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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the fifth symposium on oak woodlands: oaks in California’s changing landscape. 2001 October 22-25; San Diego, CA.

Author: Standiford, Richard B.; McCreary, Douglas; Purcell, Kathryn L.; technical coordinators

Date: 2002

Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-184. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station; 846 p

Station ID: GTR-PSW-184


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Front Matter 119 KB
Acknowledgments 28 KB
Richard B. Standiford, Douglas McCreary, and Kathryn L. Purcell

General Session

Grazing Relations

The Effect of Topography, Vegetation, and Weather on Cattle Distribution at the San Joaquin Experimental Range, California 630 KB
Norman R. Harris, Douglas E. Johnson, Melvin R.George, and Neil K. McDougald
Sediment Dynamics and Sources in a Grazed Hardwood Rangeland Watershed 276 KB
Melvin R. George, Neil K. McDougald, Kenneth W. Tate, and Royce Larsen
Change in Soil Quality Due to Grazing and Oak Tree Removal in California Blue Oak Woodlands 551 KB
Trina J. Camping, Randy A. Dahlgren, Kenneth. W. Tate, and William R. Horwath
Long-term Residual Dry Matter Mapping for Monitoring California Hardwood Rangelands 492 KB
Norman R. Harris, William E. Frost, Neil K. McDougald, Melvin R. George, and Donald L. Nielsen

Ecology—Soil Relations

Turbidity and Total Suspended Solid Concentration Dynamics in Streamflow from California Oak Woodland Watersheds 494 KB
David J. Lewis, Kenneth W. Tate, Randy A. Dahlgren, and Jacob Newell
Factors Influencing Soil-surface Bulk Density on Oak Savanna Rangeland in the Southern Sierra Nevada Foothills 256 KB
Dennis M. Dudley, Kenneth W. Tate, Neil K. McDougald, and Melvin R. George

Ecology and Conservation of Garry Oak

Biodiversity of Mycorrhizas on Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) in a Southern Oregon Savanna 697 KB
Lori. L. Valentine, Tina L. Fiedler, Stephen R. Haney, Harold K. Berninghausen, and Darlene Southworth

Damaging Factors—Regeneration

Arboreal Seed Removal and Insect Damage in Three California Oaks 401 KB
Walter D. Koenig, Johannes M. H. Knops, and William J. Carmen

Fire Relations

Effects of Fire on Naturally Occurring Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii) Saplings 294 KB
Tedmund J. Swiecki and Elizabeth Bernhardt
Effects of Wildfire on Blue Oak in the Northern Sacramento Valley 234 KB
Marc Horney, Richard B. Standiford, Douglas McCreary, Jerry Tecklin, and Roy Richards
Effects of Fire and Browsing on Regeneration of Blue Oak 232 KB
James W. Bartolome, Mitchel P. McClaran, Barbara H. Allen-Diaz, Jim Dunne, Lawrence D. Ford, Richard B. Standiford, Neil K. McDougald, and Larry C. Forero

Wildlife Relations

Purple Martins in Oak Woodlands 514 KB
Brian D. C. Williams
Cavity-nesting Bird Use of Nest Boxes in Vineyards of Central-coast California 235 KB
Daniel P. Mummert, Laura Baines, and William D. Tietje

Urban Forestry

The Influence of Treeshelters and Irrigation on Shoot and Root Growth of Three California Oak Species 324 KB
Douglas McCreary, Laurence R. Costello, Jerry Tecklin, Katherine Jones, and David Labadie

Genetic Relations

Mating Patterns in a Savanna Population of Valley Oak (Quercus labata Neé) 468 KB
Victoria L. Sork, Rank W. Davis, Rodney J. Dyer, and Peter E. Smouse

Oak Woodland Policy

When Oak Ordinances Fail: Unaddressed Issues of Oak Conservation 404 KB
Rudolph H. Light and Linda E. Pedroni
Oak Woodland Economics: A Contingent Valuation of Conversion Alternatives 457 KB
Richard P. Thompson, Jay E. Noel, and Sarah P. Cross
Working Woodlands: Public Demand, Owner Management, and Government Intervention in Conserving Mediterranean Ranches and Dehesas 887 KB
Pablo Campos-Palacin, Lynn Huntsinger, Richard Standiford, David Martin-Barroso, Pedro Mariscal-Lorente, and Paul F. Starrs

Regeneration and Restoration

Factors Limiting Recruitment in Valley and Coast Live Oak 288 KB
Claudia M. Tyler, Bruce E. Mahall, Frank W. Davis, and Michael Hall
Stump Sprouting of Blue Oaks Ten Years after Harvest 359 KB
Douglas McCreary, William D. Tietje, and William Frost
Modeling the Effectiveness of Tree Planting to Mitigate Habitat Loss in Blue Oak Woodlands 83 KB
Richard B. Standiford, Douglas McCreary, and William Frost

Oak Woodland Monitoring

Collaborative Monitoring in Walnut Creek, California 298 KB
Heidi Ballard, Ralph Kraetsch, and Lynn Huntsinger
Inventory of Oaks on California's National Forest Lands 705 KB
Thomas Gaman and Kevin Casey
Monitoring Conservation Success in a Large Oak Woodland Landscape 752 KB
Rich Reiner, Emma Underwood, and John-O Niles

General Ecology—Structure

Age Structure and Growth of California Black Oak (Quercus kelloggii) in the Central Sierra Nevada, California 509 KB
Barrett A. Garrison, Christopher D. Otahal, and Matthew L. Triggs
Coast Live Oak Long-term Thinning Study--Twelve-year Results 835 KB
Norman H. Pillsbury, Lawrence E. Bonner, and Richard P. Thompson

Sudden Oak Death

Phytophthora ramorum and Sudden Oak Death in California: I. Host Relationships 310 KB
David M. Rizzo, Matteo Garbelotto, Jennifer M. Davison, Garey W. Slaughter, and Steven T. Koike
Phytophthora ramorum and Sudden Oak Death in California: II. Transmission and Survival 265 KB
Jennifer M. Davidson, David M. Rizzo, Matteo Garbvelotto, Steven Tjosvold, and Garey W. Slaughter
Sudden Oak Death: Disease Trends in Marin County Plots After One Year 432 KB
Brice A. McPherson, David L. Wood, Andreww J. Storer, Nina Maggi Kelly, and Richard B. Standiford
Phytophthora ramorum and Sudden Oak Death in California: III. Preliminary Studies in Pathogen Genetics 262 KB
Matteo Garbelotto, David M. Rizzo, Katie Hayden, Monica Meija-Chang, Jennifer M. Davidson, and Steven Tjosvold
Population Diversity and Evidence of Introgression among the Black Oaks of California 262 KB
Richard S. Dodd, Nasser Kashani, and Zara Afzal-Rafii


Multi-scale Data to Assess and Monitor Sudden Oak Death 86 KB
Lisa M. Levien, Chris S. Fischer, Lianne C. Mahon, and Jeff A. Mai
North Coast Oak Woodland Conservation Research on a Landscape Scale 78 KB
Adina Merenlender, Colin Brooks, Jodi Hitty, Emily Heaton, Kerry Heise, and Jeff Opperman


Standiford, Richard B.; McCreary, Douglas; Purcell, Kathryn L.; technical coordinators  2002.  Proceedings of the fifth symposium on oak woodlands: oaks in California’s changing landscape. 2001 October 22-25; San Diego, CA.  Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-184. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station; 846 p.