AGU 2012 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Sessions, Dec 4, 2012:
Session title (talks):Geomorphology, Ecology, and Climate Coupling in Mountain Environments
Session title (posters):Climate Change in Mountain Environments

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.

Charlie Luce, Rocky Mtn Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Boise, ID
Connie Millar, Pacific SW Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Albany, CA
Anne W. Nolin, Geosciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
Joan Florsheim, University of California-Davis, Davis, CA


Spatiotemporal characteristics of climatic forcing of erosion - examples from the southern Central Andes and the Himalaya
Bookhagen, Bodo; Manfred R. Strecker

Modeling climate change effects on the hydrology of Pacific Northwest wetland ecosystems
Hamlet, Alan F.; Se-Yeun Lee; Maureen Ryan

Biogeochemical responses of two alpine lakes to climate change and atmospheric deposition, Jasper and Banff National Parks, Canadian Rocky Mountains
Hobbs, William; Rolf D. Vinebrooke; Alexander P. Wolfe

Coupled modeling of geomorphology and ecohydrology: Topographic feedbacks driven by solar radiation
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan; Javier H. Flores Cervantes; Omer Yetemen

Precipitation intensity and vegetation controls on geomorphology of the central Andes
Jeffery, Mairi L.; Christopher J. Poulsen; Todd A. Ehlers; Brian J. Yanites

What controls the long-term sediment flux from headwater catchments in the low mountain ranges of central Europe?
Larsen, Annegret; Hans-Rudolf Bork; Tobias Heckmann; Joshua Larsen

Sharing the rivers: Balancing the needs of people and fish against the backdrop of heavy sediment loads downstream from Mount Rainier, Washington
Magirl, Christopher S.; Jonathan A. Czuba; Christiana R. Czuba; Christopher A. Curran

Northern Rocky Mountain wildfires and debris flows: Millennial-scale interactions among climate, fire vegetation, and geomorphic response
Pierce, Jennifer L.; Kerry E. Riley; Kerrie Weppner


New measurements of particulates in glacial snow and ice in the Cordillera Blanca mountains of Peru
All, John; Carl Schmitt; Aaron J. Celestian; Melinda Rucks; William P. Arnott; Rebecca Cole

Elevation, substrate, & climate effects on alpine & sub-alpine plant distribution in California's high mountains: preliminary data from the California GLORIA Project
Barber, Adelia; Constance I. Millar; Jim Bishop; Catie Ann Bishop; Christopher Kopp; Ann Dennis

Modeling the impact of climate warming on the range of brook trout in the Blue Ridge Mountains, USA
Marshall G Bartlett

Quantifying thermal constraints on carbon and water fluxes in a mixed-conifer sky island ecosystem
Braun, Zev; Rebecca L. Minor; Daniel L. Potts; Greg A. Barron-Gafford

A GIS based geomorphic assessment to quantify spatially distributed groundwater recharge in mountain watersheds
Cairns, Devin William; James M Byrne; Daniel L. Johnson

Large-scale simulation of the effects of climate change on runoff erosion following extreme wildfire events
Gould, Gregory; Jennifer C Adam; Michael E Barber; Joe W. Wagenbrenner; Peter R Robichaud; Lili Wang; Keith Aric Cherkauer

Diatom community changes in five sub-alpine mountain lakes in northern California
Johnson, Briana; Paula J. Noble; Kerry Howard; Alan Heyvaert

Effects of climate change on hydrology and water management in the Skagit River Basin
Lee, Se-Yeun; Alan F Hamlet

Seasonal accumulation and depletion of localized sediment stores of four headwater catchments in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
Martin, Sarah Elizabeth; Martha H Conklin; Roger C Bales

Thermal and hydrologic attributes of rock glaciers and periglacial talus landforms; Sierra Nevada, California, USA
Millar, Constance I.; Robert D. Westfall; Diane L. Delany

Physiological stresses of limber pine seedlings at and above treeline immediately following natural and experimentally advanced snowmelt
Moyes Andrew B.; Matthew J. Germino; Lara M. Kueppers

Using sensitive montane amphibian species as indicators of hydroclimatic change in meadow ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada, California
Peek, Ryan; Josh Viers; Sarah M. Yarnell

The influence of surface characteristics on lapse rates and temperature profiles in areas of complex terrain
Pepin, Nicholas C.; Gary Pike; Daniel Fower; Martin Schaefer

Species-specific and seasonal differences in chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthetic light response among three evergreen species in a Madrean sky island mixed conifer forest
Potts, Daniel L.; Rebecca L. Minor; Zev Braun; Greg A. Barron-Gafford

Stochastic analysis of multi-year runoff, recharge, and climatic water deficit in geologically varying watersheds
Weiss, Stuart B.; Alan L. Flint; Lorraine E. Flint

Assessment of the impacts of dynamic soil properties and vegetation cover on soil erosion using distributed hydrological model
Zi, Tan; Gerard Kiely; John D. Albertson