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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the Redwood Region Forest Science Symposium: What Does the Future Hold?

Author: Standiford, Richard B.; Giusti, Gregory A.; Valachovic, Yana; Zielinski, William J., Furniss, Michael J., technical editors

Date: 2007

Source: PSW-GTR-194. Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; 553 p

Station ID: Gen. Tech. Rep. GTR-PSW-194


Policies and strategies that guide use and management of lands in the coastal ecoregion are dependent on objective scientific information. In recent years attention to this region has increased. Correspondingly, there has been much new information collected. Efforts such as the Caspar Creek Watershed Conference and the Scientific Basis for the Prediction of Cumulative Watershed Effects illustrate both the great interest and effort that is devoted to collecting and using scientific information to support resource and land management in this region. Each year the array of decisions that affects lands and natural resources in the redwood region carry more weight; evidence the recent interest in TMDLs, watershed assessment and fish and wildlife recovery efforts. How do we, therefore, promote the development and communication of scientific findings to inform management and policy decisions?

No single meeting or institution is capable of providing thorough coverage of current scientific findings and insights. It is the intent of the organizing committee to provide a sampling of current scientific work, to enable access to more detail and other sources of information, and to put these findings into a context where such information can be synthesized and interpreted for applications in land and resource management.

This symposium is intended to promote the dissemination of scientific evidence to managers, policymakers, other scientists and interested public, and, in turn, to inform policy decisions. Thus, the presentations will range from the discussion of recently gathered scientific knowledge to the integration of that knowledge into planning and management processes and tools. We support the many other efforts intended to achieve these and similar goals and acknowledge the need to coordinate all such efforts.

Key Words: redwood region science symposium, redwood region, redwood ecology, redwood silviculture, redwood genetics, aquatic ecology, water quality, forest policy, TMDLs (total maximum daily loads), watershed assessment, fish and wildlife recovery

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Front Matter

Opening Address

Opening Address 33 KB
Anderton, Katherine

Session 1-Water and Watersheds I

Development of a Mechanistically Based, Basin-Scale Stream Temperature Model: Applications to Cumulative Effects Modeling 289 KB
Allen, Douglas; Dietrich, William; Baker, Peter; Ligon, Frank; Orr, Bruce
Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) Applied to Watershed Assessment on California’s North Coast 1.4 MB
Walker, Rich; Keithley, Chris; Henly, Russ; Downie, Scott; Cannata, Steve

Session 2-Genetics and Regeneration

Applications of Redwood Genotyping by Using Microsatellite Markers 292 KB
Brinegar, Chris; Bruno, Dan; Kirkbride, Ryan; Glavas, Steven; Udranszky, Ingrid
Planting?—What and Where? 46 KB
Libby, W.J.
Spatial Genetic Patterns in Four Old-Growth Populations of Coast Redwood 41 KB
Rogers, Deborah L.; Westfall, Robert D.
Clonal Spread in Second Growth Stands of Coast Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens 158 KB
Douhovnikoff, Vladimir; Dodd, Richard S.

Session 3-Water and Watersheds II

A Preliminary Study of Streamside Air Temperatures Within the Coast Redwood Zone 2001 to 2003 252 KB
Nelson, Tracie; Macedo, Richard; Valentine, Bradley E.

 Session 4-Wildlife and Fisheries I

Ecology and Management of Northern Spotted Owls on Commercial Timberlands in Coastal Northern California 35 KB
Diller, Lowell; Hamm, Keith; Thompson, Joel; McDonald, Trent

Session 5-Forest Ecology

Redwood Trees, Fog Water Subsidies, and the Hydrology of Redwood Forests 16 KB
Dawson, Todd; Burgess, Stephen; Simonin, Kevin; Limm, Emily; Ambrose, Anthony
Status of Vegetation Classification in Redwood Ecosystems 71 KB
Mahony, Thomas M.; Stuart, John D.

Session 6-Wildlife and Fisheries II

Fisher (Martes pennanti) Use of a Managed Forest in Coastal Northwest California 24 KB
Thompson, Joel; Diller, Lowell; Golightly, Richard; Klug, Richard
Salmonid Communities in the South Fork of Caspar Creek, 1967 to 1969 and 1993 to 2003 374 KB
Valentine, Bradley E.; Macedo, Richard A.; Hughes, Tracie

Session 7-Silviculture

Modeling Coast Redwood Variable Retention Management Regimes 90 KB
Berrill, John-Pascal; O’Hara, Kevin
Managing Second-Growth Forests in the Redwood Region for Accelerated Development of Marbled Murrelet Nesting Habitat 24 KB
Franklin, Jerry F.; Carey, Andrew B.; Courtney, Steven P.; Marzluff, John M.; Raphael, Martin G.; Tappeiner, John C.; Thornburgh, Dale A.

Session 8-Erosion and Physical Processes I

Overview of the Ground and Its Movement in Part of Northwestern California 2.8 MB
Ellen, Stephen D.; Fuente, Juan de la; Falls, James N.; McLaughlin, Robert J.
Predicting Debris-Slide Locations in Northwestern California 622 KB
Reid, Mark E.; Ellen, Stephen D.; Brien, Dianne L.; de la Fuente, Juan; Falls, James N.; Hicks, Billie G.; Johnson, Eric C.
Decision Support for Road Decommissioning and Restoration by Using Genetic Algorithms and Dynamic Programming 421 KB
Eschenbach, Elizabeth A.; Teasley, Rebecca; Diaz, Carlos; Madej, Mary Ann
The Significance of Suspended Organic Sediments to Turbidity, Sediment Flux, and Fish-Feeding Behavior 1.3 MB
Madej, Mary Ann; Wilzbach, Margaret; Cummins, Kenneth; Ellis, Colleen; Hadden, Samantha

Session 9-Forest Policy and Modeling

Forest Certification in the Redwood Region 16 KB
Helgath, Sheila; Jani, Mike
Implementation of Uneven-Age Forest Management Under the Santa Cruz County/California Forest Practice Rules 37 KB
Piirto, Doug D.; Mark, Walter R.; Thompson, Richard P.; Yaussi, Cheryl; Wicklander, Jessica; Weaver, Jesse

Session 10-Erosion and Physical Processes II

Disease Ecology of Phytophtora ramorum in Redwood Forests in the California Coast Ranges 46 KB
Maloney, P.E.; Lynch, S.L.; Kane, S.F.; Jensen, C.E.; Rizzo, D.M.
Stand Dynamics of Coast Redwood/Tanoak Forests Following Tanoak Decline 253 KB
Waring, Kristen M.; O’Hara, Kevin L.

Poster Session

Poster Session 895 KB


Standiford, Richard B.; Giusti, Gregory A.; Valachovic, Yana; Zielinski, William J., Furniss, Michael J., technical editors. 2007. Proceedings of the redwood region forest science symposium: What does the future hold? Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-194. Albany, CA: Pacific Southwest Research Station, Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; 553 p.