AGU 2007 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Sessions, Dec 12 and 13, 2007:
Climate Change in High-Elevation Mountain Environments

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.


Bachelet D, B Baker, J Hicke, D Conklin, K Mckelvey. Data gathering and simulation of climate change impacts in mountainous areas

Baron JS, T Schmidt, MD Hartman, SK Enders, M Pagani, AP Wolfe, and A Krcmarik. Complex Patterns in Climate and Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Influence

Clow DW. Changes in the timing of snowmelt and associated runoff in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Eggermont H, J Russell, D Verschuren. Response of Rwenzori (Uganda - DR Congo) Glaciers and Mountain Lake Ecosystems to Climate Change: Past, Present, Future

Fagre DB. Climate Change Has Cascading Ecological Effects on Mountain Ecosystems

Frank CL, WR Hood, M Stevens, G Gary. Effects of Recent Climate Change on Facultative and Spontaneous Torpor in Apline Habitats

Fountain AG. A century of glacier change in the American West

Germino MJ, LJ Graumlich, EJ Maher. Recent Relationships of Tree Establishment and Climate in Alpine Treelines of the Rocky Mountains

Hughes MK, MW Salzer. Twentieth Century Bristlecone Pine Tree Rings Near Upper Tree Limit Wider Than in Recent Millennia

Isaak D, C Luce, B Rieman, D Nagel, E Peterson. Effects of Climate and Fire on Thermal Habitats Within Mountain Stream Networks: An Example With a Native Charr Species

Jarosch AH, GK Clarke, RK Danby, DS Hik. Climate Forced Alpine Tundra Ecosystem Dynamics: A Model Approach

Landry CC, TH Painter, AP Barrett, M Cassidy. Toward Standardization in Methods and Techniques for Measuring and Monitoring Snowcover Albedo

Luce C. Secondary Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow Through Wildfire: Compensating or Exacerbating?

Lundquist J. Runoff Efficiency of Sierra Snowmelt: Evaporative Water Losses in Wet vs. Dry Years

MacDonald RJ, JM Byrne, and S Kienzle. Deriving high resolution historical and future climate databases for mountainous environments

Moelg T, NJ Cullen, DR Hardy, G Kaser. Climate Change in Tropical East Africa: Combining High-Altitude Measurements, Proxy Records and Numerical Modeling

Orlove, B. Glacier Retreat in the Southern Peruvian Andes: Climate Change, Environmental Impacts, Human Perception and Social Response

Painter TH, N Mahowald, JC Neff. Climate response in the western United States to dust-shortened snow cover duration since late 1800s soil disturbance

Parlange MB, E Bou-Zeid, G Barrenetxea, M Krichane, F Ingelrest, O Couach, V Luyet, M Vetterli, M Lehning, C Duffy, C Tobin, J Selker, M Kumar. Critical Hydrologic and Atmospheric Measurements in Complex Alpine Regions

Porinchu D, S Reinemann, A Potito, K Moser, G MacDonald, J Munroe, B Mark, J Box. Evidence of Regional Warming during the 20th Century in Alpine and Subalpine Lakes in the Western United States

Redmond KT. Recent Accelerated Warming in Western United States Mountains

Taylor R, L Mileham, C Tindimugaya, M Leng. Hydrological implications of glacial recession in the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda

Van de Ven CM, SB Weiss, C Millar, B Westfall, D Pritchett. A Model of Temperature Inversion Across the White Mountains, California to Explain Downslope Migration of Trees

Williams MW, T Kittel, M Hartman, T Ackerman, M Losleben. Climate change and Elevational Dependence at a Mid-Latitude Mountain System, Niwot Ridge, Colorado Rocky Mountains


Ababneh L, W Woolfenden. Alpine Meadows Vegetation Monitoring

Apple ME, TY Pullman, GG Mitman. Global Research Initiative in Alpine Environments: A New GLORIA Site in Southwestern Montana

Arrigoni AS, JN Moore. The Hydrological Response of Snowmelt Dominated Catchments to Climate Change

Bansal S, M Germino. Elevation and Temperature Effects on Carbon Balance Near Alpine-treeline: Comparison of a Treeline and Non-treeline Tree Species

Bruckner MZ, ML Skidmore, JD Bond. Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of Three Alpine Proglacial Environments Resulting From Recent Glacier Retreat

Bulley HN, MP Bishop, JF Shroder Jr, UK Haritashya. Integration of Classification Tree Analyses and Spatial Metrics to Assess Changes in Supraglacial Lakes in the Karakoram Himalaya

Christensen L, CL Tague, JS Baron. Hydrological and Ecological Sensitivities to Climate Change for Four Western U.S. Mountain Ecosystems.

