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General Technical Report

Title: Proceedings of the symposium on dynamics and management of Mediterranean-type ecosystems, June 22-26

Author: Conrad, C. Eugene; Oechel, Walter C.

Date: 1982

Source: USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-058, 637 p.

Station ID: GTR-PSW-058

Description: The symposium, held at San Diego State University, provided information about the Mediterranean-type ecosystems found throughout the world. In the papers, and in brief summaries of poster displays, both researchers and managers addressed concerns relating to vegetation, fauna, soils, hydrology, fire, and planning. A Review and Follow-up section presents general comments of selected participants.

Key Words: Mediterranean climate, chaparral, plant succession, wildlife, soils, hydrology, fire management, biomass 

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Front Matter and Table of Contents

Front Matter (175 KB)

Part 1: Perspectives

Symposium Perspectives for Managers and Scientists

Part 2: Vegetation

Vegetation Classification and Plant Community Stability

Vegetation Classification—California 90 KB
Paysen, Timothy E.
Chaparral Succession 110 KB
Vogl, Richard J.
Coastal Sage Scrub Succession 178 KB
Westman, Walter E.

Utilization of Biomass in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems

Maquis for Biomass 78 KB
Margaris, N. S.
Hardwood Biomass Inventories in California 148 KB
Pillsbury, Norman H. ; Kirkley, Michael L.
Screening Prosopis (Mesquite or Algarrobo) for Biofuel Production on Semiarid Lands 122 KB
Felker, Peter; Clark, Peter R.; Cannell, G. H.; Osborn, Joseph F.

Part 3: Fauna

Fauna Research and Management Considerations in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems

Small Mammals, Habitat Components, and Fire in Southeastern Australia 135 KB
P. C. Catling, A. E. Newsome, and G. Dudzinski
Seasonal Changes in Chaparral Composition and Intake by Spanish Goats 189 KB
Ahmed E. Sidahmed, James G. Morris, Steven Radosevich, and Ling J. Koong

Part 5: Hydrology

Hydrologic Research and Management Considerations of Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems

Role of Fungi in Postfire Stabilization of Chaparral Ash Beds 55 KB
Dunn, Paul H.; Wells II, Wade G.; Dickey, Juliana; Wohlgemuth, Peter M.
Water Yield Changes Resulting From Treatment of Arizona Chaparral 405 KB
Hibbert, A. R.; Davis, E. A.; Knipe, O. D.
Effects of Vegetation Change on Shallow Land-sliding: Santa Cruz Island, California 169 KB
Brumbaugh, Robert W.; Renwick, William H.; Loeher, Larry L.
Estimating Hydrologic Values for Planning Wildland Fire Protection 94 KB
Anderson, Henry W. ; Phillips, Clinton B.
Fire-Loosened Sediment Menaces the City 31 KB
Bruington, Arthur E.

Fire Behavior and Fire Management Activities in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems

The Use of Fire in Silviculture 200 KB
Delabraze, Pierre; Valette, Jean Ch.
Predicting Fire Behavior in U.S. Mediterranean Ecosystems 108 KB
Albini, Frank A. ; Anderson, Earl B.
Fire Management in Southern California 69 KB
Rogers, Michael J.

Part 8: Review

Review Discussion, Interaction of Research and Management

Review Comments 28 KB
Philpot, Charles W.
Review Comments 17 KB
Vogl, Richard
Review Comments 40 KB
Specht, R. L.
Review Comments 21 KB
Biswell, Harold J.
Review Comments 24 KB
Fuentes, E. R.
Review Comments 25 KB
Bleich, Vernon C.
Review Comments 27 KB
Agozino, Joseph R.
Review Comments 24 KB
Newell, Leonard A.
Review Comments 24 KB
Chandler, Robert
Laguna-Morena Demonstration Area: A Multiagency Chaparral Management Project 103 KB
White, Thomas C.; Larsen, Gary L. ; Bergstrom, Kim K.

Part 9: Poster Papers


Conrad, C. Eugene; Oechel, Walter C.  1982.  Proceedings of the symposium on dynamics and management of Mediterranean-type ecosystems, June 22-26  USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-058, 637 p.