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Proceedings of the Symposium on the
Ecology and Management of
Dead Wood in Western Forests

William F. Laudenslayer, Jr., Patrick J. Shea,
Bradley E. Valentine, C. Phillip Weatherspoon,
and Thomas E. Lisle Technical Coordinators


Table of Contents 156 K

Preface and Acknowledgements 136 K

Publication Information 264 K

Importance of Dead and Downed Wood

Dead Wood: From Forester's Bane to Environmental Boon 172 K
Jack Ward Thomas

Decaying Wood: An Overview of Its Status and Ecology in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe 172 K
Jill Butler, Keith Alexander, and Ted Green

Importance to Aquatic Systems

Dead Dynamics in Stream Ecosystems 3.7 MB
Robert J. Naiman, Estelle V. Ballan, Krista K. Bartz, Robert E. Bilby, and Joshua J. Latterell

Effects of Wildfire on In-Channel Woody Debris in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, California 2.4 MB
Neil H. Berg, David Azuma, and Ann Carlson

Influence of Bank Afforestation and Snag Angle-of-fall on Riparian Large Woody Debris Recruitment 152 K
Don C. Bragg and Jeffrey L. Kershner

Modeling the Delivery of Large Wood to Streams with Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Data 512 K
William Cody Fleece

How Much Dead Wood in Stream Channels is Enough? 444 K
Thomas E. Lisle

Importance to Invertebrates

An Investigation of the Insect Fauna Associated with Coarse Woody Debris of Pinus ponderosa and Abies concolor in Northeastern California  228 K
Ethan Koenigs, Patrick J. Shea, Robert Borys, and Michael L. Haverty

A Preliminary Study of Ant Diversity and of Ant Dependence on Dead Wood in Central Interior British Columbia  192 K
B. Staffan Lindgren and A. M. MacIsaac

Effects of Ecosystem Restoration Treatments on Cavity-nesting Birds, Their Habitat, and Their Insectivorous Prey in Fire-maintained-Forests of Southeastern British Columbia  228 K
Marlene Machmer

The Role of Coarse Woody Debris in Southeastern Pine Forests: Preliminary Results from a Large-scale Experiment  220 K
Timothy S. McCay, James L. Hanula, Susan C. Loeb, Steven M. Lohr, James W. McMinn, and Brett D. Wright-Miley

Girdled versus Bark Beetle-created Ponderosa Pine Snags: Utilization by Cavity-dependent Species and Differences in Decay Rate and Insect Diversity  180 K
Patrick J. Shea, William F. Laudenslayer, Jr., George Ferrell, and Robert Borys

The Role of Disturbance in Creating Dead Wood: Insect Defoliation and Tree Mortality in Northeastern Oregon  324 K
Andrew Youngblood and Boyd E. Wickman

Importance to Vertebrates

The Value of Coarse Woody Debris to Vertebrates in the Pacific Northwest  168 K
Evelyn L. Bull

Are There Snags in the System? Comparing Cavity Use among Nesting Birds in "Snag-rich" and "Snag-poor" Eastside Pine Forests  216 K
Steve Zack, T. Luke George, and William F. Laudenslayer, Jr.

Distribution Patterns of Birds Associated with Snags in Natural and Managed Eastern Boreal Forests  252 K
Pierre Drapeau, Antoine Nappi, Jean François Giroux, Alain Leduc, and Jean-Pierre Savard

Habitat Preferences of Primary Cavity Excavators in Washington's East Cascades  984 K
Kenneth R. Bevis and Sandra K. Martin

Cavity-nesting Bird Use of Snags in Eastside Pine Forests of Northeastern California  228 K
William F. Laudenslayer, Jr.

