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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the symposium on oak woodlands and hardwood rangeland management; October 31 - November 2, 1990; Davis, California

Author: Standiford, Richard B., tech. coord.

Date: 1991

Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-126. Berkeley, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station; 376 p.

Station ID: GTR-PSW-126

Description: This proceedings summarizes the research results presented at a symposium on oak woodlands and hardwood rangelands in California. Sixty-six papers are included, focused on six major topics, namely: regeneration and restoration of oaks, wildlife habitat considerations, monitoring trends, land use planning, management strategies, and ecology and management of Engelmann oak. These papers form the state of knowledge for this important ecological zone in California, and help to frame management, policy, and conservation strategies for this resource.

Key Words: oaks, oak management, range management

Front Matter and Table of Contents

Regeneration and Restoration of Hardwood Rangelands

Minimum Input Techniques for Valley Oak Restocking 1.7 MB
Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; Swiecki, Tedmund J.
Valley Oak Seedling Growth Associated with Selected Grass Species 315 KB
Danielsen, Karen C.; Halvorson, William L.
Effect of Acorn Planting Depth on Depredation, Emergence, and Survival of Valley and Blue Oak 367 KB
Tietje, William D.; Nives, Sherryl L.; Honig, Jennifer A.; Weitkamp, William H.
Oak Seedling Establishment in Relation to Environmental Factors at Annadel State Park 303 KB
Barnhart, Stephen J.; McBride, Joe R.; Warner, Peter
Evaluating Tree Protection Devices: Effects on Growth and Survival—First-Year Results 295 KB
Costello, L. R.; Schmidt, R. H.; Giusti, Gregory A.
Blue and Valley Oak Seedling Establishment on California's Hardwood Rangelands  366 KB
Adams Jr., Theodore E.; Sands, Peter B.; Weitkamp, William H.; McDougald, Neil K.
Acorn Size as a Factor in Early Seedling Growth of Blue Oaks 325 KB
Tecklin, Jerry ; McCreary, Douglas D.
Soil Water Effects on Blue Oak Seedling Establishment  287 KB
Gordon, Doria R.; Rice, Kevin J.; Welker, Jeffrey M.
Intraspecific Phenotypic Variation and Ecological Genetics of Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii  288 KB
Hook. & Am.) Rice, Kevin J.; Gordon, Doria R.; Hardison, Jeanine L.; Welker, Jeffrey M.
Factors Limiting the Establishment of a Chaparral Oak, Quercus durata Jeps., in Grassland 290 KB
Williams, Kimberlyn; Davis, Stephen D.; Gartner, Barbara L.; Karlsson, Staffan
Factors Affecting Seedling Survivorship of Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii H. & A.) in Central California 318 KB
Davis, Frank W.; Borchert, Mark; Harvey, L. E.; Michaelsen, Joel C.
Oak Tree Planting Project 686 KB
Nives, Sherryl L.; Tietje, William D.; Weitkamp, William H.

Wildlife Habitat and Relationships on Hardwood Rangelands

Wildlife-Habitat Relationships in California's Oak Woodlands: Where Do We Go From Here? 295 KB
Morrison, Michael L.; Block, William M.; Verner, Jared
Using Wildlife Species Richness to Identify Land Protection Priorities in California's Hardwood Woodlands 541 KB
Motroni, Robert S.; Airola, Daniel A.; Ma rose, Robin K.; Tosta, Nancy D.
Wildlife Diversity in Valley-Foothill Riparian Habitat: North Central vs. Central Coast California 357 KB
Tietje, William D.; Barrett, Reginald H.; Kleinfelter, Eric B.; Carré, Brett T.
Covariance Patterns Among Birds and Vegetation in a California Oak Woodland 493 KB
Wilson, Randolph A.; Manley, Patricia; Noon, Barry R.
Determinants of Acorn Productivity Among Five Species of Oaks in Central Coastal California 416 KB
Koenig, Walter D.; Carmen, William J.; Stanback, Mark T. ; Mumme Ronald L.
Seedling Establishment of Coast Live Oak in Relation to Seed Caching by Jays 274 KB
McBride, Joe R.; Norberg, Ed; Cheng, Sheauchi; Mossadegh, Ahmad
Insect and Disease Impacts on Blue Oak Acorns and Seedlings 331 KB
Swiecki, Tedmund J.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; Arnold, Richard A.
Acorn Yield During 1988 and 1989 on California's Central Coast 928 KB
Garcia, Sergio L.; Jensen, Wayne A.; Weitkamp, William H.; Tietje, William D.

