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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the sixth California oak symposium: today's challenges, tomorrow's opportunities

Author: Merenlender, Adina; McCreary, Douglas; Purcell, Kathryn L., Tech. eds.

Date: 2008

Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-217. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 677 p

Station ID: GTR-PSW-217

Description: The Sixth Oak Symposium provided a forum for current research and outstanding case studies on oak woodland science and sustainability in California. This symposium was the latest in a series of conferences on this subject held every 5 years since 1979. The proceedings from this conference series represent the most comprehensive source of scientific and management information on a wide range of subjects including oak ecology, hardwood rangeland management, oak restoration and conservation, woodland land-use change and planning. The conference was attended by academics, planners, conservation practitioners, foresters, arborists, and people just interested in oaks and oak-woodland conservation. Together we form a community of researchers and practitioners working toward maintaining and restoring California's oak woodlands. The findings reported here recognize: (1) the rich history and current interest that Native American communities have for oaks, (2) the inherent complexity of wildlife relationships with woodland resources, (3) the need for greater understanding of belowground processes, and (4) that the land conservation tools and policies evolving rapidly to protect and restore oak woodlands need to be evaluated. Although progress has been made, continued emphasis on research and extension is required to further California oak conservation.

Keywords: adaptive management, conservation policy, hardwood rangelands, regeneration, restoration, wildlife ecology

Front Matter and Contents

Opening Remarks

Session 1A—Stewardship and Land Management

Public land grazing for private land conservation? 183 KB
Sulak, Adriana; Huntsinger, Lynn; Barry, Sheila; Forero, Larry
Identifying and addressing contemporary issues in central coast oak woodlands 193 KB
Rice, Erin; Piirto, Doug; Larsen, Royce; Tietje, Bill; Cooper, Ryan; Lund, Ulric
A resurvey of oak woodland landowners: 1985, 1992, and 2004 147 KB
Huntsinger, Lynn; Johnson, Martin; Stafford, Monica; Fried, Jeremy
Long-term growth of coast live oak in three California counties— 17-Year Results 123 KB
Lawrence E. Bonner, Norman H. Pillsbury, and Richard P. Thompson

Session 2A—Range Ecology

Nutrient and sediment transport from a new vineyard within oak woodland 317 KB
Larsen, Royce; Althouse, LynneDee; Meade, Daniel; Battany, Mark
Oak woodland vegetation dynamics: a state and transition approach 152 KB
George, Melvin R.; Alonso, Maximo F.

Session 2B—Belowground Processes

Using 13C and 15N isotopes to study allocation patterns in oak seedlings 273 KB
Suz, Laura M.; Albarracín, María V.; Bledsoe, Caroline S.
Oaks belowground: mycorrhizas, truffles, and small mammals 146 KB
Frank, Jonathan; Barry, Seth; Madden, Joseph; Southworth, Darlene
Evaluation of two techniques for quantification of hyphal biomass 309 KB
Hynes, Meagan M.; Zasoski, Robert J.; Bledsoe, Caroline S.

Session 3A—Planning, Conservation, and Policy

The impact of West Nile virus on birds in California’s hardwood rangelands 127 KB
Scott, Thomas; Lee, Pey-Yi; Paggett, Kerry; Carney, Ryan; Husted, Stan; Koenig, Walter
The economic drivers behind residential conversion in the oak woodlands 75 KB
Stewart, William; Spero, James; Saving, Shawn

Session 3B—Sudden Oak Death I

Woodland structure affects intensity of infection by an exotic forest pathogen 20 KB
Rank, Nathan; Cushman, Hall; Meentemeyer, Ross
Consequences of Phytophthora ramorum infection in coast live oaks 75 KB
McPherson, Brice; Wood, David L.; Mori, Sylvia R.; Svihra, Pavel; Standiford,Richard B.; Kelly, N. Maggi
Impacts of Phytophthora ramorum canker and other agents in Sonoma County forests 197 KB
Swiecki, Tedmund J. ; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.
Susceptibility to Sudden Oak Death in California bay laurel 18 KB
Anacker, Brian; Rank, Nathan; Huberli, Daniel; Garbelotto, Matteo; Gordon, Sarah; Whitkus, Rich;Meentemeyer, Ross

