PACLIM 2015 Talks and Posters

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The Pacific Climate Workshop (PACLIM 2015) was held March 8-11, 2015 at the Asilomar State Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California.

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The Pacific Climate Workshop (PACLIM) is a multidisciplinary workshop that broadly addresses the climatic phenomena occurring in the eastern Pacific Ocean and western North America. The purpose of the workshop is to understand climate effects in this region by bringing together specialists from diverse fields including physical, social, and biological sciences. Time scales from to the millennial-scale Pleistocene variability to current temperature and precipitation records are addressed in oral and poster presentations.

The theme of the 2015 PACLIM workshop addresses the issue of drought: How we develop long term records of drought, how we monitor drought and how we predict drought. The remainder of the meeting is devoted to a wide range of climate-related topics.

The atmosphere of the workshop is intentionally informal, and room and board are provided for many of the participants. This year, the workshop was organized by faculty from Sonoma State University, and the University of Nevada, Reno with support from representatives of; the U.S. Geological Survey. The funding and other sources of support come from several agencies:

  • The Desert Research Institute: Alan Gertler
  • The US Geological Survey, Climate and Land Use Change Research Development Program: Debra Willard
  • The University of Nevada, Reno: Frank Fanelli and Daniel Fergus, Teaching Learning Technologies


Links between San Lazaro Basin carbonate productivity and Western North America mega-droughts
Jose Abella-Gutiérrez and Juan Carlos Herguera

Reconstructing Holocene paleoproductivity along the northern California continental shelf
Jason A. Addison, John Barron, Bruce Finney, John P. McGeehin, and Clark R. Alexander, Jr.

California hydroclimate monitoring in the 21st Century
Michael L. Anderson

Do high-elevation lakes record variations in snowfall and atmospheric rivers in the Sierra Nevada of California?
Jacob E. Ashford, James O. Sickman, and Delores M. Lucero

Surface water conditions in the Gulf of California during the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age
John Barron, Dave Bukry, Jason Addison

Causes and Implications of late Holocene Drought in the Cuenca Oriental of Mexico
Tripti Bhattacharya, Roger Byrne, Harald Bohnel, and Kurt Wogau

Drought and Fire in the Klamath Forests of northern California
Christy E. Briles, Cathy Whitlock, and Ali White

A Holocene Record of Vegetation, Fire and the Seasonality of Precipitation for the Bonneville Basin, USA
Andrea Brunelle, William Eckerle, and Mitch Power

Simulated megadroughts over California and the global response of the isotopic composition of precipitation
Nikolaus H. Buenning and Lowell D. Stott

Drought and climate variability influences on quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) in the Intermountain West
Vachel A. Carter, Andrea Brunelle, Tom A. Minckley

A 50,000 Year Record of Wildfires in the North Coast Ranges: Microscopic Charcoal Evidence from Clear Lake, California
Marie Champagne, Roger Byrne, David Wahl, and Cynthia Looy

Climatic influences on seasonal precipitation from northern Baja California ~44,000 yr palaeoenvironmental record
Vanessa Chavez and Andrea Brunelle

Climate change and drought in the Tahoe Basin at millennial to annual time scales
Robert Coats, Goloka Sahoo, Jack Lewis and Geoffrey Schladow

Unprecedented 21st-Century Drought Risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains
Benjamin I Cook, Toby R Ault, and Jason E Smerdon

Forecasting Meteorological Drought Over California Using the North Pacific High January Anomaly and a Statistical/Dynamical Method
Mariza C. Costa Cabral, John Rath, Sujoy B. Roy, William B. Mills, and Cristina Milesi

Using tree-ring isotopes to understand hydroclimate variability in the Upper Colorado River Basin
Adam Csank, Connie Woodhouse, Greg Pederson, John Danloe, and Steve Leavitt

Forgotten Landscapes of California: Using Historical Ecology and Art to Reconstruct Pre-Contact Ecosystems
Laura Cunningham

The Role of Natural Climatic Trends and Local Depositional Conditions on Peat Formation in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Irina Delusina and Kenneth L. Verosub

3000 years of environmental change at Zaca Lake, California
Theodore Dingemans, Scott A. Mensing, Sarah J. Feakins, Matthew E. Kirby, and Susan R. H. Zimmerman

California droughts associated with La Nina
John A. Dracup,Robert Willisb.

