AGU 2006 Talks and Posters


CIRMOUNT-Sponsored Session, Dec 13, 2006:
Elevational Gradients and Mountain Climates, Resources, and Ecosystems

The poster session contained contributions from two groups with somewhat different emphases.
In the list below posters are grouped into Poster Group 1 and 2.

Abstracts of all talks and posters presented.


Bales, R and R Rice. Snowcover Along Elevation Gradients in the Upper Merced River Basin of the Sierra Nevada of California from MODIS and Blended Ground Data

Conroy, CC; M Koo, B Monahan, J Parra, and C Moritz. The Grinnell Project; Small Mammal Responses to Climate in California

Diaz, HF. As the West Warms: Watching Our Home Burn

Grimalt, JO; E Gallego, M Bartrons, J Catalan, L Camarero, E Stuchlik, and R Battarbee. Vertical gradients of PCBs and PBDEs in fish from European high mountain lakes

Littell, JS; DL Peterson, and D McKenzie. Abiotic Gradients and Climate-Growth Relationships in Douglas-fir: Water Limits Tree Growth in Mountain Ecosystems from Stand to Region

Lundquist, JD; DR Cayan, and MD Dettinger. Hydrology and Climate in the Sierra Nevada: Disproving the Myth of Linear Gradients with Elevation

Smiley, JT; NE Rank, and E Dahlhoff. 25 Years of Variability in the Biology of Salix-feeding Beetles and Associated Insects Along a Sierra Nevada Elevation Gradient, California: Are There Long-term Trends?

Thorne JH and R Kelsey. 140-Year Dynamics of a Forest Ecotone Under Climate and Environmental Change


Danby, R; D Hik, G Clarke, J Kavanaugh, K Martin, and G Flowers. Elevation-Aspect Interactions at the Subarctic Alpine Treeline

Dettinger, M; J Lundquist, D Cayan, and J Meyer. The 16 May 2005 Flood in Yosemite National Park--A Glimpse into High-Country Flood Generation in the Sierra Nevada

Doesken, N and H Reges. The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (CoCoRaHS): Documenting Local Precipitation Gradients in the Populated Areas of the Rocky Mountain West

Ferrier, KL; JW Kirchner, and RC Finkel. Chemical weathering rates along a steep climate gradient in the Idaho Batholith

Gray, L; JA Hubbart, K Kavanagh, TE Link, and R Pangle. Persistent Cold Air Drainage and Modeled Nocturnal Leaf Water Potential in Complex Forested Mountainous Terrain

Hellstrom, RA and BG Mark. An Embedded Sensor Network for Measuring Elevation Effects on Temperature, Humidity, and Evapotranspiration Within a Tropical Alpine Valley

Hidalgo, HG; DR Cayan, and MD Dettinger. Drought - how the Western U.S. is Transformed from Energy-limited to Water-limited Landscapes

Landry, CC; P Lyon, TH Painter, and AP Barrett. Mountain system monitoring at Senator Beck Basin, San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Larson, RP; J M Byrne, S Kienzle, M Letts, and D Johnson. Modeling Climate Change impacts on Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) in Alpine Headwaters, Glacier National Park, MT

Losleben, MV; DR Hardy, W Duane, and N Pepin. Elevational Gradients of Temperature and Atmospheric Moisture on Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

MacLeod, S and S Déry. The Cariboo Alpine Mesonet

Maurer, EP; IT Stewart, C Bonfils, PB Duffy, and D Cayan. Earlier streamflow in the Sierra Nevada: influence of elevation on detectability of past and projected trends

Millar, CI; RD Westfall, and DL Delany. Elevational Gradients and Differential Recruitment of Limber Pine (Pinus flexilus) and Bristlecone Pine(Pinus longaeva); White Mountains, California, USA

Mote, PW and AF Hamlet. Elevational gradients as indicators of hydrologic change

Pepin, NC and B Duane. Observed Changes in Elevational Temperature Gradients in the 20th Century

Redmond, KT . Elevation Gradients and Climatic Consequences


Bash, EA and BJ Laabs. Climate during the Last Glacial Maximum in the Wasatch Mountains Inferred from Glacier Mass-Balance and Ice-Flow Modeling

Bleha, JA and JT Harper. Modeling the Onset of Spring Snowmelt in a Large-scale Northern Rockies Watershed

Bliss, AK and KM Cuffey. Mass Balance and Climate of the Ablation Zone of the Taylor Glacier, Antarctica

Boon, S. Summer Air Temperature Lapse Rates in a Glaciated Alpine Catchment, Northwestern British Columbia, Canada

Fowler, D and D Korn. Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation (ICESat) satellite Data Management and Delivery at the National Snow and Ice Data Center

Hinkel, KM and FE Nelson. Impact of Anthropogenic Urban Heat Island on Snowmelt at Barrow, Alaska

Josberger, EG; WR Bidlake, RS March, and BW Kennedy. Mass-Balance Fluctuations of Glaciers in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, USA

Juen, I; T Molg, P Wagnon, NJ Cullen, and G Kaser. The energy balance on the surface of a tropical glacier tongue. Investigations on glacier Artesonraju, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Kincaid, JL and AG Klein. Climate Change and Glacier Retreat in Irian Jaya Over the Past Half Century

Matsuda, Y; A Sakai, K Fujita. Effect of the Penetration of Solar Radiation Through Surface Snow Cover on Albedo of July 1st Glacier, China

Pellicciotti, F; JF Helbing, J Araos, V Favier, A Rivera, J Corripio, and JM Sicart. Monitoring and Modelling Glacier Melt and Runoff on Juncal Norte Glacier, Aconcagua River Basin, Central Chile

Takahashi, S; K Sugiura, T Kameda, Y Kononov, and MD Ananicheva. Glaciological observations in Suntar-Khayata Range, Eastern Siberia, in 2004-2005

Van den Broeke, M; W Van de Berg, and E Van Meijgaard. Identification of Antarctic ablation areas using a regional atmospheric climate model

Wagnon, P; V Favier, and J Corripio G. Distributed modelling of melting on Antizana Glacier 15, Ecuador