Monitoring Hardwood Rangelands

Holocene Changes in the Distribution and Abundance of Oaks in California 320 KB
Byrne, Roger; Edlund, Eric; Mensing, Scott
Vegetation Change in Blue Oak Woodlands in California 292 KB
Holzman, Barbara A.; Allen-Diaz, Barbara H.
Thematic Mapper Analysis of Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii) in Central California 280 KB
Lefebvre Jr., Paul A.; Davis, Frank W.; Borchert, Mark
Monitoring Insect and Disease Impacts on Rangeland Oaks in California 312 KB
Swiecki, Tedmund J.; Bernhardt, Elizabeth A.; Arnold Richard A.
Inventory of Commercial Hardwoods in the High Sierra 331 KB
Pillsbury, Norman H.; McCaskill George L.
Hydrologic Impacts of Oak Harvesting and Evaluation of the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation 309 KB
Epifanio, Charlette R.; Singer, Michael J.; Huang, Xiaohong
Genetic Variation Sampled in Three California Oaks 177 KB
Riggs, Lawrence A.; Millar, Constance I.; Delany, Diane L.

Land Use Planning

Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Hardwood Resources 1.6 MB
Doak, Sam C.; Johnson, Sharon; Myers, Marlyce
224 KB
The Legal Environment for Hardwood Lands in California
 Doak, Sam; Green, Kass; Fairfax, Sally K.; Johnson, Sharon G.
Oak Sustainability: A Challenge Through Public Education and Outreach Programs 210 KB
Giusti, Gregory A.; Schmidt, Robert H.; Churches, Kenneth R.
A Mitigation Process for Impacts of the All American Pipeline on Oak Woodlands in Santa Barbara County 280 KB
Reyes-French, Germaine; Cohen, Timothy J.
Oaks and Environmental Education 1.2 MB
Antunez de Mayolo, Kay

Management of Hardwood Rangelands

A Dynamic Model of California's Hardwood Rangelands 1.7 MB
Standiford, Richard B.; Howitt, Richard E.
California Hardwood Rangeland Use and Productivity Changes, and the Economics of Regional Livestock Production 285 KB
Horner, Gerald L.; Cothern, James H.
A Comparison of Management Strategies in the Oak Woodlands of Spain and California 1.7 MB
Huntsinger, Lynn; Bartolome, James W.; Starrs, Paul F.
Blue Oak Canopy Effect on Seasonal Forage Production and Quality 326 KB
Frost, William E.; McDougald, Neil K.; Demment, Montague W.
The Effect of Season and Stock Density on Blue Oak Establishment 259 KB
Hall, Lillian M.; George, Melvin R.; Adams, Theodore E.; Sands, Peter B.; McCreary, Douglas D.
Fire Effects in Blue Oak Woodland 272 KB
Haggerty, Patricia K.
Rangeland and Oak Relationships 309 KB
McCleery, Dick R.

Engelmann Oak-Ecology and Management

Size Class Distribution of Quercus engelmannii (Engelmann Oak) on the Santa Rosa Plateau, Riverside County, California 2.0 MB
Lathrop, Earl W.; Osborne, Chris; Rochester, Anna; Yeung, Kevin; Soret, Samuel; Hopper, Rochelle


Standiford, Richard B., tech. coord.  1991.  Proceedings of the symposium on oak woodlands and hardwood rangeland management; October 31 - November 2, 1990; Davis, California  Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-126. Berkeley, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station; 376 p.

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