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Natural and anthropogenic threats to white pines from lower montane forests to subalpine woodlands of the Lake Tahoe Basin: an ecological and genetic assessment for conservation, monitoring, and management

White pine blister rust infectionPrincipal Investigators:
Detlev Vogler, USDA Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Research Station
Tricia Maloney, University of California-Davis
Annette Delfino-Mix, USDA Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Research Station
Joan Dunlap, USDA Forest Service-Eldorado National Forest
Valerie Hipkins, National Forest Genetics Laboratory

Proposal [pdf]

Maloney et al. 2011 [pdf]
Maloney et al. 2012 [pdf]
Maloney 2014 [pdf]

Please contact Dr. Tricia Maloney with questions regarding the reports.

Project Summary

This study established a network of ecological monitoring plots in lower montane mixed-conifer forests (focal species: sugar pine), upper montane forests (focal species: western white pine), and subalpine woodlands (focal species: whitebark pine) in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The monitoring plots were used to assess ecological and population dynamics of each focal species to inform conservation and restoration strategies for white pines in the Tahoe Basin.