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Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program

Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics

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The Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program examines the interconnections of people and natural resources. The program is especially important for California, Hawaii, and U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands which are characterized by tremendous cultural diversity, large urban centers, complex natural resources issues, and biologically diverse landscapes.

We explore the myriad relationships and interdependencies between communities and ecosystems, culture and biodiversity, humans and natural resources, all of which evolve in response to societal and environmental change. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life and the sustainability of species, communities, and processes across landscapes.

Research Emphases

  • Realize an abundant and sustainable supply of ecosystem services in urban and wildland ecosystems by examining the relationships among human uses, human values, ecosystem services, and management;
  • Reconnect humans to nature by considering the influence of changing demographics, cultures, urbanization, socio-economics, climate, and technology on use and sustainability of natural resources; and
  • Manage ecosystems to better reflect the desires of the American people by determining the impacts of public policies on ecological and social patterns and processes.

Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program Charter