AGU 2009 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Session, Dec 16, 2009:
Climate Change and Biogeophysical Impacts Across Elevation and Latitude: Are Mountains Different From Poles?

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.


Water and geochemical responses to seasonal changes across the rain-snow transition in the Southern Sierra Nevada
RC Bales, CT Hunsaker, M Meadows, B Kerkez, SD Glaser, F Liu

Expectations and reality for high latitude versus high elevation global change
AG Bunn and AH Lloyd

The persistent life of snow
CA Hiemstra, GE Liston, K Elder, M Sturm

Interactions of climate, vegetation, and fire during the Holocene: lessons from high-latitude and high-elevation ecosystems
PE Higuera, ML Chipman, J Allen, L Brubaker, CL Whitlock, F Hu

Relationships of Periglacial Processes to Habitat Quality and Thermal Environment of Pikas (Lagomorpha,Ochotona) in Alpine and High-Latitude Environments
CI Millar, R Westfall, AT Smith, DS Hik

Managing for Climate Change in Western Forest Ecosystems; The Role of Refugia in Adaptation Strategies
CI Millar, T Morelli

Patterns of cold-air drainage and microclimate in mid-latitude versus high-latitude mountains: contrasts and implications for climate change
NC Pepin

Potential effects of Rising CO2 and Climate Change Interactions with Atmospheric Deposition in Northeastern U.S. over the 21st Century Using a Dynamic Biogeochemical Model (PnET-BGC)
A Pourmokhtarian, CT Driscoll, JL Campbell, K Hayhoe

Hydrochemical responses to climate change in high-elevation catchments of the Colorado Front Range
MW Williams


Recent increase in maximum temperature at the tropical treeline of North America
F Biondi

Small mammals and high elevation vegetation in Yosemite National Park could be responding to smaller temperature increases than previously reported
D R Conklin, C Daly

Using an Inverse Geochemical Reaction Path Model to Analyze the Effects of Climate Change on High-elevation Catchments in the Southern Rocky Mountains
J M Driscoll, T Meixner, P D Brooks, J C McIntosh, M W Williams, N P Molotch, J O Sickman

Multi-Scale Influences of Climate, Spatial Pattern, and Positive Feedback on 20th Century Tree Establishment at Upper Treeline in the Rocky Mountains, USA
G P Elliott

Plant Water Use Efficiency Response to the Atmospheric CO2 Concentration is Greater in High Altitude Environments
X Feng, G Wang

Biotic Responses of Headwater Streams to Geophysical Alteration and Disturbance Related to Climate Change
R E Gresswell, E R Sedell, S Cannon, S W Hostetler, J E Williams, A L Haak, J L Kershner

Climate Change Responses of Hydrologic Flowpaths in Mountainous and Polar Regions
S Godsey, M N Gooseff, J W Kirchner, C Tague

Explaining the Spatial Variability in Stream Acid Buffering Chemistry and Aquatic Biota in the Neversink River Watershed, Catskill Mountains, New York State
A A Harpold, M T Walter

Predicting Individual Tree and Shrub Species Distributions with Empirically Derived Microclimate Surfaces in a Complex Mountain Ecosystem in Northern Idaho, USA
Z Holden, S Cushman, J Evans, J S Littell

Phosphorous in the Sierra Nevada: Forms, mechanisms, and timing of release in high-elevation soils
P M Homyak, J O Sickman, J M Melack

IPY-Back to the Future: Determining decadal time scale change in ecosystem structure and function in high latitude and high altitude tundra ecosystems
D R Johnson, S Villarreal, M Lara, P J Webber, T Callaghan, D Hik, C E Tweedie

Climate controls on anomalously high productivity in the mixed conifer forests of the Sierra Nevada
A E Kelly, M L Goulden

Meteorological Controls On The Energy Balance And CO2 Over Alpine Tundra At Niwot Ridge, Colorado
J F Knowles, P Blanken, M W Williams

Climate and 20th century establishment in alpine treeline ecotones of the western US
J S Littell, G T Pederson, L J Graumlich, M J Germino, E Rowland

Structural and Geomorphic Controls in Altitudinal Treeline: a Case Study in the Front Ranges of the Canadian Rocky Mountains
M Macias Fauria, E A Johnson

Climate induced changes in high-elevation lake chemistry and the importance of sulfide weathering
A Mast, A Holland-Sears

Climate Change and the Water Vapor Feedback at High Altitudes and Latitudes
J R Miller, I Rangwala, Y Chen, G Russell

Drivers of aboveground primary production and litter accumulation in grass dominated systems
L R O'Halloran, E Borer, C Chu, E E Cleland, N DeCrappeo, A MacDougall, R L McCulley, E Seabloom, E M Wolkovich

Are All Headwater Catchments the Same? Elevational Controls on Organic and Inorganic Nutrients in Headwater Catchments in the Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado Front Range
J Parman, M W Williams

The role of cold-air drainage in explaining spatial patterns of temperature trends in the Western U.S.
N C Pepin, C Daly, J D Lundquist

20th Century Trends In The Maximum And Minimum Temperatures In Colorado?s San Juan Mountains
I Rangwala, J R Miller

Holocene Paleoenvironment of the North-central Great Basin: Preliminary Results from Favre Lake, Northern Ruby Mountains, Nevada
S Starratt, D Wahl, E Wan, L Anderson, J Wanket, H Olson, T Lloyd-Davies, J Kusler

Effects of Climate Change on Alpine Lakes in the Georgia Basin, British Columbia, Canada
D M Strang, J Aherne

Downscaling to the Climate Near the Ground: Measurements and Modeling Along the Macro-, Meso-, Topo-, and Microclimate Hierarchy
C Van de Ven, S B Weiss