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The publications below were posted from Pacific Southwest Research Station researchers between August and October 2019. There are many more publications produced by our scientists available through Treesearch.

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Featured publications:

Comparisons between historical and current conditions indicate that modern red fir (Abies magnifica) and subalpine forests of the Sierra Nevada bioregion are largely within their natural range of variation (NRV) with respect to compositional, functional, and some structural variables. For both forest types, fire frequency and severity, moisture stress, the incidence of pathogens and insects, and tree mortality rates are projected to increase and likely exceed the NRV with climate change.

Natural range of variation of red fir and subalpine forests in the Sierra Nevada Bioregion. Meyer, M.; North, Malcolm. 2019. Gen Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-263. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station.

The chaparral restoration workshop held in Arcadia, CA, in 2013 brought together experts, managers and others to discuss alternatives that more effectively protect, manage and even revegetate diminishing shrublands. This publication is a compilation of some of the workshop and oral presentations that update our current knowledge of shrubland ecology and management with respect to its loss and recovery.

Proceedings of the chaparral restoration workshop, California. Narog, Marcia. 2019. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-265. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station.

Through collaboration with Karuk and Yurok Indian Tribal members in the western Klamath mountains of northern California, we evaluated the effect of prescribed broadcast fires and three fire proxy treatments -- cutting, pile burning, and propane torch burning -- on the production of culturally and economically important basketry materials derived from California hazelnut shrubs (Corylus cornuta var. californica). We found that all treatments significantly increased the density of viable basketry stems compared to control shrubs.

Effects of understory fire management treatments on California Hazelnut, an ecocultural resource of the Karuk and Yurok Indians in the Pacific Northwest. Marks-Block, Tony; Lake, Frank K.; Curran, Lisa M. 2019. Forest Ecology and Management. 450: 117517.

The Black-backed Woodpecker (Picoides arcticus) is strongly associated with recently burned forests in the western United States, where it is used as an indicator species for the effects of post-fire forest management. Between 2011 and 2018, we located and monitored 118 Black-backed Woodpecker nests in burned forests of northern California. We evaluated the influence of habitat and nest characteristics on nest site selection and daily nest survival. Our results demonstrate a pattern of neutral congruence between habitat selection and fitness.

Nest site selection and nest survival of Black-backed Woodpeckers after wildfire. Stillman, Andrew; Siegel, Rodney; Wilkerson, Robert; Johnson, Matthew; Howell, Christine; Tingley, Morgan W. 2019. The Condor.

Publications by research area:

Inventory and Monitoring

Regional forcing explains local species diversity and turnover on tropical islands. Ibanez, Thomas; Keppel, Gunnar; Baider, Claudia; Birkinshaw, Chris; Culmsee, Heike; Cordell, Susan; Florens, F. B. Vincent; Franklin, Janet; Giardina, Christian P.; Gillespie, Thomas W.; Laidlaw, Melinda; Litton, Creighton M.; Martin, Tara G.; Ost. 2018. Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Pests and Pathogens

A disturbance weighting analysis model (DWAM) for mapping wildfire burn severity in the presence of forest disease. He, Yinan; Chen, Gang; De Santis, Angela; Roberts, Dar A.; Zhou, Yuyu; Meentemeyer, Ross K. 2019. Remote Sensing of Environment.

Direct and indirect effects of forest microclimate on pathogen spillover. Dillon, Whalen W.; Meentemeyer, Ross K. 2019. Ecology. 100(5): e02686.

Efficacy of local eradication treatments against the sudden oak death epidemic in Oregon tanoak forests . Hansen, Everett; Reeser, Paul; Sutton, Wendy; Kanaskie, Alan; Navarro, Sarah; Goheen, Ellen M. 2019. Forest Pathology.

Forecasting and control of emerging infectious forest disease through participatory modelling. Gaydos, Devon A.; Petrasova, Anna ; Cobb, Richard C.; Meentemeyer, Ross K.. 2019. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Integrating multi-sensor remote sensing and species distribution modeling to map the spread of emerging forest disease and tree mortality. He, Yinan; Chen, Gang; Potter, Christopher; Meentemeyer, Ross K. 2019. Remote Sensing of Environment.