Woodpecker Foraging and the Successional Decay of Ponderosa Pine  252 K
Kerry L. Farris, Edward O. Garton, Patricia J. Heglund, Steve Zack, and Patrick J. Shea

Forest Age and Relative Abundance of Pileated Woodpeckers on Southeastern Vancouver Island  232 K
Carol L. Hartwig, Donald S. Eastman, and Alton S. Harestad

The Pileated Woodpecker as a Keystone Habitat Modifier in the Pacific Northwest  260 K
Keith B. Aubry and Catherine M. Raley

Characteristics and Dynamics of Cavity Nest Trees in Southern British Columbia  228 K
Christoph Steeger and Jakob A. Dulisse

How Dead Trees Sustain Live Organisms in Western Forests 324 K
Fred L. Bunnell, Isabelle Houde, Barb Johnston, and Elke Wind

Summer and Fall Use of Logging Residue Piles by Female Short-tailed Weasels  260 K
Kimberly A. Lisgo, Fred L. Bunnell, and Alton S. Harestad

Dead Wood and the Richness of Small Terrestrial Vertebrates in Southwestern Oregon  248 K
Chris C. Maguire

Stag Retention and Use by Arboreal Marsupials in Eucalypt Forests in Southeast Queensland, Australia: Implications for Management  196 K
Damien Moloney, Kevin Wormington, and Stephen DeStefano

Importance to Soils and Other Forest Resources

Fire as a Coarse Filter for Snags and Logs 508 K
James K. Agee

Assemblages of Vascular Plants on Logs and Stumps within 28-year-old Aspen-dominated Boreal Forests  300 K
Philip Lee and Kelly Sturgess

The Nutritional Significance of Coarse Woody Debris in Three Rocky Mountain Coniferous Forests  272 K
Cindy E. Prescott and Raija Laiho

The Effects of Microsite (Logs versus Ground Surface) on the Presence of Forest Floor Biota in a Second-growth Hardwood Forest  188 K
Charlotte Pyle and Michelle M. Brown

Demographics and Dynamics of Dead Wood

Overview of Agents and Patterns of Mortality and Resulting Coarse Woody Debris Recruitment in Western Forests  620 K
Brytten E. Steed and Michael R. Wagner

Comparing Deterioration and Ecosystem Function of Decay-resistant and Decay-susceptible Species of Dead Trees  744 K
Paul E. Hennon, Michael H. McClellan, and Patricia Palkovic

Influence of Fire on the Dynamics of Dead Woody Material in Forests of California and Southwestern Oregon  224 K
Carl N. Skinner

Demographics and Dynamics in Coastal Mesic Forests

Simulation of Stream Wood Source Distance for Small Streams in the Western Cascades, Oregon  244 K
Mark A. Meleason, Stanley V. Gregory, and John Bolte

Standing Dead Tree Dynamics Extracted from Growth and Yield Permanent Sample Plots in British Columbia  200 K
Jeff Stone, John Parminter, and Joe Braz

Dead Wood and Fire Relationships in Southwestern Oregon Western Hemlock Forests  168 K
Diane E. White, Thomas Atzet, Patricia A. Martinez, and Lisa A. McCrimmon

The Number and Composition of Snags in the Pine-Spruce Stands of the Bialowieza National Park, Poland  160 K
Wieslaw Walankiewicz

Demographics and Dynamics in the Cascades Forests

A Coarse Wood Dynamics Model for the Western Cascades 244 K
Kim Mellen and Alan Ager

Snag Recruitment in Subalpine Forests of the North Cascades, Washington State  176 K
Paul T. Flanagan, Penelope Morgan, and Richard L. Everett

DecAID: A Decaying Wood Advisory Model for Oregon and Washington  272 K
Kim Mellen, Bruce G. Marcot, Janet L. Ohmann, Karen L. Waddell, Elizabeth A. Willhite, Bruce B. Hostetler, Susan A. Livingston, and Cay Ogden

Regional Patterns of Dead Wood in Forested Habitats of Oregon and Washington  996 K
Janet L. Ohmann and Karen L. Waddell

The DecAID Advisory Model: Wildlife Component 1.4 MB
Bruce G. Marcot, Kim Mellen, Susan A. Livingston, and Cay Ogden

Demographics and Dynamics in Sierra Nevada Forests

Dead Branches and Other Wildlife Resources on California Black Oak (Quercus kelloggii)  296 K
Barrett A. Garrison, Robin L. Wachs, Terry A. Giles, and Matthew L. Triggs

Demography of Snags in Eastside Pine Forests of California 228 K
F. Michael Landram, William F. Laudenslayer, Jr., Thomas Atzet

