current research

My current work is focused on developing probability risk models and data analytic techniques necessary for assessing and predicting impacts of disturbances on forest ecosystems

Current Studies

  • Probability modeling and forecasting fire risk (occurrence and size).
  • Modeling and analysis of interactive effects of fire and insect epidemics in a changing climate
  • Stochastic modeling of animal movement subjected to human disturbance.
  • Analytic technique for assessing the contribution of wildfire and other anthropogenic and climactic factors on air quality in the Sierra Nevada.

past research

Haiganoush has been with the Environmental Statistics Unit at Albany since August 1997. Prior to that, she was the research statistician for the Forest Insect Population Unit (4503) also at Albany. Her research with the Forest Insect Unit was concerned with the statistical aspects of dose-response bioassays; modeling of bark beetle attacks; modeling chemotaxis of bark beetle's and spread of root disease in forest stands. Haiganoush earned her Ph.D. in Statistics from the university of California, Berkeley in 1977 and joined the Forest Service in 1984.


  • University of California Berkeley, CA Statistics Ph.D. 1977
  • American University of Beirut, Lebanon Statistics M.S. 1972


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