Clark D, C Ryane, D Tucker, T Davis, N Bowerman, G Osborn, J Clague, B Menounos, K Scott, T Guilderson, J Riedel, E Steig. New stratigraphic constraints on Holocene glacier advances at Mt. Baker, Washington

Guyard H, G St-Onge, E Chapron, F S Anselmetti, F Arnaud, O Magand, P Francus, M Melieres. High-altitude varve records of abrupt environmental changes and mining activity over the last 4000 years in the Western French Alps (Lake Bramant, Grandes Rousses Massif)

Haritashya UK, MP Bishop, JF Shroder Jr, HN Bulley. Satellite Observations of Glacier Advances and Retreat in the Western Karakoram

Hellstrom RA, BG Mark. Observing Seasonal and Diurnal Hydrometeorological Variability Within a Tropical Alpine Valley: Implications for Evapotranspiration

Kelly A, M Goulden. Climate Influence on Shifts in the Deep Canyon Ecocline, 1977 - 2007

Kincaid JL, AG Klein. Glacier Change in the Rwenzori Mountains, East Africa

Littell JS, LJ Graumlich. A biophysical gradient analysis of climate for understanding conifer establishment in mountain ecosystems of the western U.S.

Lott F, J Lundquist. Modeling the effects of topographic shading on snow-fed runoff with warmer temperatures

Lukram, IM. Evolution Of Quaternary Stream Fan Deposits At The Confluences Of Turung Khola And Bembung Khola Of Middle Teesta Basin In Sikkim-Darjeeling Himalaya,India: A Tectonic - Climate Response

Marshall H, A Gleason, C Landry, J McCreight. Snow depth and snow water equivalent distribution in a high alpine basin: quantifying the length scales and magnitude of variation in Senator Beck Basin, Colorado

Mertes JR, MP Bishop, JF Shroder Jr., UK Haritashya, HN Bulley, JA Olsenholler. Glacial Velocity Changes of Batura Glacier, Western Karakoram Himalaya

Millar CI, RD Westfall. Sierra Nevada Rock Glaciers: Biodiversity Refugia in a Warming World?

Moser KA, EJ Hundey, DF Porinchu. An Investigation of the Impacts of Climate and Environmental Change on Alpine Lakes in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

Osborn G, B Menounos, K Scott, JJ Clague, D Tucker, J Riedel, P Davis. Neoglacial fluctuations of Deming Glacier, Mt. Baker, Washington USA.

Pagano, TC. Influence of NRCS snowcourse measurement date on data accuracy and climatic trends

Pepin NC, D Hardy, W Duane, M Losleben. Comparison of Surface Mountain Climate With Equivalent Free Air Parameters Extracted From NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Ries LP, L Hannah, J Thorne, C Seo, F Davis. A dynamic species modeling approach to assess climate change impacts on California tree species

Schiefer E, B Menounos. The Relation Between Climate Variability and Glacier Morphometry: A Space-for-Time Substitution Analysis for Glaciers in British Columbia, Canada

Seidel TM, R Soboleski, E Crete, DM Weihrauch, AA Pzsenny, KD Kimball, G Murray. 1935-2006 Duration of Snowcover and Growing Degree Trends from the Summit and Base of Mount Washington, NH

Shroder Jr. JF, MP Bishop, UK Haritashya, HN Bulley, JA Olsenholler, JR Mertes. Space-Based Observations of Batura Glacier Fluctuations, Western Karakoram Himalaya

Solomon M, K Cuffey, C T Hunsaker. Stream Water Temperature and Climate Variability along Two Elevational Gradients in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, U.S.A.

Street JH, RS Anderson, SW Starratt, A Paytan. Late-Quaternary Environmental Change in the Sierra Nevada: A 19,000-Year Sedimentary Organic Matter Record From Swamp Lake, Yosemite National Park, California

Urrutia RB, M Vuille. Assessment of 21st Century Climate Change Projections in the Tropical Andes

Whitaker TW, CT Hunsaker. The Influence of Climate Change on Headwater Stream Discharge in the Southern Sierra Nevada (1957-2007)

Woodhouse CA, JJ Lukas. Alpine Treeline Changes in the Central Rocky Mountains: A Progress Report