Insight into Southern California paleohydrology since Marine Isotope Stage 5c (c. 96 ka) from Baldwin Lake, San Bernardino Mountains
Katherine C. Glover, Glen MacDonald, Edward Rhodes, Emily Silveira, Matthew Kirby, Alexis Whitaker

A Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction to Assess Anthropogenic and Natural Disturbances in Range Creek, Utah
Maria Groves

Disappearance of coastal forests on Santa Cruz Island, California at the Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary
Amanda N. Grant

El Niño controls Holocene rabbit and hare populations in Baja California
Isaac A. Hart, Jack M. Broughton, Ruth Gruhn and Alan Bryan,

Investigating the Response of a Great Basin Terminal Lake to Abrupt Climate Change
Benjamin J. Hatchett and Douglas P. Boyle

9,000 years of California weather in an ultra-high resolution scanning XRF record from Santa Barbara Basin
Ingrid L. Hendy, Tiffany J. Napier, Erik T. Brown, Arndt Schimmelmann, Dorothy Pak and Linda Hinnov.

Paleoenvironmental evolution of coastal Northern California - correlative evidence from the Pacific Ocean and adjacent Coast Range for the past 16 ka
Linda E. Heusser, John A. Barron, Jason A. Addison

Spatial Correlation Analysis of ENSO with Southwestern North America Hydroclimate
Josh P. Heyer, Simon C. Brewer, and Andrea R. Brunelle

10Be exposure dating of Little Ice Age and Recess Peak moraines in the Sierra Nevada, California
Alan J. Hidy, Susan R.H. Zimmerman, Robert C. Finkel, Jeorg M. Schaefer and Douglas H. Clark

High-resolution vegetation and Fire History Reconstruction for the Bonneville Basin, Utah during the last ~35,000 cal yr BP
Kelsey A. Howard, Andrea R. Brunelle and Jennifer Degraffenried

Assessing Pinus longaeva treeline dynamics using historic aerial imagery
Mackenzie Kilpatrick and Franco Biondi

Evidence for abrupt changes in late-Glacial to Holocene hydroclimates in the Mojave Desert, CA.
Matthew E. Kirby, Edward J. Knell, William T. Anderson, Matthew S. Lachniet, Holly Eeg, Ricardo Lucero, Rosa Murrieta, Andrea Arevalo, Emily Silveira, Christine Hiner and Jennifer Palermo

Potential non-climate forest structure change in the southern Sierra Nevada range using paleoenvironmental and archaeological proxy data
Anna Klimaszewski-Patterson, Scott Mensing, Linn Gassaway

Evaluating the Cause of Deglacial-Age Highstands in the Great Basin Using Clumped Isotope Thermometry from Shell and Sedimentary Carbonates in Shoreline Deposits in the Southeastern Basin and Range
Andrew L. Kowler and Aradhna Tripati

Environmental magnetism record from Clear Lake, California
Emily Levin, Roger Byrne, Cindy Looy, David Wahl, Anders Noren and Kenneth L. Verosub

Late-Holocene Changes in Climate Variability, Variance, and Periodicity in the US Southwest, and Effects on Landscape Dynamics
Julie Loisel and Glen M. MacDonald

A Fire History of Upper Valley near Escalante, Utah
Kate Magargal

Search for uncertain relationships between North Pacific atmosphere variability and western US streamflow drought
Steven B. Malevich and Connie Woodhouse

BirdReturns: Demonstrating Dynamic Conservation
Sandi Matsumoto

Geochronology and Lithostratigraphy of the Late Pleistocene Las Vegas Formation Craig R. Manker, Kathleen Springer, Jeffrey S. Pigati, Shannon Mahan

The role of the PDO in western U.S. drought
Stephanie A. McAfee

Arctic and Tropical Influence on Extreme Precipitation Events, Atmospheric Rivers, and Associated Isotopic Values in the Western U.S.
Staryl E. McCabe-Glynn, Kathleen R. Johnson, Yuhao Zou, Jeffrey M. Welker, Courtenay Strong, Jonathan J. Rutz, Jin-Yi Yu, Kei Yoshimur, Scott L. Sellars and Ashley E. Payne