Session 4A—Suddent Oak Death II

Gap dynamics in oak woodlands across a gradient of disturbance 231 KB
De Chant, Tim, Kelly, Maggi; Allen-Diaz, Barbara

Session 4B—Community Ecology

Effects of wild pigs on seedling survival in California oak woodlands 212 KB
Sweitzer, Rick A.; Van Vuren, Dirk H.
The response of native oaks from California and Israel to drought 126 KB
McCreary, Douglas; Grünzweig, José M.; Carmel, Yohay; Flather, Curtis H.
Role of hardwood in forming habitat for southern California steelhead 254 KB
Thompson, Lisa C.; Voss, Jenna L.; Larsen, Royce E.; Tietje, William D.; Cooper, Ryan A.; Moyle, Peter B.

Session 5A—Restoration and Regeneration

Regeneration of California oak woodlands 2001-2005 70 KB
Barrett, Tara; Waddell, Karen
Stump sprouting of blue oaks 19 years after harvest 111 KB
McCreary, Douglas; Tietje, Bill; Frost, Bill
Spatial synchrony and temporal patterns in acorn production of California black oaks 226 KB
Garrison, Barrett; Koenig, Walter D.; Knops Johannes M.H.
Regeneration of oaks and tanoak in Phytophthora ramorum-affected forests 137 KB
Swiecki, Tedmund J.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.
Timing of flowering and seed production in three California oaks 60 KB
Koenig, Walter D.; Knops, Johannes M.H.; Carmen, William J.
A comparative study of oak seedling physiology during summer drought 15 KB
Mahall, Bruce; Cole, Shelly; Tyler, Claudia

Session 5B—Birds

A landscape analysis of grassland birds in a valley grassland-oak woodland mosaic 255 KB
Rao, Devii; Gennet, Sasha; Hammond, Michele; Hopkinson, Peter; Bartolome, James
Use of hardwoods by birds nesting in Ponderosa pine forests 144 KB
Purcell, Kathryn L. ; Drynan, Douglas A.
Reproductive success of oak woodland birds in Sonoma and Napa counties, California 197 KB
Reynolds, Mark, Gardali; Thomas; Merrifield, Hirsch-Jacobsen, Matt Robin; Armstrong, Amon; Wood, David; Smith, Julia; Heaton, Emily; LeBuhn, Gretchen
Nest defense behaviors of native cavity-nesting birds to European starlings 310 KB
Olsen, Rodney G.; Purcell, Kathryn L.; Grubbs, David

Session 6A—Oak Ecology

Incorporating genetic information into conservation planning for California valley oak 256 KB
Sork, Victoria L.; Davis, Frank W.; Grivet, Delphine
Net Primary Production and Biomass Distribution in the Blue Oak Savanna 192 KB
Battles, John J.; Jackson, Randall D.; Shlisky, Ayn; Allen-Diaz, Barbara; Bartolome, James W.

Session 6B—Disturbance

Distribution of nonnative red foxes in East Bay oak woodlands 232 KB
Bidlack, Allison L.; Merenlender, Adina; Getz, Wayne M.
551 California oaks and fire: a review and case study 89 KB
Holmes, Katherine A.; Veblen, Kari E.; Young, Truman P.; Berry, Alison

Session 7A—Monitoring and Inventory

1930s extent of oak species in the central Sierra Nevada 1.0 MB
Thorne, James; Bjorkman, Jacquelyn; Thrasher, Sarah; Boynton, Ryan; Kelsey, Rodd; Morgan, Brian
Monitoring understory composition of blue oak woodlands on conservation easements 139 KB
Rissman, Adena R.; Reed, Sarah E.; Hughes, Chuck; Reiner, Richard
Applications of growth and survival equations for Oregon white oak in the Pacific Northwest 177 KB
Gould, Peter; Harrington, Constance A.; Marshall, David D.


Posters 239 KB


Merenlender, Adina; McCreary, Douglas; Purcell, Kathryn L., tech. eds. 2008. Proceedings of the sixth California oak symposium: today's challenges, tomorrow's opportunities. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-217. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station. 677 p.

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