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The publications that can be accessed from links below are those produced and printed by the Pacific Southwest Research Station. There are many more publications produced by our scientists through other outlets. These may be available through the invidividual project pages.

Science Perspectives

Winter 2010
Fall 2009
Viewing forests through a historical lens
Featured Scientist: Eric Knapp
Spring 2009
The changing faces of forest recreation
Featured Scientist: Deborah Chavez
Spring 2008
Repelling invaders: Hawaiian foresters use ecology to counter invasive species
Featured Scientists: Julie Denslow, Tracy Johnson, and Susan Cordell
Summer 2007
Spring 2007
Tested by fire: the cone fire and the lessons of an accidental experiment
Featured Scientists: Carl Skinner and Martin Ritchie
Summer 2006
Fall 2005
Casper Creek experimental watersheds: cumulative effects of forest practices on downstream resources
Featured Scientist: Thomas E. Lisle and his science team, Bret Harvey, Leslie Reid, Elizabeth Keppeler, Jack Lewis, Rand Eads, Sue Hilton, Rod Nakamoto, and Deb Visser
Fall 2004
Spring 2004
Air pollution: worldwide effects on mountain forests
Featured Scientist: Andrzej Bytnerowicz
Fall 2003
Spring 2003