What has driven the long-term drying of the Southwest: precipitation or evaporation? A paleohydrologic study at multiple lake basins in California
John Mering, Juan Lora, Aiden Jonsson, Victoria Petryshyn, John Wilson, Audrey Brown, Lilian Chou, Angela Jayko, David Miller, Kate Maher, Daniel Ibarra, Robert Eagle, Camille Risi, Andrew Kowler, Jonathan Mitchell, Aradhna Tripati

Recruitment patterns and growth of high-elevation pines in response to climatic variability (1883-2013), western Great Basin, USA
Constance I. Millar, Robert D. Westfall, Diane L. Delany, Alan L. Flint and Lorrie.E. Flint

Resilience of American Southwest Ecosystems to Prolonged Drought
Thomas A. Minckley

Two shades of grey: Understanding temperature-streamflow relationships in the Colorado River Basin through the lens of gridded climate data
Kiyomi Morino and Connie Woodhouse

Reconstructing Pleistocene precipitation events from Santa Barbara Basin sediment cores: application of the detrital elemental proxy at annual resolution
Tiffany J. Napier, Ingrid L. Hendy, Erik T. Brown and Linda Hinnov

Late Holocene (3.65 ka) multi-proxy shift in Fallen Leaf Lake, CA marks the transition from a millennial-scale neopluvial interval to increased aridity
Paula J. Noble, Susan H. Zimmerman, G. Ian Ball, Ken D. Adams, Jillian Maloney and Shane B. Smith

Latest Pleistocene through Holocene Lake Levels from Tulare Lake, CA: Testing results using the Smear Slide Technique
Kelsey Padilla, Lindsey Medina, Ashleigh Blunt and Rob Negrini

Foraminiferal proxies reflect changes in northeast Pacific ocean-atmospheric circulation through the Medieval Climate Anomaly and Little Ice Age
Dorothy Pak, Ingrid Hendy and Arndt Schimmelmann

Influence of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and El Niño-Southern Oscillation on lacustrine hydroecologic cycling in Alberta
R. Timothy Patterson, Lisa A. Neville, Paul Gammon, Graeme T. Swindles and Andrew L. Macumber

Impact of Increasing Temperature on Denver, CO Water Resources
Joseph E. Pearson, Jacqueline J. Shinker, Dannele E. Peck and William J. Gribb

Collaborative Research: Multi-century perspectives on current and future streamflow in the Missouri River Basin
Gregory T. Pederson, Jay Alder, Edward Cook, Naresh Devineni, Jonathan Friedman, Steven Hostetler, Upmanu Lall, Caroline Leland, Justin Martin, Gregory McCabe, Parker Norton, Scott St. George, Jeannine St. Jacques, Dave Sauchyn, John Stamm, Erika Wise and Connie Woodhousel

The Snowmastodon Project: A view of the Last Interglacial Period from the Colorado Rockies
Jeffrey S. Pigati

n-Alkanes as a Biomarker for Holocene Paleoclimate in the Tulare Lake Catchment, Californi,USA
Jeremiah Reagan, Roy Lafever and Robert Negrini

Western Weather and Climate during PACLIM Year 2014-15
Kelly Redmond

Constraining the season of occurrence and impacts of the Mazama Ash: evidence from a laminated marine sediment core from the NE Pacific
Helen M. Roe and Karen R. Logan

The California Drought of 2012-20xx; How Is the 2015 Water Supply Shaping Up?
Maury Roos

Are Mid-winter Droughts in Northern California Increasing?
Maurice Roos

Does climate need to vary before carbon and nitrogen ratios change in desert lakes? Examples from Big Soda and Pyramid Lakes
Michael R. Rosen and Liam Reidy

Paleomagnetic Secular and Environmental Magnetism Variation of Late Holocene- aged Sediments of Tulare Lake, CA
Janine Roza, Brandon Jackson, Eric Heaton and Rob Negrini

Glaciogenic effects during MIS 2 on the lacustrine sediment flux of Tulare Lake
Lilian Rubi, Matthew Van Grinsven, Robert Negrini and Magdalena Juarez

Fast and economical sampling and resin-embedding technique for small cores of unconsolidated, fine-grained sediment
Arndt Schimmelmann, David J. Riese and Juergen Schieber

Climatic controls of early snowmelt runoff and late-season drought in the upper South Platte River basin and metropolitan Denver
Jacqueline J. Shinker and Joseph E. Pearson

