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Modeling the influence of management actions on fire risk and spread under future climatic conditions

Principal Investigators:
Matthew Hurteau, The Pennsylvania State University
George Koch, Northern Arizona University
Malcolm North, USDA Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Research Station

Proposal [pdf]

Hurteau and Brooks 2011 [pdf]
Hurteau et al. 2014 [pdf]

Please contact Dr. Matthew Hurteau with questions regarding the publications.

Project Summary

Western forests increasingly experience larger and more severe fires than occurred historically. In many areas this has lead to an increase in fuels reduction treatments that rely on prescribed fire. In the Lake Tahoe Basin, where there is a high density of development, managers are limited in their options for reducing forest fuels using prescribed fire. Compounding this management challenge is the expectation that changes in climate resulting from increasing greenhouse gas levels will exacerbate the threat of catastrophic fire.

The goals of this study were to 1) determine how forests of the Tahoe Basin will respond to changing climatic conditions and 2) identify which suite of management actions will maintain forest processes while minimizing stand replacing fire risk.