Resource availability, propagule supply, and effect of nonnative ungulate herbivores on Senecio madagascariensis invasion. Questad, Erin J.; Uowolo, Amanda; Brooks, Sam; Fitch, Robert; Cordell, Susan. 2018. Pacific Science.

Soil- and waterborne Phytophthora species linked to recent outbreaks in Northern California restoration sites. Garbelotto, Matteo; Frankel, Susan J.; Scanu, Bruno. 2018. California Agriculture. 72(4): 208-216.

The evolving threat of Rapid Ohi'a Death (ROD) to Hawaii's native ecosystems and rare plant species. Fortini, Lucas B.; Kaiser, Lauren R.; Keith, Lisa M.; Price, Jonathan; Hughes, R. Flint; Jacobi, James D.; Friday, J.B. 2019. Forest Ecology and Management.

Using spatially explicit, time-dependent analysis to understand how social factors influence conservation outcomes. Niemiec, Rebecca M.; Asner, Greg P.; Gaertner, Julie A.; Brodrick, Philip G.; Vaughn, Nick; Heckler, Joseph; Hughes, Flint; Keith, Lisa; Matsumoto, Tracie. 2019. Conservation Biology.

Molecular genetics and the effort to conserve southern hemlocks decimated by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid. Potter, Kevin M.; Jetton, Robert M.; Campbell, Lia; Hastings, John M.; Josserand, Sedley A.; Hipkins, Valerie D.; Nelson, C. Dana; Dvorak, William S. 2019. 35th Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference.

Resource Management and Use

A comprehensive genomic scan reveals gene dosage balance impacts on quantitative traits in Populus trees. Bastiaanse, Heloise; Zinkgraf, Matthew; Canning, Courtney; Tsai, Helen; Lieberman, Meric; Comai, Luca; Henry, Isabelle; Groover, Andrew. 2019. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

A density-based approach for leaf area index assessment in a complex forest environment using a terrestrial laser scanner. Rouzbeh Kargar, Ali; MacKenzie, Richard; Asner, Gregory P.; van Aardt, Jan. 2019. Remote Sensing.

Aboveground biomass response to release treatments in a young ponderosa pine plantation. Ritchie, Martin; Zhang, Jianwei; Hammett, Ethan. 2019. Forests. 10(9): 795.

Brassinosteroid regulation of wood formation in poplar. Du, Juan; Gerttula, Suzanne; Li, Zehua; Zhao, Shu-Tang; Liu, Ying-Li; Liu, Yu; Lu, Meng-Zhu; Groover, Andrew T. 2019. New Phytologist.

DNA fingerprinting results for the Forest Service longleaf pine and shortleaf pine seed orchards and seed bank . Crane, Barbara; Hipkins, Valerie; Josserand, Sedley; Echt, Craig. 2019. Southern Forest Tree Improvement Conference.

Effect of fire and thinning on fine-scale genetic structure and gene flow in fire-suppressed populations of sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana Dougl.). Lind, Brandon M.; North, Malcolm P.; Maloney, Patricia E.; Eckert, Andrew J. 2019. Forest Ecology and Management.

Estimating historical forest density from land-survey data: a response to Baker and Williams (2018). Levine, Carrie R.; Cogbill, Charles V; Collins, Brandon M.; Larson, Andrew J.; Lutz, James A.; North, Malcolm P.; Restaino, Christina M.; Safford, Hugh D.; Stephens, Scott L.; Battles, John J. 2019. Ecological Applications.

Forest structure and pattern vary by climate and landform across active-fire landscapes in the montane Sierra Nevada. Jeronimo, Sean M.A.; Kane, Van R.; Churchill, Derek J.; Lutz, James A.; North, Malcolm P.; Asner, Gregory P.; Franklin, Jerry F. 2019. Forest Ecology and Management. 437: 70-86.

Hardwood tree genomics: unlocking woody plant biology. Tuskan, Gerald A.; Groover, Andrew T.; Schmutz, Jeremy; DiFazio, Stephen Paul; Myburg, Alexander; Grattapaglia, Dario; Smart, Lawrence B.; Yin, Tongming; Aury, Jean-Marc; Kremer, Antoine; Leroy, Thibault; Le Provost, Gregoire; Plomion, Christophe. 2018. Frontiers in Plant Science.