Sagebrush Fire History at Redfish Bog
Victoria M. Simmons, Andrea Brunelle and Isaac Hart

The Geochronologic and Paleontologic Framework of the Late Pleistocene Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument
Kathleen Springer, Craig R., Manker, Eric Scott,Jeffrey S. Pigati and Shannon Mahan

Diatom-inferred Holocene record of moisture variability in Lower Bear Lake, San Bernardino Mountains, Californi,USA
Scott W. Starratt and Matthew E. Kirby

Aridity, monsoon strength and the Little Ice Age: a 600-year record from northern Vietnam
Lora R. Stevens, Tracey La Rocco, Mounga Nonu and AJ White

Adaptive water resource planning in the South Saskatchewan River Basin: use of scenarios of hydroclimatic variability and extremes
Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques, David J. Sauchyn, Elaine Barrow, Michael W. Nemeth, Ryan J. MacDonald, A. Michael S. Sheer and Daniel P. Sheer

Proxy validation: comparisons of a tree-ring inferred climate reconstruction to Fort Snelling early climate data and high-resolution pollen-inferred climate reconstructions from varved Lake Min,Minnesot,USA
Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques, David Sauchyn, Jessica Vanstone, James Dickenson, Brian Cumming and John Smol

Impacts of the PDO and ENSO on Canadian Western Interior Annual and Peak Flows
Jeannine-Marie St-Jacques, Sunil Gurrapu, David Sauchyn, Kyle Hodder and Yang Zhao

Replicating weather station air temperature measurements and monitoring snow cover across palaeorecord sites in complex terrain in the Walker Basin, California-Nevada
Scotty Strachan and Constance I. Millar

The extraordinary California drought of 2012-2015: Historical context and the role of climate change
Daniel L. Swain, Danielle Touma, Deepti Singh, Michael Tsiang, Matz Haugen, Alison Charland, Bala Rajaratnam and Noah S. Diffenbaugh

Reconstructing conditions for Fremont Zea mays horticulture
Marcus J. Thomson and Glen M. MacDonald

Low cloud/fog-mediated summertime maximum temperature reductions in Central Coastal California
Alicia Torregrosa, Jeff Peters, Lorraine Flint, Alan Flint, Cindy Combs

A multi-proxy record of paleoflood events imprinted on oxbow lake sedimentary sequences of the Dak Bla River, Kontum, Vietnam
Trang T. Tran, Lora R. Stevens, Thich Vu and Rane Anderson

Changes in Holocene Climate, Fire and Vegetation from the Northeastern Great Basin: A 13,500 Year Sedimentary Record From Swan Lake, ID
David Wahl, Lysanna Anderson, Jose Rosario, David M. Miller and Liubov Presnetsova

An unparalleled, ultra-resolution tree-ring dataset for climate and snow reconstructions in the American West
Simon S.-Y. Wang, Justin DeRose, Daniel Barandiaran and John Shaw

Fire and Ice California drought and super cold East in a changing climate
Simon S.-Y. Wang, Larry Hipps, Robert Gillies, J.-H. Yoon and Boniface Fosu

Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Using Elemental Analysis
Danielle M. Ward

Water supply and landscape droughts: historical and projected hydrology of the Great Basin
Stuart B. Weiss, Alan.L. Flint and Lorrie.E. Flint

Look to the past to understand future conifer responses in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Cathy Whitlock, Virginia Iglesias and Teresa Krause

Urbanization as a likely driver of reduced summer fog and increased drought in coastal southern California
A. Park Williams, Rachel E. Schwartz, Sam Iacobellis, Richard Seager, Benjamin I. Cook, Christopher J. Still, Gregory Husak and Joel Michaelsen

The role of anomalous ridging in U.S. West Coast-wide drought over multiple centuries
Erika K. Wise

Investigating the role of temperature in mediating relationships between cool season precipitation and water year streamflow in the Upper Colorado River basin
Connie A. Woodhouse, Gregory T. Pederson, Kiyomi Morino, and Gregory McCabe

Hint of an Expanded Summer Monsoon during the Mid-Holocene Climatic Optimum in the Southern Owens Valley Region, California
Wallace B Woolfenden

Precise timing and duration of the late Holocene pluvial-arid sequence at Mono Lake, CA. Susan R. H. Zimmerman, Sidney R. Hemming and Scott W. Starratt