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Monitoring Bird Populations
by Point Counts

C. John Ralph, John R. Sauer, Sam Droege

Technical Editors


Preface 63k

Evaluation of Point Count Methods

Effects of Point Count Duration, Time-of-Day, and Aural Stimuli on Detectability of Migratory and Resident Bird Species in Quintana Roo, Mexico 451k
James F. Lynch

Sample Size and Allocation of Effort in Point Count Sampling of Birds in Bottomland Hardwood Forests 1,199k
Winston P. Smith, Daniel J. Twedt, Robert J. Cooper, David A. Wiedenfeld, Paul B. Hamel, and Robert P. Ford

Detectability of Forest Birds from Stationary Points in Northern Wisconsin 406k
Amy T. Wolf, Robert W. Howe, and Gregory J. Davis

Comparison of Point Count Sampling Regimes for Monitoring Forest Birds 1,030k
William H. Buskirk and Jennifer L. McDonald

Point Count Length and Detection of Forest Neotropical Migrant Birds 1,631k
Deanna K. Dawson, David R. Smith, and Chandler S. Robbins

Analysis of Sample Size, Counting Time, and Plot Size from an Avian Point Count Survey on Hoosier National Forest, Indiana 364k
Frank R. Thompson and Monica J. Schwalbach

Fixed-Radius Point Counts in Forests: Factors Influencing Effectiveness and Efficiency 515k
Daniel R. Petit, Lisa J. Petit, Victoria A. Saab, and Thomas E. Martin

Influence of Survey Length and Radius Size on Grassland Bird Surveys by Point Counts at Williams Lake, British Columbia 511k
Jean-Pierre L. Savard and Tracey D. Hooper

Evaluating Point Count Efficiency Relative to Territory Mapping in Cropland Birds 700k
André Cyr, Denis Lepage, and Kathryn Freemark

Modification of Point Counts for Surveying Cropland Birds 756k
Kathryn Freemark and Catherine Rogers

Design of a Monitoring Program for Northern Spotted Owls 542k
Jonathan Bart and Douglas S. Robson

Monitoring Birds in a Regional Landscape: Lessons from the Nicolet National Forest Bird Survey 606k
Robert W. Howe, Amy T. Wolf, and Tony Rinaldi

An Overview of the Ontario Forest Bird Monitoring Program in Canada 376k
Daniel A. Welsh

On- and Off-Road Comparisons

Evaluation of Bias in Roadside Point Count Surveys of Passerines in Shrubsteppe and Grassland Habitats in Southwestern Idaho 295k
John T. Rotenberry and Steven T. Knick

A Comparison of Bird Detection Rates Derived from On-Road vs. Off-Road Point Counts in Northern Montana 1,754k
Richard L. Hutto, Sallie J. Hejl, Jeffrey F. Kelly, and Sandra M. Pletschet

Comparison of Birds Detected from Roadside and Off-Road Point Counts in the Shenandoah National Park 699k
Cherry M.E. Keller, and Mark R. Fuller

Statistical Aspects of Design and Analysis

Point Counts of Birds: What Are We Estimating? 413k
Douglas H. Johnson

Statistical Aspects of Point Count Sampling 395k
Richard J. Barker and John R. Sauer

Effects of Sampling Strategy, Detection Probability, and Independence of Counts on the Use of Point Counts 198k
Grey W. Pendleton

Point Counts Modifications and Breeding Bird Abundances in Central Appalachian Forests 1,732k
J. Edwards Gates

Experimental Design Considerations for Establishing an Off-Road, Habitat-Specific Bird Monitoring Program Using Point Counts 373k
JoAnn M. Hanowski and Gerald J. Niemi

Mapping of Bird Distributions from Point Count Surveys 784k
John R. Sauer, Grey W. Pendleton, and Sandra Orsillo


Managing and Monitoring Birds Using Point Counts: Standards and Applications 357k
C. John Ralph, Sam Droege, and John R. Sauer


Appendix A--Field Sheets Involving Mapping of Birds and the use of 'Tick' Marks 156k
Appendix B--Families and Common and Scientific Names of Bird Species 616k

References 254k

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