AGU 2014 Talks and Posters


MRI-sponsored session: Climate Change in Mountains: Elevational Dependency and Diverse Impacts

CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Sessions:

Responses of Alpine and Arctic Treeline Ecotones to Environmental Change
Conveners: Connie Millar, USDA Forest Service; David Cairns, Texas A & M University; Matthew Germino, US Geologic Survey; Jeremy Littell, USGS Alaska Science Center

Forests Under a Changing Climate: Uncertainties, Carbon Management, and Adaptation
Conveners: Kathy Kelsey, University of Colorado; Nancy Cavallaro, USDA/NIFA; Connie Millar, USDA Forest Service; Christopher Swanston, USDA Forest Service

ABSTRACTS of all talks and posters presented.

TALKS Session Title: Responses of Alpine and Arctic Treeline Ecotones to Environmental Change

The Role of Topoclimate in Explaining Abrupt Growth Thresholds of Bristlecone Pine in the White Mountains of California, USA
Bunn, Andrew G.; Matthew W Salzer; Evan R Larson; Stuart B Weiss; and Malcolm K Hughes

Wind-Snow Interactions and Treeline Advance in the Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming: A Coupled Examination Using Dendroecology and Remote Sensing
Elliot, Grant; and Christopher J Crawford

Do Small Mammals and Vegetation Metacommunity Dynamics Determine the Extent and Pattern of Treeline in the High Elevation Zone of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range?
Klinger, Robert Charles; and Jennifer T Chase

Recruitment of subalpine tree populations sensitive to warming within and above current altitudinal range
Kueppers, Lara M Kueppers; Cristina Castanha; Andrew B Moyes; Erin Conlisk; Matthew J Germino; Margaret S Torn; John Harte; and Jeffry Mitton

Seedling establishment at the alpine tree line - Can there be too much winter protection?
Lett, Signe; David Wardle; Marie-Charlotte Nilsson; and Ellen Dorrepaal

Patterns of Twentieth Century Treeline Advance in Alaska: Insights from Dendrochronology and Permanent Plot Studies
Lloyd, Andrea H.; and Christopher L. Fastie

Reflections on Treeline Studies and Ways to Improve Them
Sveinbjornsson, Bjartmar

Subalpine Species Response to Past Climate Change and Fire Activity: Are We Underestimating the Biotic Resilience?
Whitlock, Cathy L.; Virginia Iglesias; and Teresa Krause

POSTERS Session Title: Responses of Alpine and Arctic Treeline Ecotones to Environmental Change

The Interface Between Snowfields and Treeline at Glacier National Park, Montana
Apple, Martha; Macy K Ricketts; Lindsay G Carlson; and Nicky Ouellet

Elevation, Substrate, & Climate effects on Alpine & Sub-Alpine Plant Distribution in California & Nevada's High Mountains: Preliminary Data from the California and Nevada GLORIA Project
Barber, Adelia; and Connie Millar

Evolutionary History Underlies Plant Physiological Responses to Global Change Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Beckline, Katie M.; Juliana S Medeiros; Kayla R. Sale; and Joy K. Ward

Can nutrient limitations explain low and declining white spruce growth near the Arctic treeline in the eastern Brooks Range, Alaska?
Ellison, Sarah; and Patrick F Sullivan

Effect of Shrub Cover on Spruce Seedling Establishment at and Above Alpine Treeline in the Alaska Range
Fastie, Galen; and Andrea H Lloyd

The Response of Vegetation Zonation in Rocky Mountain Ecotones to Climate Change
Foster, Adrianna; Jacquelyn K Shuman; and Herman Henry Shugart Jr

Modeling effects of climate change on spruce-fir forest ecosystems: Changes in the montane ecotone between boreal and temperate forests in the Green Mountains, U.S.A, from forest edge detection in Landsat TM imagery,1989 to 2011
Foster, Jane R.; and Anthony W D'Amato

Physiological limitation at alpine treeline: relationships of threshold responses of conifers to their establishment patterns
Germino, Matthew J.; Brynne Lazarus; Cristina Castanha; Andrew B Moyes; and Lara M Kueppers

A multi-disciplinary study of treeline dynamics in the North Ethiopian highlands
Jacob, Miro; Amaury Frankl; Maaike De Ridder; Etefa Guyassa; Andrew Barkwith; Hans Beeckman; and Jan Nyssen

Interactions of climate and regional landscape physiography on high elevation forest growth
Kelsey, Kathy; Nichole N Barger; and Jason Caufield Neff

Neighborhood functions alter unbalanced facilitation on a stress gradient in an alpine treeline simulation
Malanson, George P.; and Lynn M Resler

Recruitment Patterns and Mature-Tree Growth Response of High-Elevation Pines to Climatic Variability, 1883-2013, Western Great Basin, USA
Millar, Connie; Robert D Westfall; and Diane Delany

Effect of soil quality on determining the timberline at the Pico de Orizaba volcano
Molina Sevillaa, Paola; Rafael Navarro-Gonzalez; Christopher P McKay; Pablo Martinez-Sosa; and Laura Esquivel-Hernandez

Neighborhood Climate Change Effects on Treeline Communty Dynamics in Basin and Range Mountains
Smithers, Brian; Connie Millar; and Malcolm North

