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The publications below were posted from Pacific Southwest Research Station researchers between February 2020 And April 2020. There are many more publications produced by our scientists available through Treesearch.

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Featured news:

U.S. Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen recently announced Richard Barhydt as the new station director for the Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW). As the new director, Barhydt will be responsible for integrating cutting edge science to deliver new knowledge and capabilities to address critical issues facing those who use and benefit from our nation's forests.

Read the full news release.

Featured publications:

Pacific Southwest Research Station's 2019 Science Spotlight is now available on our publications page and highlights some of our station's latest research, discoveries and tools.

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2019 Science Spotlight Pacific Southwest Research Station. Meznarich, Paul; Schulze, Brandan. 2020. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 32 p.

Nearly one-third of Earth’s total land area is covered by a remarkably complex and richly alive skin: forest soil. This layer - more membrane than crust - is of central importance to the survival of most organisms on our planet. Forest soils help provide an abundance of goods and services to humans including food, fuel, timber, medicines, water, oxygen, biodiversity, climate and hydrological regulation, not to mention a wealth of spiritual, cultural, and aesthetic benefits. For this, humanity is outright lucky but also profoundly challenged with the responsibility for stewarding this natural resource.

Each chapter offers multiple sections written by leading soil scientists who comment on wildfires, climate change and forest harvesting effects, while also introducing examples of current global issues. Matt Busse and Christian Giardina of PSW were editors of the book, and the two chapters they contributed are available via Treesearch and through our website here:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 20: On the Horizon

Global change and forest soils: Cultivating stewardship of a finite natural resource. Busse, Matt; Giardina, Christian P.; Morris, Dave M.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S., eds. 2019. Oxford, UK: Elsevier Science & Technology. 538 p.

Publications by research area:

Inventory and Monitoring

Towards spatially explicit quantification of pre- and postfire fuels and fuel consumption from traditional and point cloud measurements. Hudak, Andrew T.; Kato, Akira; Bright, Benjamin C.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hawley, Christie; Restaino, Joseph C.; Ottmar, Roger D.; Prata, Gabriel A.; Cabo, Carlos; Prichard, Susan J.; Rowell, Eric M.; Weise, David R. 2020. Forest Science.

Outdoor Recreation

Recreation opportunities and human connections on public lands: Constraints that limit recreation participation. Sánchez, José J.; Cerveny, Lee K.; Blahna, Dale J.; Valenzuela, Francisco; Schlafmann, Mike. 2020. Igniting research for outdoor recreation: linking science, policy, and action. Gen. Tech. Rep. PNW-GTR-987. Portland, OR: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station. 257 p. Chapter 3.

Equity in access to outdoor recreation-informing a sustainable future. Winter, Patricia L.; Crano, William D.; Basáñez, Tatiana; Lamb, Christopher S. 2019. Sustainability. 12(1): 124.

Outdoor recreation, nature-based tourism, and sustainability. Winter, Patricia L.; Selin, Steven; Cerveny, Lee; Bricker, Kelly. 2019. Sustainability. 12(1): 81.

The changing dynamic of Latinx outdoor recreation on national and state public lands. Flores, David; Sánchez, José. 2020. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.

Pests and Pathogens

A biodegradable formulation of MCH (3-Methylcyclohex-2-en-1-one) for protecting Pseudotsuga menziesii from Dendroctonus pseudotsugae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) colonization. Foote, Gabriel; Fettig, Christopher; Ross, Darrell; Runyon, Justin; Coleman, Tom; Gaylord, Monica; Graves, Andrew; McMillin, Joel; Mortenson, Leif; Mafra-Neto, Agenor. 2020. Journal of Economic Entomology. [Early release]

Adaptive capacity in social-ecological systems: a framework for addressing bark beetle disturbances in natural resource management. Cottrell, Stuart; Mattor, Katherine M.; Morris, Jesse L.; Fettig, Christopher J.; McGrady, Pavlina; Maguire, Dorothy; James, Patrick M. A.; Clear, Jennifer; Wurtzebach, Zach; Wei, Yu; Brunelle, Andrea; Western, Jessica; Maxwell, Reed; Rotar, Marissa; Gallagher, Lisa; Roberts, Ryan. 2019. Sustainability Science. 15: 555-567.

Advances in understanding and managing insect pests of forest trees. Bentz, Barbara; Pierluigi , Pierluigi; Delb, Horst; Fettig, Chris; Poland, Therese; Pureswaran, Deepa; Seybold, Steve. 2020. In: Stanturf, J., ed. Achieving sustainable management of boreal and temperate forests. Cambridge: Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Ltd: 515-585.

