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Ecology and Conservation of the
Marbled Murrelet

C. John Ralph, George L. Hunt, Jr., Martin G. Raphael, and John F. Piatt

Technical Editors


Preface 13k

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1.
Ecology and Conservation of the Marbled Murrelet in North America: An Overview 189k
C. John Ralph, George L. Hunt, Jr., Martin G. Raphael, and John F. Piatt

Chapter 2.
The Asian Race of the Marbled Murrelet 290k
Nikolai B. Konyukhov and Alexander S. Kitaysky

Part II: Nesting Ecology, Biology, and Behavior

Chapter 3.
Comparative Reproductive Ecology of the Auks (Family Alcidae) 221k
Toni L. DeSanto and S. Kim Nelson

Chapter 4.
Nesting Chronology of the Marbled Murrelet 184k
Thomas E. Hamer and S. Kim Nelson

Chapter 5.
Nesting Biology and Behavior of the Marbled Murrelet 90k
S. Kim Nelson and Thomas E. Hamer

Chapter 6.
Characteristics of Marbled Murrelet Nest Trees and Nesting Stands 326k
Thomas E. Hamer and S. Kim Nelson

Chapter 7.
Breeding and Natal Dispersal, Nest Habitat Loss and Implications for Marbled Murrelet Populations 50k
George J. Divoky and Michael Horton

Chapter 8.
Nest Success and the Effects of Predation on Marbled Murrelets 64k
S. Kim Nelson and Thomas E. Hamer

Chapter 9.
Molts and Plumages in the Annual Cycle of the Marbled Murrelet 764k
Harry R. Carter and Janet L. Stein

Part III: Terrestrial Environment

Section 1. Inland Patterns of Activity

Chapter 10.
Marbled Murrelet Inland Patterns of Activity: Defining Detections and Behavior 46k
Peter W.C. Paton

Chapter 11.
Patterns of Seasonal Variation of Activity of Marbled Murrelets in Forested Stands 850k
Brian P. O'Donnell, Nancy L. Naslund, and C. John Ralph

Chapter 12.
Daily Patterns of Marbled Murrelet Activity at Inland Sites 267k
Nancy L. Naslund and Brian P. O'Donnell

Chapter 13.
Interannual Differences in Detections of Marbled Murrelets in Some Inland California Stands 40k
C. John Ralph

Chapter 14.
A Review of the Effects of Station Placement and Observer Bias in Detections of Marbled Murrelets in Forest Stands 72k
Brian P. O'Donnell

Section 2. Inland Inland Habitat Use and Requirements

Chapter 15.
Inland Habitat Suitability for the Marbled Murrelet in Southcentral Alaska 217k
Katherine J. Kuletz, Dennis K Marks, Nancy L. Naslund, Nike J. Goodson, and Mary B. Cody

Chapter 16.
Inland Habitat Associations of Marbled Murelet in British Columbia 507k
Alan E. Burger

Chapter 17.
Inland Habitat Associations of marbled Murrelets in Western Washington 238k
Thomas E. Hamer

Chapter 18.
A Landscape-Level Analysis of Marbled Murrelet Habitat in Western Washington 454k
Martin G. Raphael, John A. Young, and Beth M. Galleher

Chapter 19.
Marbled Murrelet Habitat Associations in Oregon 76k
Jeffrey J. Grenier and S. Kim Nelson

Chapter 20.
Relationship of Marbled Murrelets with Habitat Characteristics 594k
Sherri L. Miller and C. John Ralph

Part IV: The Marine Environment

Section 1. Marine Setting

Chapter 21.
Oceanigraphic Processes and Marine Productivity in Waters Offshore of Marbled Murrelet Breeding Habitat 299k
George L. Hunt, Jr.

Section 2. Foraging Biology

Chapter 22.
Marbled Murrelet Food Habits and Prey Ecology 123k
Esther E. Burkett

Chapter 23.
Marbled Murrelet At-Sea and Foraging Behavior 137k
Gary Strachan, Michael McAllister, and C. John Ralph

Chapter 24.
Monospecific and Mixed Species Foraging Associations of Marbled Murrelets 39k
George L. Hunt, Jr.

Chapter 25.
Pollution and Fishing Threats to Marbled Murrelets 93k
D. Michael Fry

Chapter 26.
Mortality of Marbled Murrelets Due to Oil Pollution in North America 303k
Harry R. Carter and Katherine J. Kuletz

Chapter 27.
Mortality of Marbled Murrelets in Gill Nets in North America 1,220k
Harry R. Carter, Michael L.C. McAllister, and M.E. "Pete" Isleib

Section 3. Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Use in the Marine Environment

Chapter 28.
Abundance, Distribution, and Population Status of Marbled Murrelets in Alaska 1,603k
John F. Piatt and Nancy L. Naslund

Chapter 29.
Marine Distribution, Abundance, and Habitats of Marbled Murrelets in British Columbia 935k
Alan E. Burger

Chapter 30.
Marbled Murrelet Populations of Washington -- Marine Habitat Preferences and Variability of Occurence 701k
Steven M. Speich and Terrence R. Wahl

Chapter 31.
Abundance and Distribution of Marbled Murrelets in Oregon and Washington Based on Aerial Surveys 68k
Daniel H. Varoujean II and Wendy A Williams

Chapter 32.
Distribuation and Population Estimates of Marbled Murrelets at Sea in Oregon During the Summers of 1992 and 1993 457k
Craig S. Strong, Bradford S. Keitt, William R. McIver, Clifford J. Palmer, and Ian Gaffney

Chapter 33.
Offshore Population Estimates of Marbled Murrelets in California  236k
C. John Ralph and Sherri Miller

Chapter 34.
Offshore Occurrence Patterns of Marbled Murrelets in Central California 626k
David G. Ainley, Sarah G. Allen, and Larry B. Spear

Chapter 35.
Productivity of Marbled Murrelets in California from Observations of Young at Sea 396k
C. John Ralph and Linda L. Long

Section V. Trends and Status of Population

Chapter 36.
Status of Forest Habitat of the Marbled Murrelet 42k
David A. Perry

Chapter 37.
Population Trends of the Marbled Murrelet Projected From Demographic Analyses 155k
Steven B. Beissinger

References 141k

Appendices 40k