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General Technical Report

Title: Simulating forest pictures by impact printers

Author: Amidon, Elliot L.; Dye, E. Joyce

Date: 1978

Source: USDA Forest Service General Technical Report PSW-025, 11 p.

Station ID: GTR-PSW-025

Description: Two mechanical devices that are mainly used to print computer output in text form can simulate pictures of terrain and forests. The line printer, which is available for batch processing at many computer installations, can approximate halftones by using overstruck characters to produce successively larger “dots.” The printer/plotter, which is normally used as an interactive terminal, permits fine adjustment of the space between characters in the plot mode. This control over blank space improves tonal appearance and permits solid black. The two types of printers have complementary uses. The line printer is best for high volumes of data, while the slower printer/plotter offers a greater range of densities.

Key Words: Mapping systems, computer simulation, pattern recognition, impact printers, grey scale

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Amidon, Elliot L.; Dye, E. Joyce   1978.  Simulating forest pictures by impact printers  General Technical Report PSW-025. Berkeley, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. 11 p.