Implementation constraints limit benefits of restoration treatments in mixed-conifer forests. Lydersen, Jamie M.; Collins, Brandon M.; Hunsaker, Carolyn T. 2019. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 28(7): 495-511.

Reconstructing gene networks of forest trees from gene expression data: toward higher resolution approaches. Zinkgraf, M; Groover, Andrew; Filkov, V. 2018. ICT Innovations 2018. Engineering and Life Sciences.

Synthesis of research into the long-term outlook for Sierra Nevada forests following the current bark beetle epidemic. Larvie, Kelly; Moody, Tadashi; Axelson, Jodi; Fettig, Christopher; Cafferata, Peter. 2019. California Forestry Note.

The 15-year post-treatment response of a mixed-conifer understory plant community to thinning and burning treatments. Goodwin, Marissa J.; North, Malcolm P.; Zald, Harold S.J.; Hurteau, Matthew D. 2018. Forest Ecology and Management. 429: 617-624.

The auxin receptor TIR1 homolog (PagFBL 1) regulates adventitious rooting through interactions with Aux/IAA28 in Populus . Shu, Wenbo; Zhou, Houjun; Jiang, Cheng; Zhao, Shutang; Wang, Liuqiang; Li, Quanzi; Yang, Zhangqi; Groover, Andrew; Lu, Meng-Zhu. 2018. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 17(2): 338-349.

Transcriptional and temporal response of Populus stems to gravi-stimulation. Zinkgraf, Matthew; Gerttula, Suzanne; Zhao, Shutang; Filkov, Vladimir; Groover, Andrew. 2018. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology.

Urban Tree Mortality: A Literature Review. Hilbert, Deborah R.; Roman, Lara A.; Koeser, Andrew K.; Vogt, Jess; van Doorn, Natalie S. 2019. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry: 45(5): 167-200.

Wood and water: How trees modify wood development to cope with drought. Rodriguez-Zaccaro, F. Daniela; Groover, Andrew. 2019. Plants, People, Planet.

Water, Air and Soil

Advancing our understanding of woody debris in tropical forests. Giardina, Christian P. 2019. Ecosystems.

Arrested development: Erosional equilibrium in the southern Sierra Nevada, California, maintained by feedbacks between channel incision and hillslope sediment production. Callahan, Russell P.; Ferrier, Ken L.; Dixon, Jean; Dosseto, Anthony; Hahm, W. Jesse; Jessup, Barbara S.; Miller, Scott N.; Hunsaker, Carolyn T.; Johnson, Dale W.; Sklar, Leonard S.; Riebe, Clifford S. 2019. GSA Bulletin. 131(7-8): 1179-1202.

Effectiveness of straw bale check dams at reducing post-fire sediment yields from steep ephemeral channels. Robichaud, Peter R.; Storrar, Keenan A.; Wagenbrenner, Joseph W. 2019. Science of the Total Environment. 676: 721-731.

Effects of rainfall intensity and slope on interception and precipitation partitioning by forest litter layer . Du, Jie; Niu, Jianzhi; Gao, Zhaoliang; Chen, Xiongwen; Zhang, Linus; Li, Xiang; van Doorn, Natalie S.; Luo, Ziteng; Zhu, Zhijun. 2019. CATENA.

Science needs for continued development of total nitrogen deposition budgets in the United States. Walker, J.T.; Beachley, G.M.; Amos, H.M.; Baron, J.S.; Bash, J.; Baumgardner, R.; Bell, M.D.; Benedict, K.B.; Chen, X.; Clow, D.W.; Cole, A.; Coughlin, J.G.; Cruz, K.; Daly, R.W.; Decina, S.M.; Elliott, E.M.; Fenn, M.E.; Ganzeveld, L.; G. 2019. EPA Report EPA 601/R-19/001.

