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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the Coast Redwood Science Symposium—2016: past successes and future direction. Proceedings of a workshop

Author: Standiford, Richard B.; Valachovic, Yana, tech. cords.

Date: 2017

Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-258. Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Station ID: GTR-PSW-258

Description: There is no more iconic tree or more closely watched forest ecosystem than coast redwood. With its limited range and high value, the coast redwood forest is a microcosm of many of the emerging science and management issues facing today’s forested landscapes. As new information is collected and new management approaches and treatments tried, it is critical that policies and strategies guiding use and management within the redwood region be reviewed and updated based on objective scientific information. With changes in California’s demographic makeup, land ownership, and the regional economy, great interest has developed in areas such as forest sustainability and restoration, watershed assessment, fish and wildlife habitat conditions, and new silvicultural strategies. This symposium is part of a continuing effort to promote the development and communication of scientific findings to inform management and policy decisions. The symposium includes plenary speakers, concurrent sessions, a poster session, reception, and field trip opportunities to view and explore the North Coast.


  • Standiford, Richard B.; Valachovic, Yana, tech cords. 2017. Coast redwood science symposium—2016: Past successes and future direction. Proceedings of a workshop. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-258. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 446 p.

View and print the entire publication (20.2 MB) or the individual papers below.


Yana S. Valachovic and Richard B. Standiford
SESSION 1 – Monitoring and Growth
Allyson L. Carroll, Stephen C. Sillett, Ethan J. Coonen, and Benjamin G. Iberle
Benjamin G. Iberle, Stephen C. Sillett, Robert Van Pelt, and Mark Andre
SESSION 2 – Fire Ecology and Effects
SESSION 3 – Watersheds and Aquatic Ecology
Leslie M. Reid, Elizabeth Keppeler, and Sue Hilton
Jason S. Woodward, Matthew R. House, and David W. Lamphear
Lee H. MacDonald, Michael W. Miles, Shane Beach, Nicolas M. Harrison, Matthew R. House, Patrick Belmont, and Ken L. Ferrier
Randy. D. Klein, Tasha McKee, and Katrina Nystrom
David Roon, Jason Dunham, Bret Harvey, Ryan Bellmore, Deanna Olson, and Gordon Reeves
J. Eli Asarian and Jeffrey D. Walker
SESSION 4 – Genetics and Restoration
Christa M. Dagley, John-Pascal Berrill, Forrest T. Johnson, and Lucy P. Kerhoulas
John-Pascal Berrill and William J. Libby
SESSION 5 – Silviculture
Jason R. Teraoka, Phillip J. van Mantgem, and Christopher R. Keyes
Lynn A. Webb, John-Pascal Berrill, and James L. Lindquist
Lathrop P. Leonard, John-Pascal Berrill, and Christa M. Dagleyr
SESSION 6 – Wildlife, Native Plants and Habitat
Brad Valentine, Tracy Nelson, Clare Golec, Tony LaBanca, and Stacey Martinelli
Emily E. Burns, Peter Cowan, Wendy Baxter, Deborah Zierten, and Jarmilla Pittermann
Desiree A. Early, Keith A. Hamm, Lowell V. Diller, Keith M. Slauson, and William J. Zielinski
Robert B. Douglas, David W. Ulrich, Christopher A. Morris, and Matthew O. Goldsworthy
John-Pascal Berrill, David W. Perry, Larry W. Breshears. and Garrett E. Gradillas
Chris Lee, Yana Valachovic, and Dan Stark
SESSION 7 – Policy, Economics and Community Forestry
Erin Clover Kelly, Chelsea P. McIver, Richard B. Standiford, and Mark Haggerty
SESSION 8 – Forest Ecology
Richard C. Cobb, Peter Hartsough, Kerri Frangioso, Janet Klein, Mike Swezy, Andrea Williams, Carl Sanders, Susan J. Frankel, and David M. Rizzo
Ronald W. Boldenow and Joe R. McBride