Evaluating Ozone Air Pollution Effects on Pines in the Western United States

Paul R. Miller  Kenneth W. Stolte  Daniel M. Duriscoe  John Pronos
Technical Coordinators


In Brief, Preface, Acknowledgments

Extent of Ozone Injury to Trees in the Western United States
Paul Miller

Government Agencies' Need for Data on Ozone Injury to Western Pines
Brent Takemoto, Trent Procter

Symptomology of Ozone Injury to Pine Foliage
Kenneth Stolte

History of Ozone Injury Monitoring Methods and the Development of a Recommended Protocol
Daniel Duriscoe, Kenneth Stolte, John Pronos

Statistical Considerations for Plot Design, Sampling Procedures, Analysis, and Quality Assurance of Ozone Injury Studies
Michael Arbaugh, Larry Bednar

Establishment of Monitoring Plots and Evaluation of Trees Injured by Ozone
Daniel Duriscoe, Kenneth Stolte, John Pronos

Data Management and Analysis of Ozone Injury to Pines
Susan Schilling, Dan Duriscoe

Quality Assurance, Training, and Certification in Ozone Air Pollution Studies
Susan Schilling, Paul Miller, Brent Takemoto



Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

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