Evidence That Drought-Induced Stomatal Closure Is Not an Important Constraint on White Spruce Performance Near the Arctic Treeline in Alaska
Sullivan, Patrick; Annalis Brownlee; Sarah Ellison; and Bjartmar Sveinbjornsson

Morphological and Physiological Compensation Promote Climate-Induced Invasions Above and Below Treeline
Winkler, Daniel Edward; Travis E Huxman; and Gaku Kudo

TALKS Session Title: Forests Under a Changing Climate: Uncertainties, Carbon Management, and Adaptation

Adaptation Forestry in Minnesota's Northwoods
Cornett, Meredith; Mark White; Julie Etterson; Laura Kavajecz; Jordan Mead; Stephen Handler; Christopher Swanston; and Kimberly Hall

Toward optimizing the delivery and use of climate science for natural resource management: lessonslearned from recent adaptation efforts in the southwestern U.S.
Enquist, Carolyn

Adapting Natural Resource Management to Climate Change: The Blue Mountains and Northern Rockies Adaptation Partnerships
Halofsky, Jessica; and David L Peterson

Simulating Climate, Fire, and Management Influences on Forest Carbon Dynamics in Single- and Multi-Species Forests of the Southwestern and Southeastern US
Hurteau, Matthew D.

Assessing Land Management Change Effects on Forest Carbon and Emissions Under Changing Climate
Law, Beverly Elizabeth

Designing Forest Adaptation Experiments through Manager-Scientist Partnerships
Nagel, Linda Marie; Christopher Swanston; and Maria Janowiak

“Actionable” Climate Scenarios for Natural Resource Managers in Southwestern Colorado
Rangwala, Imtiaz; Renee Rondeau; and Carina Wyborn

Reducing Uncertainty and Increasing Consistency: Recent Technical Improvements to the 2015 United States Forest Carbon Inventory
Woodall, Christopher W.; Grant M Domke; and John Coulston

POSTERS Session Title: Forests Under a Changing Climate: Uncertainties, Carbon Management, and Adaptation

Assessing Soil Organic Carbon Stocks in Fire-Affected Pinus palustris Forests
Butnor, John R.; Kurt H Johnsen; Jason A Jackson; Peter H Anderson; Lisa J Samuelson; and Klaus Lorenz

Enhancing Tools and Geospatial Data to Support Operational Forest Management and Regional Forest Planning in the Face of Climate Change
Falkowski, Michael J.; Patrick Fekety; Andrew T Hudak; Nilam Kayastha; and Linda Marie Nagel

PDF Weaving - Linking Inventory Data and Monte Carlo Uncertainty Analysis in the Study of how Disturbance Affects Forest Carbon Storage
Healey, Sean P.; Paul Patterson; and Chris Garrard

An inventory-based approach for estimating the managed China’s forest biomass carbon stock
Huang, Mei; Guirui Yu; Xiliu Yue; and Junbang Wang

Simulating Pacific Northwest Forest Response to Climate Change: How We Made Model Results Useful for Vulnerability Assessments
Kim, John B.; Becky K Kerns; and Jessica Halofsky

Simulating Carbon Dynamics and Species Composition Under Projected Changes in Climate in the Puget Sound, Washington, USA
Laflower, Danelle; and Matthew D Hurteau

Investigating Appropriate Sampling Design for Estimating Above-Ground Biomass in Bruneian Lowland Mixed Dipterocarp Forest
Lee, Dongho; Sohye Lee; Kamariah Abu Salim; Hyeon Min Yun; Saerom Han; Woo-Kyun Lee; Stuart J Davies; and Yowhan Son

Modeling Forest Composition and Carbon Dynamics Under Projected Climate-Fire Interactions in the Sierra Nevada, California
Liang, Shuang; Matthew D Hurteau; and Anthony Leroy Westerling

Biomass of Secondary Evergreen and Deciduous Broadleaved Mixed Forest in Plateau-type Karst Terrain of Guizhou Province, SW China
Liu, Libin

Science-based Forest Management in an Era of Climate Change
Swanson, Christopher; Maria Janowiak; Leslie Brandt; Patricia Butler; Stephen Handler; and Danielle Shannon

Estimates of carbon allocation to ectomycorrhizal fungi in a temperate forest
Tumber-Davila, Shersingh Joseph; and Andrew Ouimette

User-relevant Climate Data for Climate Impact Assessment: The Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts Downscaled Climate Data
Vimont, Daniel; and David J Lorenz

Carbon of Woody Debris in Plateau-type Karst Evergreen and Deciduous Broad-leaved Mixed Forest of Central Guizhou Province
Wu, Yangyang; Jian Ni; Libin Liu; and Chunzi Guo

Uncertainty Analysis for Southwest Forest Biomass and Carbon Stocks Using Active and Passive Remote Sensing
Wu, Zhuoting; Barry Middleton; John Vogel; and Dennis G Dye

Uncertainties in forest soil carbon and nitrogen estimates related to soil sampling methods in the Delaware River Basin
Xu, Bing; Alain F Plante; Arthur H Johnson; and Yude Pan

Uncertainty in accounting for carbon accumulation following forest harvesting
Yanai, Ruth D.; Paul Lilly; Mary A Arthur; Kikang Bae; Steven Hamburg; Carrie R Levine; and Matthew A Vadeboncoeur