AGU 2015 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Session, Dec 14, 2015:
Session title: Climate Refugia in a Changing World: Climatic and Hydrologic Processes Informing Ecological Responses

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.

Connie Millar, Pacific SW Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Albany, CA
Toni Lyn Morelli, US Geological Survey, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA


Cold-Air Pools and Regional Warming in the Lake Tahoe Region, Central Sierra Nevada of California—Observations and Considerations regarding the Future of Climate-Change Refugia
Michael D Dettinger

Spatio-Temporal Variability in Topoclimate Inferred from Land Surface Temperature Data and its Relevance for Mapping Climatic Refugia
Solomon Dobrowski, Jared Oyler and Brady Allred

Effective Climate Refugia for Cold-water Fishes
Joseph L. Ebersole, Toni Lyn Morelli, Christian Torgersen, Dan Isaak, Dru Keenan, Rochelle Labiosa, Aimee Fullerton, and Jordan Massie

Climate refugia: The physical, hydrologic and disturbance basis
Zachary A Holden, Marco P Maneta and Jason Forthofer

Slow Climate Velocities in Mountain Streams Impart Thermal Resistance to Cold-Water Refugia Across the West
Dan Isaak, Mike Young, Charles Luce, Steve Hostetler, Seth J. Wenger, Erin Peterson and Jay Ver Hoef

Using biological data to test climate change refugia
Toni Lyn Morelli and Sean P Maher

Assessing vulnerable and expanding vegetation stands and species in the San Francisco Bay Area for conservation management under climate change
Naia Morueta-Holme, Nicole E Heller, Blair McLaughlin, Stuart B Weiss and David Ackerly

Topoclimatic Refugia for Last Stands: Empirical Examples and Modeling Approaches
Stuart B Weiss


Modeling Potential Climatic Treeline of Great Basin Bristlecone Pine in the Snake Mountain Range, Nevada, USA
Jamis M Bruening, Tyler J Tran, Andrew G Bunn, Matthew W Salzer and Stuart B Weiss

The treeline as a refuge: are elevational gradients in Mountain Pine Beetle-caused mortality common in Pinus albicaulis populations at treeline?
Colin Taylor Maher and Claudine Tobalske

Low Elevation Riparian Environments: Warm-Climate Refugia for Conifers in the Great Basin, USA?
Connie Millar, David A Charlet, Robert D Westfall and Diane Delany

A New Digital Imaging and Analysis System for Plant and Ecosystem Phenological Studies
Gesuri Ramirez, Geovany A Ramirez, Sergio Armando Vargas Jr, Naomi Robin Luna and Craig E Tweedie

The climate of the Last Glacial Maximum in south-eastern Australia
James Shulmeister, Tim Cohen, Kevin Kiernan, Craig Woodward, Tim Barrows, Kat Fitzsimmons, Justine Kemp, Robert Haworth, Douglas H Clark, Allen M Gontz, Jie Chang, Daniela Mueller, Adrian Slee and Daniel Ellerton

Testing the PRISM Temperature Model in Complex Terrain: Implications for Mountain Ecohydrology
Scotty Strachan, Christopher Daly, and Connie Millar

Assessing climate refugia from a terrestrial vegetation vulnerability assessment for 29 types in California
James H Thorne, Jacquelyn Bjorkman, Ryan Boynton, Joseph Stewart, Andrew Holguin, Mark Schwartz and Whitney Albright

Cluster analyses of 20th century growth patterns in high elevation Great Basin bristlecone pine in the Snake Mountain Range, Nevada, USA
Tyler J Tran, Jamis M Bruening, Andrew G Bunn, Matthew W Salzer and Stuart B Weiss

Fire Management for Climate Change Refugia
Kate Marie Wilkin, David Ackerly and Scott Stephens