AGU 2016 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Session, Dec 14, 2016:
Session title: Climate-Influenced Species Range Shifts: Where Are We Headed?

Under warming climates, poleward and upslope migration of biota is the widely projected and often observed response. However, as species range shifts are more closely investigated, more complex relationships are emerging. In some cases, there are long delays in poleward/upslope migration with warming. At shorter intervals, responses also include changes in demography, mortality, species interactions, community composition, structure, and species diversity. In other cases, responses include downslope shifts, movement to new aspects, movement or contraction into climate refugia, or no shift at all. These responses have been explained by a combination of forces related to climate and climate interactions with other abiotic and biotic factors. We invite contributions that explore climate-influenced range shifts from any taxonomic group, historical or contemporary cases, worldwide. We hope thereby to advance comprehensive understanding and improve projection of species range responses to warming.

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.

Connie Millar, Pacific SW Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Albany, CA
David Cairns, Texas A&M, College Station, TX
Toni Lyn Morelli, US Geological Survey, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA


Slow Response or No Response? Distinguishing Non-Climatic Range Limits from Demographic Inertia
Janneke Hillerislambers, Leander D.L. Anderegg, Ian Breckheimer, Kevin Ford and Steve Kroiss

Significant Threat to North American forests from Southern Pine Beetle with Warming Winters
Radley M Horton, Corey Lesk, Ethan Coffel and Anthony W D'Amato

Seed dispersal at alpine treeline: long distance dispersal maintains alpine treelines
Jeremy S Johnson, Keith D. Gaddis, David M. Cairns and Konstantin Krutovsky

Species’ Traits as Predictors of Range Shifts Under Contemporary Climate Change: A Meta-analysis
Sarah A MacLean and Steven R Beissinger

Consequences of environmental and biological variances for range margins: a spatially explicit theoretical model
George P Malanson, Robert J DeRose and Matthew F Bekker

Past Penguin Colony Linkages to Climate Change and Catastrophic Volcanism on the Northern Antarctic Peninsula
Patrick Monien, Stephen J Roberts, Louise C Foster, Julia Loftfield, Bernhard Schnetger, Emma J Pearson, Emma P Hocking, Peter Fretwell, Louise Ireland, Ryszard Ochyra, Anna Haworth, Claire Susannah Allen, Hans-J Brumsack, Michael Bentley and Dominik Hodgson

A Community Perspective on the Effects of Climate Change on Species Distributions in the Boreal Forest of the Northeastern United States
Toni Lyn Morelli, William V DeLuca, Timothy R Duclos, Jane R Foster and Alexej P Siren

Moving Uphill: Microbial Facilitation at the Leading Edge of Plant Species Distributional Shifts
Katharine Suding, Emily Farrer, Marko Spasojevic, Dorota Porazinska, Clifford Bueno de Mesquita and Steven K Schmidt


Disentangling climatic versus biotic drivers of tree range constraints: Broad scale tradeoffs between climate and competion rarely explain local range boundaries
Leander D.L. Anderegg and Janneke Hillerislambers

Developing a protocol for long-term population monitoring and habitat projections for a climate-sensitive sentinel species to track ecosystem change and species range shifts
Aidan Beers

Warming climate may negatively affect native forest understory plant richness and composition by increasing invasions of non-native plants
Martin Dovciak, Jay Ward Wason III, Jacqueline Frair, Mark Lesser and Jeremy Hurst

Vascular Vegetation and Soil Microbiota of Juneau Icefield Nunataks
Samuel Hepner, Deirdre Collins, Eric Kittilsby, Polly Bass and Catharine White

Aspect Shifts and Local Extirpations in Limber Pine without Change in Elevation Over 3600 Years of Climate Variability in the Western Great Basin, USA
Connie Millar, Robert D Westfall and Diane Delany

Demographic Responses to Climate Manipulations Across a Species Range
Meagan Ford Oldfather

Community climatic niche means as a tool to understand species range shifts across scales
Rachael Leigh Olliff Yang, Meagan Ford Oldfather, Prahlad D Papper, Lorraine E Flint, Alan L Flint and David Ackerly

A comparison of the effects of climate change on American fish species
Allison Scavo

Rapid Treeline Demographic Shifts in Great Basin Sub-Alpine Forests
Brian Smithers