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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the California Riparian Systems Conference: protection, management, and restoration for the 1990s; 1988 September 22-24; Davis, CA.

Author: Abell, Dana L., Technical Coordinator

Date: 1989

Source: Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-110. Berkeley, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station; 544 p.

Station ID: GTR-PSW-110

Description: The nearly 100 papers in these proceedings are aimed at a diverse audience of resource managers, environmental consultants, researchers, landowners, environmental activists, and a variety of user groups. Some of the papers explain how streams interact with the plants and animals at their margins and with the land that they occupy to accomplish a range of important functions, including protecting the banks from erosion, reducing the impacts of flooding, providing wildlife habitat, protecting instream habitat for fishes, producing forage for livestock, and enhancing human lives. Biological diversity in western lands is often directly related to these corridors, which also serve as major routes for migratory birds. Special attention is given to the several threatened and endangered species which need riparian habitats and to the response of riparian systems to such disturbances as fire, logging, landslides and diversion for power or water supply. A concluding section deals with measures being taken to preserve and restore riparian lands, particularly along large rivers and in the cities. Special attention is given in some of these papers to revegetation techniques.

Key Words: riparian habitat, riparian systems, biological diversity, revegetation, stream diversion, threatened and endangered species, range management

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Front Matter and Table of Contents

Front Matter 225 KB

Session A: Channel Dynamics and Riparian Systems

Introduction 94 KB
Watson, Chuck ; Abell, Dana L.
Influence of Valley Floor Landforms on Stream Ecosystems 160 KB
Gregory, Stanley V.; Lamberti, Gary A.; Moore, Kelly M. S.
Influence of Channel Geomorphology on Retention of Dissolved and Particulate Matter in a Cascade Mountain Stream 190 KB
Lamberti, Gary A.; Gregory, Stan V.; Ashkenas, Linda R.; Wildman, Randall C.; Steinman, Alan G.
A New Approach to Flood Protection Design and Riparian Management 1.2 MB
Williams, Philip B.; Swanson, Mitchell L.
Effects of Bank Revetment on Sacramento River, California 152 KB
Harvey, Michael D.; Watson, Chester C.

Session B: Central Valley Riparian Forests

Introduction 47 KB
Lang, F. Jordan ; Abell, Dana L.
Middle Sacramento River Refuge: A Feasibility Study 217 KB
Houghten, Charles J. ; Michny, Frank J.
Developing Management Plans for California Riparian Systems 131 KB
Josselyn, Michael; Martindale, Molly; Kopec, Dianne; Duffield, Joan

Session C: Rangeland and Desert Riparian Systems

Introduction 97 KB
Willoughby, John W.
Rangeland Riparian Systems 150 KB
Elmore, Wayne
The Fallacy of Structures and the Fortitude of Vegetation 173 KB
Wayne Elmore ; Robert L. Beschta
Clark Canyon (Mono County) Riparian Demonstration Area 2.8 MB
Key, John W. ; Gish, Mark A.
Southwestern Woody Riparian Vegetation and Succession: An Evolutionary Approach 158 KB
Johnson, R. Roy; Bennett, Peter S.; Haight, Lois
Relative Nature of Wetlands: Riparian and Vegetational Considerations 96 KB
Bennett, Peter S.; Kunzmann, Michael R.; R. Johnson, Roy
Coyote Creek (San Diego County) Management and Restoration at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park 135 KB
Van Cleve, David H.; Comrack, Lyann A.; Wier Harold A.

Session D: Riparian Systems and Forest Management

Introduction 128 KB
McGurk, Bruce J.

Session E: Coastal Streams-Ecology and Recovery

Introduction 64 KB
Cummings, Earle W.
Alluvial Scrub Vegetation in Coastal Southern California 243 KB
Hanes, Ted L.; Friesen, Richard D.; Keane, Kathy
Recovery of the Chaparral Riparian Zone After Wildfire 264 KB
Davis, Frank W.; Keller, Edward A.; Parikh, Anuja; Florsheim, Joan
Techniques for Minimizing and Monitoring the Impact of Pipeline Construction on Coastal Streams 238 KB
Mulroy, Thomas W.; Storrer, John R.; Semonsen, Vincent J.; Dungan, Michael L.

