) . Bart, Ryan R.; Safeeq, Mohammad; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Hunsaker, Carolyn T. Ecohydrology. 14(1): e2254.

Factors affecting connectivity and sediment yields following wildfire and post-fire salvage logging in California's Sierra Nevada. Olsen, Will H.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Robichaud, Peter R. Hydrological Processes. 35(1): e13984.

Hillslope sediment fence catch efficiencies and particle sorting for post-fire rain storms. Wilson, Codie; Kampf, Stephanie K.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; MacDonald, Lee H.; Gleason, Hunter. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. 46(1): 267-279.

Hillslope sediment production after wildfire and post-fire forest management in northern California. Cole, Ryan P.; Bladon, Kevin D.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Coe, Drew B. R. Hydrological Processes. 34(26): 5242-5259.

Oak transpiration drawn from the weathered bedrock vadose zone in the summer dry season. Hahm, W. J.; Rempe, D. M.; Dralle, D. N.; Dawson, T. E.; Dietrich, W. E. Water Resources Research. 56(11): e2020WR027419.

Plants as sensors: vegetation response to rainfall predicts root-zone water storage capacity in Mediterranean-type climates. Dralle, David; Jesse Hahm, W; Rempe, Daniella; Karst, Nathaniel; Anderegg, Leander; Thompson, Sally; Dawson, Todd; Dietrich, William E. Environmental Research Letters. 15(10): 104074.

Reconstruction of forest and alpine environments over three millennia in the high Toquima Range. Millar, Constance I. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History. 104: 373-388.

Sustaining forest soil quality and productivity. Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Busse, Matt D.; Jurgensen, Martin F.; Jokela, Eric J. In: Stanturf, John A.; Callaham, Mac A., Jr., eds. Soils and Landscape Restoration. Elsevier, Academic Press. 63-93. Chapter 3.

Tamm review: Does salvage logging mitigate subsequent forest disturbances? Leverkus, Alexandro B.; Buma, Brian; Wagenbrenner, Joseph; Burton, Philip J.; Lingua, Emanuele; Marzano, Raffaella; Thorn, Simon. Forest Ecology and Management. 481: 118721.

Wetland and hydric soils. Trettin, Carl C.; Kolka, Randall K.; Marsh, Anne S.; Bansal, Sheel; Lilleskov, Erik A.; Megonigal, Patrick; Stelk, Marla J.; Lockaby, Graeme; D'Amore, David V; MacKenzie, Richard A.; Tangen, Brian; Chimner, Rodney; Gries, James. Forest and rangeland soils of the United States under changing conditions: A comprehensive science synthesis. Springer, Cham. 99-126. Chapter 6.

Wildland Fire and Fuels

Changing climate reallocates the carbon debt of frequent-fire forests. Goodwin, Marissa J.; North, Malcolm P.; Zald, Harold S. J.; Hurteau, Matthew D. Global Change Biology. 26(11): 6180-6189.

Fire and biodiversity in the Anthropocene. Kelly, Luke T.; Giljohann, Katherine M.; Duane, Andrea; Aquilué, Núria; Archibald, Sally; Batllori, Enric; Bennett, Andrew F.; Buckland, Stephen T.; Canelles, Quim; Clarke, Michael F.; Fortin, Marie-Josée; Hermoso, Virgilio; Herrando, Sergi; Keane, Robert E.; Lake, Frank K.; McCarthy, Michael A.; Morán-Ordóñez, Alejandra; Parr, Catherine L.; Pausas, Juli G.; Penman, Trent D.; Regos, Adrián; Rumpff, Libby; Santos, Julianna L.; Smith, Annabel L.; Syphard, Alexandra D.; Tingley, Morgan W.; Brotons, Lluís. Science. 370(6519): eabb0355.

Pyric tree spatial patterning interactions in historical and contemporary mixed conifer forests, California, USA. Ziegler, Justin P.; Hoffman, Chad M.; Collins, Brandon M.; Knapp, Eric E.; Mell, William (Ruddy). Ecology and Evolution. 11(2): 820-834.

Simulated fire behavior and fine-scale forest structure following conifer removal in aspen-conifer forests in the Lake Tahoe Basin, USA. Ziegler, Justin P.; Hoffman, Chad M.; Collins, Brandon M.; Long, Jonathan W.; Dagley, Christa M.; Mell, William. Fire. 3(3): 51.

Simulated Indigenous fire stewardship increases the population growth rate of an understorey herb. Hart-Fredeluces, G. M.; Ticktin, Tamara; Lake, Frank K. Journal of Ecology. 335(6): 281.

Wildlife and Fish

Effects of breeding and molt activity on songbird site fidelity. Figueira, Luiza; Martins, Pedro; Ralph, C John; Stephens, Jaime; Alexander, John; Wolfe, Jared D. The Auk. 137: 1-15.

Spotted owls and forest fire: Comment. Jones, Gavin M.; Gutierrez, R. J.; Block, William M.; Carlson, Peter C.; Comfort, Emily J.; Cushman, Samuel A.; Davis, Raymond J.; Eyes, Stephanie A.; Franklin, Alan B.; Ganey, Joseph L.; Hedwall, Shaula; Keane, John J.; Kelsey, Rodd; Lesmeister, Damon B.; North, Malcolm P.; Roberts, Susan L.; Rockweit, Jeremy T.; Sanderlin, Jamie S.; Sawyer, Sarah C.; Solvesky, Ben; Tempel, Douglas J.; Yiwan, Ho; Westerling, A. Leroy; White, Gary C.; Peery, M. Zachariah. Ecosphere. 11(12): e03312.

Sustaining wildlife with recreation on public lands: a synthesis of research findings, management practices, and research needs. Miller, Anna B.; King, David; Rowland, Mary; Chapman, Joshua; Tomosy, Monica; Liang, Christina; Abelson, Eric S.; Truex, Richard L. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-993. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 226 p.

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