AGU 2010 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Session, Dec 17, 2010:
Ecosystem Responses to Fine-Scale Climate Variability in Mountainous Terrain

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.

G Greenwood, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
J A Hicke, University of Idaho, Moscow
C I Millar, Sierra Nevada Research Center, USDA Forest Service, Albany
C Tague, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara


Effects of overcast and foggy conditions on transpiration rates of Pinus patulatrees along a chronosequence within the cloud belt of the Sierra Madre Oriental, Central Veracruz, Mexico
*Alvarado-Barrientos, M S; Holwerda, F; Asbjornsen, H; Sauer, T; Dawson, T E; Bruijnzeel, L A

Climate and floristic variation in Great Basin Mountain Ranges(Invited)
*Charlet, D A; Leary, P

Modeling plant species distributions under future climates: how fine-scale do climate models need to be?(Invited)
*Davis, F W; Franklin, J; Ikegami, M; Syphard, A D; Flint, A L; Hannah, L

Mechanisms controlling the effects of weather and climate on California's ecosystems(Invited)
*Goulden, M; Kelly, A E; Fellows, A; Winston, G

The upper mountain forest and tree response to climate change in South Siberian Mountains
*Kharuk, V; Ranson, J

Sensitivity of subalpine tree seedlings and alpine plants to natural and manipulated climate variation: Initial results from an alpine treeline warming experiment (Invited)
*Kueppers, L M

Forest responses to increasing aridity and warmth in the southwestern United States
*Williams, P; Allen, C D; Millar, C I; Swetnam, T W; Michaelsen, J; Leavitt, S W; Still, C J

Do plant species interactions reflect small-scale abiotic gradients in the alpine zone?
*Whitecloud, S S


Fine-scale phenology and nitrogen-fixing microbes at a GLORIA site in southwestern Montana, USA
*Apple, M E; Prince, J; Morales, S; Apple, C; Gallagher, J

Investigating tree mortality at multiple spatial and temporal scales in the Bishop pine forest on Santa Cruz Island, California
*Baguskas, S A; Bookhagen, B; Peterson, S H; Asner, G P

Fire and climate history of mixed conifer woodlands in the Great Basin, USA
*Biondi, F; Bradley, M; Cheek, J; Jamieson, L; Kilpatrick, M; Sibold, J; Strachan, S D

Modeling the response of glaciers to climate change in the Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin
*Booth, E; Byrne, J M; Jiskoot, H; MacDonald, R J

Building topographically modified tree-ring chronologies from high elevation bristlecone pine in the White Mountains of California, USA
*Bunn, A G; Hughes, M K; Salzer, M W

Subalpine conifer seedling demographics: Species responses to climate manipulations across an elevational gradient at Niwot Ridge, Colorado
*Castanha, C; Germino, M J; Torn, M S; Ferrenberg, S; Harte, J; Kueppers, L M

20th-century climate change in the Sierra Nevada from PRISM data
*Conklin, D R; Osborne-Gowey, J D

Soil moisture dynamics and forest fire risk in the Upper North Saskatchewan Watershed, Alberta
*Dalla Vicenza, S A; Byrne, J M; Letts, M G

Subsurface thermal and hydrological changes between forest and clear-cut sites in the Oregon Cascades
*Davis, M G; Waschmann; R S; Harris, R N; Chapman, D S

Climate contributes to zonal forest mortality in Southern California's San Jacinto Mountains
*Fellows, A; Goulden, M

Above treeline shrub-chronologies on the eastern Sierra Nevada crest, Mono Co., California, USA contain records of precipitation and large-scale ocean and atmospheric conditions
*Franklin, R S

Dry season foliar fog uptake, reverse sapflow, and nighttime transpiration in the tropical montane cloud forests of Mexico
*Gotsch, S G; Asbjornsen, H; Holwerda, F; Goldsmith, G R; Dawson, T E

Alpine ecosystem vulnerability to climate change on the Tibetan Plateau: Global implications for carbon balance, regional consequences for local pastoralists
*Hopping, K A; Klein, J A; Hu, J; Kang, S

Complimentary and dense sensor networks to understand climate variability in mountainous terrain
Isaak, D; Holden, Z; *Luce, C; Roper, B

Analyzing the locations, severity and frequency of Cold Air Pools (CAP) in the Sierra Nevada, California
Kunz, A; *Helmschrot, J; Lundquist, J D

Geologic and geomorphic controls of altitudinal treeline in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
*Macias Fauria, M; Johnson, E A

Assessing stream temperature response to environmental change
*MacDonald, R J; Boon, S; Byrne, J M

Mortality in subalpine forests of the Sierra Nevada, California, USA: differential response of pines (Pinus albicaulisand P. flexilis) to climate variability
*Millar, C I; Westfall, R D; Delany, D L

Sensitivity of limber pine (Pinus flexilis) seedling physiology to elevation, warming, and water availability across a timberline ecotone
*Moyes, A B; Castanha, C; Ferrenberg, S; Germino, M J; Kueppers, L M

document unavailable Stream temperature sensitivity to climate warming in California's Sierra Nevada
*Null, S; Viers, J H; Deas, M; Tanaka, S; Mount, J

document unavailable A subalpine forb's response to natural and experimental climate variation
*Panetta, A M; Harte, J; Stanton, M

Science challenges in supporting adaptation planning in mountainous terrain: lessons from the NOAA climate assessment to inform the FWS Status Review of the American pika
*Ray, A J; Barsugli, J J; Eischeid, J; Wolter, K

A top-down soil moisture and sap flux sampling design to capture the effect of inter-annual climate variability on ecohydrology in mountain catchments
*Son, K; Tague, C