Session F: Wildlife I-Managing for Selected Species

Introduction 64 KB
Moyle, Peter B.
Habitat and Populations of the Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle Along the Sacramento River 196 KB
Lang, F. Jordan; Jokerst, James D.; Sutter, Gregory E.
Practical Techniques for Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle Mitigation 894 KB
Sutter, Greg; Singleton, Jeurel; King, Jim; Fisher, Ann
Population Trends and Management of the Bank Swallow (Riparia riparia) on the Sacramento River, California 155 KB
Garrison, Barrett A.; Schlorff, Ronald W.; Humphrey, Joan M.; Laymon, Stephen A.; Michny, Frank J.
Use of Non-Riparian Habitats by Least Bell's Vireos 195 KB
Kus, Barbara E.; Miner, Karen L.

Session G: Wildlife II-Managing Wildlife Assosciations within Riparian Systems

Introduction 64 KB
Jo Anne Sorenson
Wildlife Monitoring of a Riparian Mitigation Site 217 KB
Rigney, Michael; Mewaldt, L. Richard; Wolf, Blair O.; Duke, Ronald R.
Bird Use of Natural and Recently Revegetated Cottonwood-Willow Habitats on the Kern River 255 KB
Hunter, William C.; Anderson, Bertin W.; Tollefson, Reed E.
The Upper Santa Ynez River as Habitat for a Diverse Riparian Flora and Fauna 550 KB
Gray, M. Violet; Greaves, James M.; Olson, Thomas E.

Session H: Effects of Stream Diversions on California Riparian Systems

Introduction 64 KB
Risser, Roland J.; Fox, Carl A.
Hydrology of Bishop Creek, California: An Isotopic Analysis 152 KB
Space, Michael L.; Hess, John W.; Smith, Stanley D.
Water Relations of Obligate Riparian Plants as a Function of Streamflow Diversion on the Bishop Creek Watershed 199 KB
Smith, Stanley D.; Nachlinger, Janet L.; Wellington, A. Bruce; Fox, Carl A.
Riparian Plant Water Relations Along the North Fork Kings River, California 195 KB
Nachlinger, Janet L.; Smith, Stanley D.; Risser, Roland J.
A Riparian Vegetation Ecophysiological Response Model 186 KB
Leighton, Jeffrey P.; Risser, Roland J.
Water Relations of White Alder 179 KB
Dains, Virginia I.
Riparian Vegetation Base-line Analysis and Monitoring Along Bishop Creek, California 175 KB
Nachlinger, Janet L.; Fox, Carl A.; Moen, Patricia A.

Session I: Implementing Revegation Projects

Introduction 67 KB
Stanley, John T.
Juniper for Streambank Stabilization in Eastern Oregon 492 KB
Sheeter, Guy R.; Claire, Errol W.
Coyote Creek (Santa Clara County) Pilot Revegetation Project 1.9 MB
Stanley, John T.; Silva, L. R.; Appleton, H. C.; Marangio, M. S.; Lapaz, W. J.; Goldner, B. H.
Creating Habitat for the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americana) 150 KB
Anderson, Bertin W.; Laymon, Stephen A.

Session J: Urban Streams

Introduction 65 KB
Riley, A. L.

Session K: Coordinating Interest Groups

Introduction 94 KB
Abell, Dana L.
Riparian Protection Rules for Oregon Forests 177 KB
Ice, George G.; Beschta, Robert L.; Craig, Raymond S.; Sedell, James R.


Abell, Dana L., Technical Coordinator  1989.  Proceedings of the California Riparian Systems Conference: protection, management, and restoration for the 1990s; 1988 September 22-24; Davis, CA.  Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-110. Berkeley, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station; 544 p.