Toward the improvement of total nitrogen deposition budgets in the United States. Walker, J.T.; Beachley, G.; Amos, H.M.; Baron, J.S.; Bash, J.; Baumgardner, R.; Bell, M.D.; Benedict, K.B.; Chen, X.; Clow, D.W.; Cole, A.; Coughlin, J.G.; Cruz, K.; Daly, R.W.; Decina, S.M.; Elliott, E.M.; Fenn, M.E.; Ganzeveld, L.; Geb. 2019. Science of The Total Environment. 691: 1328-1352.

Wildland Fire and Fuels

Assessing fire management needs in the Pacific Islands: a collaborative approach. Trauernicht, Parker C.; Pickett, Elizabeth A.; Beimler, Pablo; Giardina, Christian P.; Cordell, Susan; Friday, James B.; Moller, Eric; Litton, Creighton M. 2018. Fire Management Today 76(1):30-35.

Assessing uncertainty and demonstrating potential for estimating fire rate of spread at landscape scales based on time sequential airborne thermal infrared imaging. Stow, Douglas; Riggan, Philip; Schag, Gavin; Brewer, William; Tissell, Robert; Coen, Janice; Storey, Emanuel. 2019. International Journal of Remote Sensing.

Bench-scale measurement of pyrolysis products from intact live fuels. Fletcher, Thomas H.; Safdari, Mohammad-Saeed; Amini, Elham; Weise, David R. 2018. Advances in Forest Fire Research 2018.

Considering diverse knowledge systems in forest landscape restoration. Lake, F.K.; Giardina, Christian; Parrotta, John; Davidson-Hunt, Iain. 2019. Mountain Views Chronicles of the Consortium for Integrated Climate Research in Western Mountains (CIRMOUNT). 13(1): 25-27.

Effects of fire rotation interval and overstory type on ambient soil temperatures in ponderosa pine forests in Arizona. Weise, David R.; Sackett, Stephen S.; Haase, Sally M.; Johnson, Nels. 2019. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. 30(1): 1320-1328.

Evaluating the effectiveness of fuel treatments in Alaska - Final Report to the Joint Fire Science Program . Little, Joseph M.; Jandt, Randi R.; Drury, Stacy; Molina, Allen; Lane, Brock. 2018. JFSP Project No. 14-5-01-27.

Fine-scale assessment of cross-boundary wildfire events in the western United States. Palaiologou, Palaiologos; Ager, Alan A.; Evers, Cody R.; Nielsen-Pincus, Max; Day, Michelle A.; Preisler, Haiganoush K. 2019. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences. 19(8): 1755-1777.

Gas-phase pyrolysis products emitted by prescribed fires in pine forests with a shrub understory in the southeastern United States. Scharko, N. K.; Oeck, A. M.; Myers, T. L.; Tonkyn, R. G.; Banach, C. A.; Baker, S. P.; Lincoln, Emily N.; Chong, Joey; Corcoran, Bonni M.; Burke, Gloria M.; Ottmar, Roger D.; Restaino, Joseph C.; Weise, David R.; Johnson, T. J. 2019. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 19(15): 9681-9698.

Heating rate and temperature effects on pyrolysis products from live wildland fuels. Safdari, Mohammad-Saeed; Amini, Elham; Weise, David R.; Fletcher, Thomas H. 2019. Fuel. 242: 295-304.

Heats for combustion, capacities, and evaporation of fresh leaves, and their relationships to leaf compositions. Dietenberger, Mark A.; Boardman, Charles R.; Weise, David R. 2019. In: Proceedings, 6th international fire behavior and fuels conference. Missoula, MT: International Association of Wildland Fire. 6 p.

Identification of gas-phase pyrolysis products in a prescribed fire: first detections using infrared spectroscopy for naphthalene, methyl nitrite, allene, acrolein and acetaldehyde. Scharko, Nicole K.; Oeck, Ashley M.; Tonkyn, Russell G.; Baker, Stephen P.; Lincoln, Emily N.; Chong, Joey; Corcoran, Bonni M.; Burke, Gloria M.; Weise, David R.; Myers, Tanya L.; Banach, Catherine A.; Griffith, David W. T.; Johnson, Timothy J. 2019. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 12(1): 763-776.