Compound disease and wildfire disturbances alter opportunities for seedling regeneration in resprouter-dominated forests. Simler-Williamson, Allison B.; Metz, Margaret R.; Frangioso, Kerri M.; Meentemeyer, Ross K.; Rizzo, David M. 2019. Ecosphere. 10(12): e02991.

Late Glacial and Holocene records of tree-killing conifer bark beetles in Europe and North America: Implications for forest disturbance dynamics. Schafstall, Nick; Kuosmanen, Niina; Fettig, Christopher; Knizek, Milos; Clear, Jennifer L. 2020. The Holocene. [Early release]

Management strategies for conservation of tanoak in California forests threatened by sudden oak death: a disease-community feedback modelling approach. Filipe, João A.N.; Cobb, Richard C.; Salmon, Maelle; Gilligan, Christopher A. 2019. Forests. 10(12): 1103.

Phytophthora pathogens threaten rare habitats and conservation plantings. Frankel, Susan J.; Alexander, Janice; Benner, Diana; Hillman, Janell; Shor, Alisa. 2020. Sibbaldia: The International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture. 18: 53-65.

The effects of weather on the flight of an invasive bark beetle, Pityophthorus juglandis. Chen, Yigen; Aukema, Brian H.; Seybold, Steven J. 2020. Insects. 11(3): 156.

Variation in susceptibility of tanoak to the NA1 and EU1 lineages of Phytophthora ramorum, the cause of sudden oak death. Søndreli, Kelsey L.; Kanaskie, Alan; Kerio, Susanna; LeBoldus, Jared M. 2019. Plant Disease. 103(12): 3154-3160.

Resource Management and Use

Assisted gene flow in the context of large-scale forest management in California, USA. Young, Derek J. N.; Blush, Thomas D.; Landram, Michael; Wright, Jessica W.; Latimer, Andrew M.; Safford, Hugh D. 2020. Ecosphere. 11(1): 309.

Biocultural stewardship, Indigenous and local ecological knowledge, and the urban crucible. McMillen, Heather L.; Campbell, Lindsay K.; Svendsen, Erika S.; Kealiikanakaoleohaililani, Kekuhi; Francisco, Kainana S.; Giardina, Christian P. 2020. Ecology and Society. 25(2): 9.

Genetic integrity of shortleaf and longleaf pine seed orchards and seed banks. Crane, Barbara; Hipkins, Valerie; Josserand, Sedley; Echt, Craig. 2019. Tree Planters' Notes. 62 (1 and 2): 95-103. 8 p.

Interacting effects of global change on forest pest and pathogen dynamics. Simler-Williamson, Allison B.; Rizzo, David M.; Cobb, Richard C. 2019. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics. 50(1): 381-403.

Urban tree mortality: What the literature shows us. Hilbert, Deborah R.; Roman, Lara A.; Koeser, Andrew K.; Vogt, Jess; van Doorn, Natalie S. 2019. Arborist News. Oct: 22-26.

Water, Air and Soil

Declines in native forb richness of an imperiled plant community across an anthropogenic nitrogen deposition gradient. Valliere, Justin M.; Bucciarelli, Gary M.; Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Fenn, Mark E.; Irvine, Irina C.; Johnson, Robert F.; Allen, Edith B. 2020. Ecosphere. 11(2): e03032.

Evaluating the effects of nitrogen and sulfur deposition and ozone on tree growth and mortality in California using a spatially comprehensive forest inventory. Fenn, Mark E.; Preisler, Haiganoush K.; Fried, Jeremy S.; Bytnerowicz, Andrzej; Schilling, Susan L.; Jovan, Sarah; Kuegler, Olaf. 2020. Forest Ecology and Management. 465: 118084.

Quantifying long-term post-fire sediment delivery and erosion mitigation effectiveness. Robichaud, Peter R.; Lewis, Sarah A.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W.; Brown, Robert E.; Pierson, Fredrick B. 2020. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. 45: 771-782.

Wildland Fire and Fuels

Wildlife and Fish

Early detection of rapid Barred Owl population growth within the range of the California Spotted Owl advises the Precautionary Principle. Wood, Connor; Gutierrez, R.J.; Keane, John; Peery, M. Zachariah. 2020. The Condor. 122(1): duz058.

Total ecosystem carbon stocks of mangroves across broad global environmental and physical gradients. Kauffman, J. Boone; Adame, Maria Fernanda; Arifanti, Virni Budi; Schile-Beers, Lisa M.; Bernardino, Angelo F.; Bhomia, Rupesh K.; Donato, Daniel C.; Feller, Ilka C.; Ferreira, Tiago O.; Jesus Garcia, Maria del Carmen; MacKenzie, Richard A.; Megonigal, J. Patrick; Murdiyarso, Daniel; Simpson, Lorae; Hernandez Trejo, Humberto. 2020. Ecological Monographs. 90(2): e01405.

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