current research

  • Blacks Mountain Interdisciplinary Research Project
  • CONIFERS; Young Stand Simulator for the Klamath Province
  • Storrie Fire Restoration
  • Effects of salvage harvesting
  • OP-Yield Version 1.00 user's guide and Op-Yield Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet v1.00.4 (5.8 MB)
  • Standview: an R-package for rendering stand density management diagrams
    The standview package is an R-package for rendering a high-resolution-graphic stand density management diagram (DMD). A DMD is a visual aid used by foresters to evaluate stands based on stem density (number of trees per unit area) and either a mean tree size such as quadratic mean diameter, or basal area per unit area. This package was developed to provide flexible development of DMDs for forestry applications. It requires the user to specify the published equations, or to generate their own based on user-supplied metrics.

research interest

  • Growth and yield of mixed-conifer forests, with emphasis on dynamics of young plantations.
  • Interdisciplinary research to quantify the effects of resource management activities (timber harvest, cattle grazing, and prescribed fire) on an array of forest components such as wildlife, sustainable productivity, and biodiversity in interior pine forests.
  • Methods of accelerating development of late successional forest vegetation.
  • LiDAR applications in forestry.


  • Oregon State University Forest Modeling Ph.D. 1992
  • Oregon State University Statistics M.S. 1990
  • Oregon State University Forest Management M.S. 1985
  • Humboldt State University Forest Management B.S. 1981

Professional Organizations

  • American Statistical Association Member ( - )
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF) Member ( - )

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