Laboratory and numerical modeling of the formation of superfog from wildland fires. Bartolome, Christian; Princevac, Marko; Weise, David R.; Mahalingam, Shankar; Ghasemian, Masoud; Venkatram, Akula; Vu, Henry; Aguilar, Guillermo. 2019. Fire Safety Journal. 106: 94-104.

Modeling and mapping forest fire occurrence from aboveground carbon density in Mexico. Briones-Herrera, Carlos Ivan; Vega-Nieva, Daniel Jose; Monjaras-Vega, Norma Angelica; Flores-Medina, Favian; Lopez-Serrano, Pablito Marcelo; Corral-Rivas, Jose Javier; Carrillo-Parra, Artemio; Pulgarin-Gamiz, Miguel Angel; Alvarado-Celestino, Ernesto;. 2019. Forests. 10: 402.

Modeling of water evaporation from a shrinking moist biomass slab subject to heating: Arrhenius approach versus equilibrium approach. Rahimi Borujerdi, Peyman; Shotorban, Babak; Mahalingam, Shankar; Weise, David R. 2019. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer.

On the use of semi-empirical flame models for spreading chaparral crown fire. Cobian-Iñiguez, Jeanette; Aminfar, AmirHessam; Weise, David R.; Princevac, Marko. 2019. Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering. 5: 155.

Opinion: Managing for disturbance stabilizes forest carbon. Hurteau, Matthew D.; North, Malcolm P.; Koch, George W.; Hungate, Bruce A. 2019. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Temporal patterns of active fire density and its relationship with a satellite fuel greenness index by vegetation type and region in Mexico during 2003-2014. Vega-Nieva, Daniel Jose; Nava-Miranda, Maria Guadalupe; Calleros-Flores, Eric; López-Serrano, Pablito Marcelo; Briseño-Reyes, Jaime; López-Sánchez, Carlos; Corral-Rivas, Jose Javier; Montiel-Antuna, Eusebio; Cruz-Lopez, Maria Isabel; Ressl, Rainer; Cuahtle, Martin; Alvarado-Celestino, Ernesto; González-Cabán, Armando; Cortes-Montaño, Citlali; Pérez-Salicrup, Diego; Jardel-Pelaez, Enrique; Jiménez, Enrique; Arellano-Pérez, Stefano; Álvarez-González, Juan Gabriel; Ruiz-González, Ana Daria. 2019. Fire Ecology. 15: 28.

Using Background-Oriented Schlieren to visualize convection in a propagating wildland fire. Aminfar, Amirhessam; Cobian-Iñiguez, Jeanette; Ghasemian, Masoud; Rosales Espitia, Nataly; Weise, David R.; Princevac, Marko. 2019. Combustion Science and Technology.

Wildlife and Fish

California roach (Hesperoleucus symmetricus) in the Eel River of northwestern California: native or introduced? Kinziger, Andrew P.; Nakamoto, Rodney J.; Aguilar, Andy; Harvey, Bret C. 2019. Environmental Biology of Fishes.

Evaluating ecosystem effects of climate change on tropical island streams using high spatial and temporal resolution sampling regimes. Frauendorf, Therese C.; MacKenzie, Richard A.; Tingley, Ralph W.; Frazier, Abby G.; Riney, Michael H.; El-Sabaawi, Rana W. 2019. Global Change Biology. 25(4): 1344-1357.

Review of the effects of barred owls on spotted owls. Long, Linda L.; Wolfe, Jared D. 2019. The Journal of Wildlife Management. 83(6): 1281-1296.

Site occupancy and reproductive dynamics of California spotted owls in a mixed-ownership landscape. Hobart, Brendan K.; Roberts, Kevin N.; Dotters, Brian P.; Berigan, William J.; Whitmore, Sheila A.; Raphael, Martin G.; Keane, John J.; Gutierrez, R.J.; Peery, M. Zachariah. 2019. Forest Ecology and Management. 437: 188-200.

Trophic interactions mediate the response of predator populations to habitat change. Hobart, Brendan K.; Jones, Gavin M.; Roberts, Kevin N.; Dotters, Brian P.; Whitmore, Sheila A.; Berigan, William J.; Raphael, Martin G.; Keane, John J.; Gutierrez, R.J.; Peery, M. Zachariah. 2019. Biological Conservation. 238: 108217.


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