Assessing the Effect of Fire Regime on Coarse Woody Debris 248 K
Pamela Wright, Mark Harmon, and Fred Swanson

Demographics and Dynamics in Rocky Mountain Forests

Mortality as a Source of Coarse Woody Debris in Managed Stands  2.3 MB
Carl E. Fiedler and Todd A. Morgan

Snags and Down Wood in the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project  316 K
Jerome J. Korol, Miles A. Hemstrom, Wendel J. Hann, and Rebecca A. Gravenmier

Assessment of the Line Transect Method: An Examination of the Spatial Patterns of Down and Standing Dead Wood  284 K
Duncan C. Lutes

Management of Dead Wood

Forest Management and the Dead Wood Resource in Ponderosa Pine Forests: Effects on Small Mammal  256 K
Carol L. Chambers

Dying and Dead Hardwoods: Their Implications to Management 4.5 MB
Fred L. Bunnell, Elke Wind, and Ralph Wells

Diameters and Heights of Trees with Cavities: Their Implications to Management  1.6 MB
Fred L. Bunnell, Elke Wind, Mark Boyland, and Isabelle Houde

How Should We Spatially Distribute Dying and Dead Wood? 248 K
Fred L. Bunnell, Mark Boyland, and Elke Wind

Evaluating the Effects of Partial Cutting on Wildlife Trees and Coarse Woody Debris  332 K
Susan K. Stevenson and Dagmar G. Keisker

Created Snag Monitoring on the Willamette National Forest 204 K
Pat Boleyn, Eric Wold, and Ken Byford

The Efficacy of Inoculating Fungi into Conifer Trees to Promote Cavity Excavation by Woodpeckers in Managed Forests in Western Washington  416 K
Martin J. Huss, James C. Bednarz, David M. Juliano, and Daniel E. Varland

Characteristics of Log Resources in Northeastern Oregon: Case Studies of Four Management Treatments  228 K
Torolf R. Torgerse

Samping Methods for Snags and Large Trees Important to Wildlife 124 K
Lisa J. Bate, Edward O. Garton, and Michael J. Wisdom

Accuracy and Efficiency of Methods to Sample Logs for Wildlife Research and Management  156 K
Lisa J. Bate, Torolf R. Torgersen, Edward O. Garton, and Michael J. Wisdom

Effects of Prescribed Fire in Ponderosa Pine on Key Wildlife Habitat Components: Preliminary Results and a Method for Monitoring  252 K
Tammy Randall-Parker and Richard Miller

Selection of Fire-created Snags at Two Spatial Scales by Cavity-nesting Birds  288 K
Victoria Saab, Ree Brannon, Jonathan Dudley, Larry Donohoo, Dave Vanderzanden, Vicky Johnson, and Henry Lachowski

Dead Tree Management in British Columbia 196 K
Jeff Stone, John Parminter, Andr¯ Arsenault, Todd Manning, Nancy Densmore, Gerry Davis, and Andy MacKinnon

British Columbia's Dangerous Tree Assessment Process 384 K
Todd Manning, Peter Bradford, Cary White, David Rowe, Nancy Densmore, and Stewart Guy

Managing Coarse Woody Debris in British Columbia's Forests: A Cultural Shift for Professional Foresters?  168 K
André Arsenault

Water, Wildlife, Recreation, Timber… Coarse Woody Debris? 92 K
John R. Mount

Creating and Maintaining Wildlife, Insect, and Fish Habitat Structures in Dead Wood  188 K
Timothy K. Brown

Perspectives and Approaches to Management

An Ecological Functional Basis for Managing Dead Wood Decay Elements for Wildlife  792 K
Bruce G. Marco

A Case Study of Habitat Conservation Plans and the Protection of Snags and Coarse Woody Debris on Industrial Forest Lands  396 K
Lorin L. Hicks and Henning C. Stabins

Management of Dead Wood: Perspectives of a State Forestry Agency  140 K
Christopher P. Rowney

Moving Towards a New Paradigm for Woody Detritus Management  280 K
Mark E. Harmon

Symposium Synthesis

Dead Wood Management Issues and Opportunities: Future Directions 96 K
Ann M. Bartuska