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Research Partnerships at the Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW)

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Why We Partner

Partnerships are an import element of the Pacific Southwest Research Station’s (PSW’s) success in its mission to “develop and communicate science needed to sustain forest ecosystems and their benefits to society” in California and the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands. These partnerships include scientific collaboration, sharing our laboratories and facilities, and funding ‘requests for proposals’ on high-priority topics. We also engage stakeholders through on-going dialogue and user’s groups.

More than 110 different organizations work in collaboration with PSW scientists through formal grants or agreements. Partners include a diversity of institutions of higher learning, nonprofit organizations, and State, county, or local governments. PSW’s commitment to collaborative research and the building of quality relationships among its diverse partners and within the community of science has fostered the delivery of numerous applied science products to the communities we serve in California, Hawaii, and the other U.S. Affiliated Pacific Islands.

Featured Partnerships & Collaborative Work

Lake Tahoe Basin Partners

Lake Tahoe Basin Partners

The U.S. Forest Service plays an instrumental role in the management of federal lands in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin. Research conducted by the PSW plays a key role in guiding Forest Service management practices to improve the health and use of these lands. Area of expertise include: forest ecology, fire ecology, wildlife biology, biological diversity, water science, soil science, urban forestry and social science.

California Academy of Sciences

Photo by Helder Ribeiro. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0.

A collaborative team of multidisciplinary researchers from the California Academy of Sciences and PSW are investigating a forested Northern California watershed—and its birds—to determine how controlled fires may contribute to healthier forest ecosystems and reduce the risk of high intensity wildfires. The team will capture a multi-year picture before and after prescribed burns.

For Additional Information:

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