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Application of enhanced stream-corridor modeling tools for adaptive management of Tahoe Basin streams

Bank erosion

Principal Investigators:
Eddy Langendoen, USDA-ARS National Sedimentation Laboratory
Andrew Simon, Cardno ENTRIX

Proposal [pdf]

Final Report—CONCEPTS [pdf]
Final Report—BSTEM [pdf]

Please contact Dr. Eddy Langendoen with questions regarding the reports and using the models.

Project Summary:

The primary objectives of the study were to enhance and further validate the predictive and numerical Channel Evolution and Pollutant Transport System (CONCEPTS) model and Bank-Stability and Toe Erosion Model (BSTEM) to fully realize their potential as state-of the-art tools for stream management in the Lake Tahoe Basin and elsewhere.

The approach combined field and numerical experiments on the effects of vegetation, bio-engineered treatments, and hydraulics in meander bends with the development and validation of process-based algorithms to better simulate pore-water pressure distributions, streambank erosion, lateral migration of meanders, and fine-sediment loadings. Fieldwork was conducted in selected reaches of the Upper Truckee River and Trout Creek in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The project-scale data collection and resultant model enhancement will specifically inform adaptive management strategies for local restored streams and the validated models will be available for use in evaluating design and expected performance of proposed restoration projects.

Additional Reports:

Motta et al. 2010 [pdf]
Garcia et al. 2010 [pdf]
Langendoen 2011 [pdf]
Motta et al. 2011 [pdf]
Simon 2011 [pdf]
Motta et al. 2012a [pdf]
Motta et al. 2012b, [pdf]
Motta et al. RVR Meander—Trout Creek application paper [pdf]

User Manuals:

BSTEM User Manual [pdf]
RVR Meander User Manual—ArcGIS Version [pdf]
RVR Meander Tutorials—ArcGIS Version [pdf]
RVR Meander User Manual—Stand-Alone Version [pdf]

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