MTNCLIM 2014 Mountain Climate Research Conference

September 15-18, 2014 at Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah

Photo: Autumn colors near Cascade Springs in eastern foothills of the Wasatch Range, Utah Autumn near Cascade Springs in eastern foothills of Wasatch Range, Utah. Cascade Mountain rises in the background.
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Summary of post-MTNCLIM Managers' Workshop

The MTNCLIM research conferences are sponsored by the Consortium for Integrated Climate Research on Western Mountains (CIRMOUNT), and are dedicated to mountain climate sciences and effects of climate variability on ecosystems, natural resources, and conservation in western North American mountains. MTNCLIM conferences feature invited and contributed talks, poster sessions, and working-group sessions. A post-conference workshop for natural-resource managers is held to address implications of climate variability and climate change in conservation and resource management. MTNCLIM convenes every two years. MTNCLIM 2014 will be held September 15-18, 2014 in Midway, Utah at the Homestead Resort.

Conference Participation

The MTNCLIM conferences are intended for scientists, students, managers, policy makers and other professionals interested in mountain climate sciences, their effects on ecosystems, and interactions with resource management, conservation, policy, and society in western North America. Meetings are scheduled annually/biennially and rotate around western mountain regions. They are designed to communicate serious science in informal settings. We encourage presentation of works-in-progress, innovative directions, controversial topics, and especially encourage young scientists to offer abstracts.


MTNCLIM Conferences aim to advance the sciences related to climate and climate interactions with physical, ecological, and social systems of western North American mountains. Specifically, MTNCLIM goals are to:


MTNCLIM 2014 is sponsored by CIRMOUNT, with funding and support from the following agencies and institutions:


Records of previous MTNCLIM meetings, including pdf copies of talks and posters,
are available on the CIRMOUNT website: Meeting Archives.