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Restoring sugar pine in the Tahoe Basin: regeneration ecology and recruitment dynamics of sugar pine under various stand structures

Mature sugar pinePrincipal Investigators:
Kristen Waring, Northern Arizona University
Kevin O’Hara, University of California-Berkeley

Proposal [pdf]

Final report [pdf]

Additional Report: Angell et al. 2013 [pdf]

Please contact Dr. Kristen Waring with questions regarding the reports.

Project Summary

This study was located in the mixed-conifer forests of the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada, in the north-central Sierra Nevada. The overall goal of this study was to assess height growth of sugar pine regeneration, along with individual tree- and stand-scale metrics, to identify conditions most likely to increase overstory recruitment in the Lake Tahoe Basin, CA and NV, USA.

The study concluded that treatments that create a variable horizontal spatial pattern, such as modified group selection or variable density thinning, are the management strategies most likely to meet the multiple objectives of lowering density, reducing fire hazard, maintaining aesthetics, and providing for the establishment and recruitment of sugar pine.