AGU 2011 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Sessions, Dec 7, 2011:
Oral session entitled: Climatic water deficit and water balance in mountain systems: biophysics, ecohydrology, and impacts
Poster session entitled: Climate change and drought

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.

Andy Bunn, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
Jeremy Littell, Climate Impacts Group, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Connie Millar, Pacific SW Research Station, USDA Forest Service, Albany, CA
Christina Tague, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA


Non-linear feedbacks between climate change, hydrologic partitioning, plant available water, and carbon cycling in montane forests
P.D. Brooks; M.E. Litvak; A.A. Harpold; N.P. Molotch; J.C. McIntosh; P.A. Troch; X. Zapata

Use of Plant Hydraulic Theory to Predict Ecosystem Fluxes Across Mountainous Gradients in Environmental Controls and Insect Disturbances
B.E. Ewers; E. Pendall; D.E. Reed; H.R. Barnard; F. Whitehouse; J.M. Frank; W.J. Massman; P.D. Brooks; J.A. Biederman; A.A. Harpold; K.J. Naithani; B. Mitra; D.S. Mackay; U. Norton; B. Borkhuu

Climatic Water Deficit in California: Regional Trends, Projections, and Landscape Impacts
A.L. Flint; L.E. Flint

Watering the Forest for the Trees: An Emerging Priority for Managing Water in Forested Landscapes
G.E. Grant; C. Tague; C.D. Allen

How evaporative water losses vary between wet and dry water years as a function of elevation in the Sierra Nevada, California, and critical factors for modeling
J.D. Lundquist; S.P. Loheide

The Effects of Soil Moisture Stress on Forest Recovery in the Entiat River Basin after Stand Replacing Fire
M. McGuire Elsner; A.F. Hamlet; R.D. Woodsmith; J.S. Littell; E. Istanbulluoglu

Resilience of a Subalpine Ecosystem in the Southern Rocky Mountains to Past Changes in Hydroclimate and Disturbance Regimes
T.A. Minckley; B.N. Shuman

The Importance of Humidity Changes to the Future Water Balance over the Western U.S.: Divergences Between Global and Hydrological Model Projections of the Future Humidity Trend
D.W. Pierce; A.L. Westerling

The climatic water balance in an ecological context
N.L. Stephenson


Drought characteristics drive patterns in widespread aspen forest mortality across the western United States
W. Anderegg; L. Anderegg; J.T. Abatzoglou; J.A. Berry

Comparison of sap flux data from two instrumented tree species in a forested catchment with different levels of water stress
P.C. Hartsough; E. Roudneva; A.I. Malazian; M.W. Meadows; A.E. Kelly; R.C. Bales; M. Goulden; J.W. Hopmans

Drought-Caused Forest Decline In The Trans-Baikal Lake Area
V. Kharuk; J. Ranson; P. Oscorbin; S. Im

Soil Water and Thermal Gradients in the Vadose Zone: Assessing Evapotranspiration, Recharge Rates and Shifts in Phreatophytic Water Source
J. Koonce; M. Young; D. Devitt; Z. Yu; A. Wagner; L. Fenstermaker

Assessing the climatic water deficit in a changing climate: A new index to evaluate the potential importance of subsurface storage in mountain ecosystems
T.E. Link; P.Z. Klos; J.T. Abatzoglou; K. Kavanagh

Predisposing trees to die during drought: How physiology and climate history influence mortality in southwestern U.S. piñon pine.
A.K. Macalady; N.B. English; N.G. McDowell; T.W. Swetnam

Forest Mortality in High-Elevation Pine Forests of Eastern California, USA; Influence of Climatic Water Deficit
C.I. Millar; R.D. Westfall; A.L. Flint; L.E. Flint; M.J. Bokach; D.L. Delany

An Empirical Topoclimatology Model for Regional and Landscape Scale Assessments of Water Balance and Related Ecological/Hydrological Processes in Complex Topography
J.W. Oyler; S.W. Running

Spatial patterns of interaction among climate variability and change, soil water deficit and transpiration in small mountain catchments of Southern Sierra Critical Zone Observatory
K. Son; C. Tague

Projected Bioclimatic Change for the San Francisco Bay Area
A. Torregrosa; M. Taylor; L.E. Flint; A.L. Flint; S.B. Weiss

Effects of climate change on climatic water deficit and wildfire in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem forests
A.L. Westerling; M.G. Turner; K. Lubetkin

Forest response to 1,000 years of drought variability in the Southwestern United States
A.P. Williams; D.M. Meko; C.A. Woodhouse; E. Cook; T.W. Swetnam; A.K. Macalady; C.D. Allen; S.A. Rauscher; X. Jiang; H. Grissino-Mayer; N.G. McDowell; M. Cai