AGU 2008 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Sessions, Dec 15 and 16, 2008:
Mountain Ecosystems III: Complex Mountain Climates Create Complex Ecosystem Responses and Require Complex Management Strategies

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.


Bond, BJ; Harmon, ME; Johnson, SL; Jones, JA; and Spies, TA. Complexity of mountain climates, ecosystem responses, and management decisions in the face of climate change: a new focus of Long Term Ecological Research at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest

Brunello, A. California Action to Increase Resiliency to Climate Change Impacts

Falk, DA; Savage, M; and Swetnam; TW. Dynamics of Natural Variability: Ecological Complexity in a Changing World

Graumlich, L; Cross, M; Tabor, G; Enquist, C; Rowland, E. Confronting Complexity: Adaptation Strategies for Managing Biodiversity in the Face of Rapid Climate Change

Lundquist, JD; Lott, F; Minder, J; Rosenberg, E. Variations in Spatial Precipitation Patterns in the Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for Hydrologic Modeling and Water Resource Planning

Rangwala, I; Miller, J; Russell, GL; Xu, M. Influence of Increasing Surface Humidity on Winter Warming at High Altitudes Through the 21st Century

Thomson, AJ. Mountains, climate indices, and mountain pine beetle outbreaks

Weiss, SB. Weather, Topoclimate, and Phenology: Population Dynamics of Checkerspot Butterflies in Complex Terrain


Apple, ME; Warden, JE; Apple, CJ; Pullman, T; Gallagher, JH. A New GLORIA (Global Research Initiative in Alpine Environments) Site in Southwestern Montana

Bates, DJ; Stewart, IT; and Maurer, EP. Development of a GIS Database to Evaluate Climate-Induced Streamflow Timing Changes in the Sierra Nevada, California

Butz, RJ; Dennis, A; Millar, CI; Westfall, RD. Global Observation Research Initiative in Alpine Environments (GLORIA): Results From Four Target Regions in California

Conklin, DR; Bachelet, D; Kuhn, B; Panek, J; van Wagtendonk, JW. Potential Disappearance of Subalpine Vegetation from Yosemite

Dana, G L; Lancaster, N; Mensing, S A; Piechota, T. Nevada Infrastructure for Climate Change Science, Education, and Outreach

Holden, ZA; Crimmins, M; Luce, C; Heyerdahl, EK; Morgan, P. Analysis of Climate and Topographic Controls on Burn Severity in the Western United States (1984-2005)

Ironside, KE; Cole, KL; Eischeid, JK; Garfin, GM; Shaw, JD; Cobb, NS. Decadal Recruitment and Mortality of Ponderosa pine Predicted for the 21st Century Under five Downscaled Climate Change Scenarios

Matter, MA; Garcia, LA; Fontane, DG. Characterizing Hydrologic Variability in Tributaries of the Upper Colorado River Basin Over the 20th Century

McGlinchy, M; Neilson, RP; Lenihan, JM. Simulating the Effects of Climate Change, CO2 and Fire Suppression on Ecosystems in California and Nevada

McKenzie, D; Littell, J; Oneil, EE; Hicke, JA. Disturbance, Complexity, and Scale in Western Mountain Ecosystems

Osorio, FG; MacKenzie, W. Integrating the GLORIA sampling design into British Columbia's Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system

Rogers, BM; Neilson, RP; Drapek, R; Lenihan, JM; Wells, JR. Climate Change Effects on Cascade Mountain Vegetation Distribution and Carbon Storage

Stewart, IT; Peterson, DH. Connecting Snowmelt Runoff Timing Changes to Watershed Characteristics in California

Yager, DB; Burchell, A; Johnson, RH. The Natural Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration Potential of Rocky Mountain Soils Derived From Volcanic Bedrock