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CIRMOUNT-sponsored Work Groups are action-oriented, product-driven participation groups that seek to advance CIRMOUNT goals. Work Groups are open to all interested; you may belong to any number of groups. Group leaders solicit input and collaborations from participants, maintain electronic mailing lists, host Work Group meetings, and maintain Group records and databases. Work Groups convene at MTNCLIM Conferences and opportunities otherwise. Contact individual Work Group leaders for further information. Current CIRMOUNT Working Groups:

  • Mountain Climate Network: coordinates a 3-tier strategic approach to installing a network of mountain climate monitoring stations and analysis in western mountains.
  • Mountain-Based Hydrologic Observatories: develops a consistent and strategic network of mountain observatories for monitoring and research on surface-water including snow, ground-water, and hydroclimatic interactions.
  • North American GLORIA (Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments): promotes coordinated and integrated monitoring of alpine plant response to climate change using the international GLORIA protocol and additional research approaches.
  • Mountain Ecosystem Responses to Climate: encourages scientific knowledge on effects of ecosystems to climate change, and specifically to incorporate this information in land and water resource planning and conservation.
  • CIRMOUNT and International Relations: promotes and links the work and benefits of CIRMOUNT to related mountain-climate programs at the international scale, especially the Mountain Research Initiative.
  • Paleoclimatic Archives for Resource Management: makes paleoclimatic and paleoecological data more accessible and applicable to users that range from scientists in other disciplines to regional resource (both land and water) managers.
  • 1. credit Tom Whitham;
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4. Spruce Budworm, credit Natural Resources Canada

    For coordination and assistance in forming a new group, contact Connie Millar (connie.millar@usda.gov).