Proceedings of the Conference on Coastal Watersheds:
The Caspar Creek Story

Robert R. Ziemer, Technical Coordinator


Preface HTML PDF 385 K

Robert R. Ziemer

01 Overview of the Caspar Creek Watershed Study HTML PDF 143 K
Norm Henry

02 Why Caspar Creek-Then and Now HTML PDF 143 K
Raymond M. Rice

03 Flooding and Stormflows HTML PDF 330 K
Robert R. Ziemer

04 Subsurface Drainage Processes and Management Impacts HTML PDF 550 K
Elizabeth T. Keppeler and David Brown

05 The Summer Flow and Water Yield Response to Timber Harvest HTML PDF 187 K
Elizabeth T. Keppeler

06 Effects of Forest Harvest on Stream-Water Quality and Nitrogen Cycling in the Caspar Creek Watershed HTML PDF 187 K
Randy A. Dahlgren

07 Evaluating the Impacts of Logging Activities on Erosion and Suspended Sediment Transport in the Caspar Creek Watersheds HTML PDF 297 K
Jack Lewis

08 Buffering the Buffer HTML PDF 176 K
Leslie M. Reid and Sue Hilton

09 Effects of Recent Logging on the Main Channel of North Fork Caspar Creek HTML PDF 165 K
Thomas E. Lisle and Michael B. Napolitano

10 Effects of Timber Harvest on Aquatic Vertebrates and Habitat in the North Fork Caspar Creek HTML PDF 165 K
Rodney J. Nakamoto

11 Persistence of Historical Logging Impacts on Channel Form in Mainstem North Fork Caspar Creek HTML PDF 88 K
Michael B. Napolitano

12 Logging Impacts of the 1970's vs. the 1990's in the Caspar Creek Watershed HTML PDF 198 K
Peter H. Cafferata and Thomas E. Spittler

13 Cumulative Watershed Effects: Caspar Creek and Beyond HTML PDF 132 K
Leslie M. Reid

14 Monitoring Watersheds and Streams HTML PDF 121 K
Robert R. Ziemer

15 Where Do We Go from Here? HTML PDF 44 K
Raymond M. Rice

16 Publications Related to Caspar Creek HTML PDF 132 K
Ingrid Morken and Robert R. Ziemer

Cover, and Publication Information PDF 264 K

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