current research

My personal research program has three major emphases: (1) determination of short and long-term implications to forest health of prescribed fire and/or mechanical fuel treatments (silvicultural thinning) used in the large-scale restoration of fire-adapted forest ecosystems, (2) development of chemical, silvicultural and semiochemical-based monitoring and management tactics for Dendroctonus and Ips bark beetles, and (3) determination of the role of semiochemicals in the behavior of bark beetle species of economic importance.

research interest

In the future, I plan to continue developing knowledge and tools that allow managers to better care for forest resources.


  • The University of Georgia Forest Entomology Ph.D. 1999
  • Virginia Tech University Forest Entomology M.S. 1996
  • Virginia Tech University Forest Management B.S. 1993

Professional Organizations

  • Association for Fire Ecology Member ( - )
  • California Forest Pest Council Member ( - )
  • Entomological Society of America Member ( - )


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