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Development of a BMP performance assessment and data analysis system for the Tahoe Integrated Information Management System (TIIMS)

BMPPrincipal Investigators:
Alan Heyvaert, Desert Research Institute
Eric Strecker and Marc Leisenring, Geosyntec
Nicole Beck, 2NDNATURE, LLC
Ed Wallace and Brent Wolfe, Northwest Hydraulic Consultants
Charles Goldman, University of California-Davis

Proposal [pdf]

Database and Reports:
Monitoring and Reporting Guidance [pdf]
Monitoring and Report Guidance Appendices [pdf]
Tahoe BMP Database v1.1 [exe]

Please contact Dr. Alan Heyvaert with questions regarding the report and database.

Project Summary

BMPThis database has been developed in support of the Tahoe Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program (RSWMP) to provide a centralized, internet‐accessible, reliable source of stormwater data collected by different groups associated with the Lake Tahoe Total Maximum Daily Load  (TMDL) and RSWMP efforts.

The purpose of the Tahoe Stormwater and BMP Database is to guide the collection of consistent and reliable information on stormwater runoff characteristics and treatment best management practice (BMP) performance around the Tahoe Basin. As existing information and new data are uploaded into the database, it will support the continued development, calibration and testing of load reduction models and other stormwater management tools, and it will provide a framework needed for tracking stormwater BMP implementation, monitoring results, and maintenance activities.